[APPROVED] NEKO Morning Show Podcast-Monthly Funding Request September


NEKO Morning Show Podcast-Monthly Funding Request September

Section 1 - Project Information

  • Neko
  • Neko Morning Show - Monthly Funding Request (September)
  • Established 02/15/22

Section 2. Previous Funding

  • Neko has received funding for the Neko Morning Show from the below approved proposal.
  • Neko does not receive any additional funding from other sources.

Section 3. Project URLs

Section 4. Applicant Information

Section 5. Team Members

Hosts: Noah Major, Sohib Mihyar

Social Links:

Noah Major - Host & Coordination

Noah has been making content for Neko since July 2022, and has been creating his own educational content on Tiktok since July of 2020. He has grown his Tiktok platform to more than 8k followers and has achieved millions of total views. He has built up his personal following to more than 17k (instagram not currently connected @nono_web3).

Noah is currently the PR Manager/Social Media Manager for Neko and JumpDefi, host of the Neko Morning Show and a Neko Content Creator.

After a fantastic rollout of Season 1 of the Neko Morning Show, Noah is ready to improve it in all ways possible. He is excited to continue the growth and development of the NEAR ecosystem.

Sohib Mihyar - Host & Coordination

Soos, with a background in aviation as a pilot, decided to put his pilot career on hold to pursue his newfound passion for web3 and NEAR Protocol. His unwavering dedication shines through in everything he does, making him an invaluable asset to the Neko team and a driving force behind its growth and success.

Soos’ commitment to education and knowledge-sharing has inspired and empowered countless individuals to begin their own web3 journey.

Soos is the Learn2Earn Manager for Neko, host of the Neko Morning Show and Neko content creator.

Section 6. Experience

What related qualifications, experience or track record does your team bring to this initiative?

Nono has been managing the JumpDefi / Neko Social Media’s since December of 2022 as well as acting as their PR Manager. He has succinctly rolled out important updates and news related to the companies, while at the same fostering high engagement on Twitter and creating hundreds of Tiktok educational videos (the team has put out 503).

Soos has been leading the Learn2Earn side of NEKO, creating quality content to help onboard users in the NEAR ecosystem.

As the Learn2Earn Manager for Neko, Soos has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the Learn2Earn program. Through his innovative strategies and dedication, he has brought immense value to the program, helping countless users grasp the intricacies of web3 and NEAR, empowering them to earn and grow within the ecosystem, and making sure that rewards are distributed to participants.

Soos and Nono successfully led Season 1 of the Neko Morning Show (funded), as well as an impressive (Blitz Week Neko Morning Show) without funding. The Blitz Week Morning Show we held 5 NEKO Morning Shows which had a total of 3,815 total views with an average of 763 views per show on TikTok only.

The Season 1 Neko Morning Show we held 10 NEKO Morning shows which had a total of 6,070 views with an average of 607 views, and a total of 62,896 impressions with an average of 6,290 Impressions per show across multiple streaming platforms.

Not only did they manage to lead a highly successful Neko Morning Show with impressive numbers, but they have also put out a whopping 505 videos about the NEAR Ecosystem to educate and onboard more users to the NEAR Protocol [(NEKO TikTok)

](TikTok - Make Your Day)

The Neko TikTok account serves as the main hub for educating the NEAR community and acts as a gateway for new users to join the NEAR Ecosystem. In the past 60 days, our short videos garnered an impressive 12,120 video views, along with 703 likes and 343 comments!

Section 7. Project Goals

Project Description:

The Neko Morning Show is the first and only multi-platform morning show stream that leverages its multiple locations to make it readily available to all. While web 3 news is often conveyed via short videos or twitter spaces AMAs, we establish trust and personability through a consistent and informative livestream. Our goal is to grow our total viewership while bringing great short and long form content to the forefront of Web3 media reports about NEAR.

For this proposal, we are asking for an additional month of funding. With the last proposal, the Marketing Dao granted us funds to upgrade our streaming setup, and with it, our viewership massively increased, as seen above and the KPIs we showed on our

<Report Links>

The NEKO Morning Show is dedicated to keeping its viewers informed about the NEAR Ecosystem, new project releases, updates, as well as providing education on how to interact with the projects and topics being covered. We not only explain the processes and steps but also demonstrate them in live action, making it easier for our viewers to follow along.

Thanks to the efforts put into the past series of streams, we have achieved an impressive 62,896 impressions with an average of 6,290 Impressions per show and a total of 6,070 views with an average of 607 views, across all our Multi-Streaming platforms.

