[Approved] NEKO Morning Show Monthly Funding Request April

NEKO Morning Show Podcast-Monthly Funding Request April

Section 1 - Project Information:


Neko Morning Show - Monthly Funding Request (April)

Established 02/15/22


Community Led / NFT

Section 2. Previous Funding:

  • Neko has received funding for the Neko Morning Show from the below approved proposal.

  • Neko does not receive any additional funding from other sources.

  • NMS did not receive funding for Season 8, No reason for lack of funding was Given.

[Approved] NEKO Morning Show Podcast-Monthly Funding Request October [Edited 10/22/23]

https://near.org/ndcdev.near/widget/MDAO.App?page=proposals&id=1707248432270 ($4,000)

Section 3. Project URLs:

Twitter: 39.4k Followers

TikTok For Live Podcast: 9,470 Followers

Instagram: 463 Followers.

Youtube: 1.62K subscribers.

Reddit : 306 Followers.

Twitch 118 Followers.

Kick: 36 Followers

Spotify 28 Followers

FaceBook 21 likes • 26 Followers

NEAR Social: 93 Followers

Section 4. Applicant Information:

Noah Major (Neko) / Sohib Mihyar (Neko)

Section 5. Team Members:

Hosts: Noah Major, Sohib Mihyar

Social Links:

NEKO Twitter: 39.4k Followers

nono mediakit: 21K Followers

Soos Twitter: 1,931 Followers

Noah Major - Host & Coordination:

Noah Major has been creating content for Neko since July 2022 and producing educational content on TikTok since July 2020. With over 8k followers and millions of total views on TikTok, he has established a personal following of more than 19k. Currently serving as the PR Manager/Social Media Manager for Neko and JumpDefi, Noah also hosts the Neko Morning Show and contributes as a Neko Content Creator.

Sohib Mihyar - Host & Coordination:

Soos is committed to education and knowledge-sharing, inspiring countless individuals to start their own web3 journey. He serves as the Learn2Earn Manager for Neko, a content creator, and hosts the Neko Morning Show, showcasing his multifaceted contributions to the community. His unwavering dedication makes him a key asset to the Neko team, driving its growth and success.

Section 6. Experience:

What related qualifications, experience or track record does your team bring to this initiative?

Soos and Nono have collectively produced hundreds of long and short-form videos across various platforms, dedicated to educating and onboarding new users to the NEAR Ecosystem.

Their collaboration has yielded eight successful seasons of the Neko Morning Show, which has rapidly expanded from broadcasting on a single platform with few viewers to over 10 platforms. The show consistently garners hundreds of live viewers and thousands of views after each live broadcast.

For our last proposal (February)
We held 8 NEKO Morning Shows which had a total of (12,739 views) with an average of (1,592 views), and a total of (48,056 Impressions) with an average of (6,007 Impressions per show) across multiple streaming platforms.

February (S7) original request was $5,400, Funding approved $4,000, cost per view $0.36 per view and $0.083 Per impression

For our last work (march Season 8 / Not funded)
We held 8 NEKO Morning Shows which had a total of ( 11,168 views) with an average of (1,396 views), and a total of (39,514 Impressions) with an average of (4,939 Impressions per show) across multiple streaming platforms.

March (S8) original request was $4,600. If funded, the cost per view would have been $0.41 per view and $0.116 per impression.

Section 7. Project Goals:

Project Description: The Neko Morning Show is a high-quality educational multi-streaming platform aimed at fostering greater adoption of the NEAR Protocol. Our mission is to onboard more users and keep the community updated with all the latest news and updates regarding NEAR. We utilize various tools and activities to keep viewers engaged and simplify the learning experience with live demonstrations.

What Problems Are You Aiming to Solve?

  • Lack of founder representation and platforms to speak on.
  • Social media app restrictions in some countries.
  • Lack of actual demonstrations on how to interact with new blockchain DApps or smart contracts.
  • Overwhelming information for new and existing Web3 users.
  • Trustability issues in Web3.
  • Traditional Engagement, Education and Onboarding.

How Does This Project Help Solve the Problems You’ve Listed

  • The key success of NMS lies in its accessibility across various social media platforms and diverse content offerings, complemented by effective utilization of tools. We have assisted numerous founders with onboarding and educational content for their projects, such as (Joe from Sharddog) (Plugrel-Potluck ), (Kenny from Ample ), (Jonathan Hedge from Meteor wallet), (DEVBOS from DEFIShards ) and more, as well as community initiatives like Lonk and its new validator NOD.
    The NMS has facilitated news dissemination through live demonstrations, created tasks, educated viewers and the community, and onboarded new users through interactive tasks, short-form content, bounties using Heroes build, and more. These are just a few examples of NMS’s contributions.

  • The NEKOMorningShow began on TikTok but faced audience limitations due to app restrictions in some countries. Expanding to multi-streaming platforms globally increased our impact, reaching audiences across various social media platforms worldwide, regardless of whether they are from Web2 or Web3. This expansion significantly enhanced accessibility and increased our total impact.

  • One of the distinctive features of our NEKO Morning Show is the live demonstrations we provide for the topics we cover. This allows us to engage with our viewers and show them in real-time how to start their NEAR Protocol journey, going beyond traditional audio explanations. This approach empowers our audience to actively participate and simplifies Web3 education, making it more accessible and understandable.