We are truly grateful for the tremendous support of our audience and the Marketing DAO, whose collaboration and contributions have been invaluable in helping us reach and engage with a wider audience.

What Problem Are You Aiming to Solve?

True to the same spirit that NEAR itself was founded in, we are trying to solve the accessibility problem of Web3 Education by providing a quality stream experience for viewers to learn on whatever platform they can access and feel most comfortable on.

Problems we are touching on include:

  • Social media app restrictions in some countries.
  • Overwhelming information for new and existing Web3 users.
  • Trustability issues in Web3 and crypto projects.
  • Lack of actual demonstrations on how to interact with new blockchain DApps or smart contracts.
  • Standard audio-only spaces without video personals.

How Does This Project Help Solve the Problems You’ve Listed

  • Before funding, the Neko Morning Show was exclusively on TikTok, where we achieved impressive numbers. However, we faced restrictions in reaching a broader audience due to country restrictions towards the app and users’ preferences. Expanding our show to Multi-Streaming platforms enabled us to reach viewers across various social media platforms allowing our audience a greater degree of accessibility and increasing our total impact.

  • The Neko Morning Show educates and assists in onboarding these users to the NEAR Ecosystem. Our show covers essential information to kick start their journey, guiding them towards the right DApps they need. We also feature new project releases and shed light on existing projects building on the NEAR Protocol. By doing so, we support and help onboard more users to these projects.

  • One of the key features of our Neko Morning Show is the live demonstration we offer for the topics we cover. Additionally, we make use of our streaming service provider to generate QR codes that take viewers directly to the sites we discuss or invite them to join specific communities or projects. For instance, during the NDC podcast with Rus, we demonstrated how to interact with the site and verify as I-AM-Human. By providing QR codes, we facilitated a seamless onboarding process, leading more users to join the NDC Telegram group and Twitter. This hands-on approach enhances the learning experience and encourages active participation from our audience.

  • Twitter Spaces is great, BUT the ability to see the inflection and facial expressions of the hosts in a livestream profoundly enhances trust and understanding within the community. It also makes our stream more engaging and interesting for viewers,which aligns perfectly with our goals. All of our shows are available through the <Highlights> section on the @goodfortuneNFT twitter and YouTube.

We have also featured multiple prominent influencers such as Russ(NDC), Jana (over 14k followers on twitter), and Dearycryptoedu (Web3 company with over 62k followers) in an effort to expand the Neko Morning show and reach audiences beyond the NEAR sphere of influence.

Neko Morning Show Goals:

This project targets the entire globe by side-stepping traditional hurdles of content creation on only a handful of social platforms. With its multi platform approach, Neko has always been an international endeavor.

  • Regular short-form content uploaded to Tiktok/IG/YouTube for Learn2Earn
  • Highlight NEAR ecosystem News/updates
  • Maintain constant growth and increase value given back to the NEAR community
  • Demystify otherwise complex topics and continue to make NEAR the best location for a seamless and breezy onboarding process
  • Consistently scale the sum total of the Neko audience & impact through short-form, long-form, and streaming content

Section 8. Project Deliverables:

Neko will deliver 8 Live Streams per month, featuring a mix of guests from the NEAR ecosystem and the NDC, aimed at increasing viewers’ knowledge about NEAR. We will also incorporate influential Web3 personas with a large following to enhance the content.

The Neko Morning Show will fulfill MDAO directives by focusing on KPIs that educate viewers on the NDC, active projects, and the BOS through the following metrics: Views and impressions across all supported social media platforms.

The Neko Morning Show has successfully built a dedicated and growing community of attendees. The impact goes beyond the show’s viewership numbers; it has significantly contributed to overall social media growth and engagement. We are thrilled to witness a massive increase in our audience size and their active involvement across various social media platforms. Report)


  • 41% increase in impressions, reaching a total of 41,476 impressions ,with an impressive 345% increase in profile visits, amounting to 983 visits, during the NEKO Morning Show


  • Total followers increased by 700 followers since our last funding request from 25,500 to 26,200 followers.

  • Total viewers count on our Twitter Podcast was 2,336 with an average of 259 per show, across all 10 show -1 missing data on Twitter.

  • 14,625 Total Impressions on all NEKO Morning Show podcasts on twitter -1 show missing data.

Impressions are derived solely from the Morning Show podcast link. We engaged our viewers through interactive tasks, resulting in numerous engaging tweets and impressions.