  • Our show simplifies overwhelming information by guiding viewers to the right DApps and highlighting new projects within the NEAR Protocol. Using tools like QR codes and updated tickers, we make accessing relevant content easy, ensuring viewers stay informed and engaged.

  • Building trust through transparency is paramount. On-camera hosts provide live demonstrations of DApps and smart contracts, fostering direct interaction and credibility. QR code scans swiftly direct viewers to trusted websites, minimizing the risk of accessing unsafe content…

  • Incorporating interactive tasks related to the NEAR Protocol enhances viewer engagement. Activities like using DAPPS to understand blockchain concepts and creating memes make the show more enjoyable and aid in understanding complex concepts, while also assisting in onboarding new users…

Neko Morning Show Goals:

  • Support NEAR Founders.

  • Expand Reach Across Web2 and Web3.

  • Diversify Podcast Options/content.

  • Increase OnChain Transactions/retention and User Engagement.

  • Support NEAR Ecosystem DApps/NFT Projects.

  • Onboard More Users Contribute to NEAR Growth

  • Educate on NDC, Governance and NEAR BOS.

Project Deliverables:

  • 8 Episodes (1H-2H) of NEKO Morning Show.

  • Hosting projects and developers within the NEAR Ecosystem, and incorporating influential Web3 personas with a large following.

  • Expanding our reach to a broader audience, encompassing both Web2 and Web3.

  • Onboarding more users to NEAR projects, catering to both newcomers and existing members of the NEAR community.

  • Transitioning viewers and listeners into on-chain users by utilizing interactive tasks and DApps like HEROES Build for bounties.

  • Producing regular short-form content uploaded to multiple social media platforms.

  • TLDR Threads on NEAR Social for each episode.

Section 8. Budget:

  • We have reduced the total funding from $5,400 to $4,600 for this proposal to align with the limited funding provided by MDAO.

  • Total Budget For 1 Month: $4,600

  1. Live Stream Podcast:
  • live streaming on multiple social media platforms:
    ( X, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Kick, Facebook, Spotify, Spotify Podcast as well as NEAR Social).

(Work Breakdown Research hours (per week) Time/Pay breakdowns of 2 Hosts)

Noah Major (Nono):

1 hrs of Research per day x7 / 2 hr of Collaboration & Guest Coordination / Organization per Stream / Host Stream up to 2 hrs each episode while monitoring 7+ Socials accounts / 1 hr of Graphics Creation for Marketing a day x7 (22 hrs total a week) = $200

Sohib Mihyar (Soos):

1 hr of Research per day x7 / 2 hr of Interactive Task Delegation & Learn to Earn per day x7 / 1 hr Audio/Video Setup per Stream x2 / Host Stream up to 2 hrs each episode while monitoring 7+ socials accounts x2 / 1 hr of notifying communities and organizing attendance per day x7 ( 34 hrs total a week) = $200


Multi-platform Stream+Interactive Tasks $400 per stream 8x per month = $3,200

  1. Short-Form (TLDR) Videos/Audio and Threads.
  • 5-7 TLDR videos and 1 thread (1 to 3 minutes) each episode, a minimum of 40 TLDR videos and 8 threads.


  • ($25 short video +1 TLDR Thread each episode ) (4 -7 videos per stream + 1 TLDR Thread = $100) 8 episodes 32 TLDR Short videos Minimum + 8 Threads = $800
  1. Production:

Premium Streaming Services / Production Upgrades / Automation / Moderation.

Funding: $600

  • Total Amount requested For 1 Month: $4,600

  • Total Cost For 3 Month: $13,800

  • Wallet: Nekotoken.near

  • Starting date of the proposal will be February 6, 2024.

  • Links to Similar Proposals from Near Foundation, existing GDAOs, Near ECO (if applicable)

  • Wild user Interviews Podcast

  • Chill & Shill

  • NEAR at Night

  • Ready Layer One

  • What is the length of Commitment to Delivering Your Project? Will your team be working on this project full-time?

We’ve showcased our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier content and value to the ecosystem, as evidenced by our KPIs and metrics across all seasons, positioning the NMS as one of the top shows in the ecosystem. However, our last season (NMS S8) posed significant challenges as we weren’t funded by the MDAO. Instead, the NMS was supported directly from the host’s own pockets and by NEKO.

Despite this setback, we remain fully dedicated to the show, working tirelessly, with some of us dedicating ourselves full-time to ensure its continued success and uphold the high value we bring.

Will your team be fully remunerated from this budget?

Soos and Nono receive a portion of the budget as remuneration, while the remaining funds are allocated for covering podcast production costs, services and equipment, bounties, interactive task payments, and moderators.

Section 9. Project/DAO longevity

Continuous funding is vital for our show as we prioritize the ecosystem and offer a wide range of platforms for NEAR-native projects without charging them.

The primary obstacle to our project’s success is the lack of funding. Adequate funding allows us to hire community members, dedicate more time to quality content creation, invest in better tech and production software, and maintain our focus on advancing the NEAR ecosystem.

While YouTube and other social platform monetization are options, monetization is challenging until NEAR gained widespread popularity. We won’t shift focus to other topics but remain dedicated to NEAR. The positive impact we bring to the ecosystem is invaluable as a marketing initiative for NEAR.


Thank you for your proposal, I am happy to support for this round

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Hi @NEKO have reviewed your proposal and am happy to support.

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Following up from the MDAO to let you know of this month’s results. Your proposal received approval for May funding.

I am happy to support this for another month.

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