  • Total subscribers increased by 230 sub since our last funding request from

421 Subs to 651 Subs during the NEKO Morning Show month

  • An average of 37 viewers with a total of 5,000 views 860 more than usual, 105h watch time, 65h more than usual & +116 new subscribers during the Morning Show month

For the first time, we live podcasted the NEKO Morning Show on Twitter and YouTube, and the response has been phenomenal. We witnessed a massive adoption towards these two platforms, with an overwhelming number of viewers joining in to watch and engage with the show during the live and after the live. Please refer to our report (Report) for more screenshots, links, and data analysis.

With a massive upgrade in equipment, we saw a completely different level of video quality which also ensures higher quality content coming not only for our live show but also in our short form productions, as mentioned earlier (north of 500 videos). With the sponsorship of the NDC, we received a new camera and lens, a green screen and lighting elements, a new microphone, upgrades for our computer, and of course NEAR merch. Here is a visual difference of the before and after post-upgrade:

The success of the NEKO Morning Show is measured by viewer growth and retention across all platforms for the livestream. We also consider metrics such as likes, views, average viewer time, and follower growth, given the live and inclusive format of the show.

Our established time niche at 8 am UTC has been well-received, and we will continue to build on it. During Season 1, we recognized the need for improvement in the initial episodes, and to ensure fair value trade, we added two extra shows at the end of the season. These additional shows, hosted on 7/18 and 7/20, served as a gesture of appreciation to the NEAR Marketing DAO for their support. As a show true to the spirit of blockchain and decentralization, the Neko Morning Show has embraced six platforms and intends to expand further.

The Neko Morning show has also featured multiple high profile guests.

  • First guest Russ from the NDC, joined us live from ETH Barcelona. During the episode, we discussed SBTs rollout, the I-am-Human campaign, and verifying accounts.

  • Second guest Jana,is a prominent figure in the NFT space in South America, with over 14k followers on Twitter and a strong presence on Tiktok and Instagram.

  • Third guest Jordan from Dearcryptoedu, is a blockchain and Web3 company based in Australia. With over 62k Tiktok followers, We discussed NEAR’s progress, BOS integration, and their focus on improving

For comprehensive data from our last Funded NEKO Morning Show, you can find the NEKO Morning Show Report linked here

Section 9. Budget

Requested Funds:

We are requesting funding for 1 month (4 weeks, Tue & Thur @8 AM UTC) for a Total of 8 of multi-platform streaming shows.

  • 8 QTY Neko Morning Show live streams per month at a total cost of

($3,300) with a breakdown of:

  • $3,200 of supportive funds + $100 Premium Streaming Service subscriptions

$3,300 (~ 2911.68 NEAR) per month (8 NEKO Morning Shows)

See below breakdown of costs including 2 hosts:

  • Multi-platform Stream $400 per stream (8x per month, $3200 total cost)

Research hours (per week) Time/Pay breakdowns of 2 Hosts:

  • Noah Major (Nono): 2 hrs of Research / 1 hr of Collaboration & Guest Coordination / Organization per Stream / Host Stream up to 2 hrs while monitoring 5+ Socials / 1 hr of Graphics Creation for Marketing (6 hrs total) = $200

  • Sohib Mihyar (Soos): 1 hr of Research / 1 hr of Giveaway Delegation & Learn to Earn / 1 Audio/Video Setup per Stream / Host Stream up to 1.5 hrs while monitoring 5+ socials / 1 hr of notifying communities and organizing attendance

(6 hrs total) = $200

  • Premium Streaming Service subscriptions

100$ / Month

Start date of the proposal will be ASAP. If approved. @marketingdao-council


NEKO morningshow is abosolutly amazing place for all news on web3 and near! NEKOMorningShow has great great potential and i have learn a lot about ongoing event and very important stuff like NDC voting, jumpdefi updates and mantle updates! the show has its place in near ecosystem! i am voting for NEKOMorningShow!


@Bakaka @so608 Can’t wait for you to review this!


In LOVE with this community!


The Nekomorning show so far as prove to be the home of alphas for the whole of WEB3, Neko, JumpDeFi and Nearprotocol. A lot of information has been dished out, onboarding of new members and education also take place. it will be amazing if this proposal is consider so as to kickstart the season 2 of the show.


The impact of NEKO morning show is AWESOME and the growth has been obvious. Keep up the Good work .


@cryptocredit Excited for you to review this!


I’m excited about NekomorningShow, it gives more insight about Near ecosystem and also serve as a medium to onboard new users.


One of the greatest communities i’ve ever seen


The NEKO morning show is definitely a game-changing project for NEAR.

The main place to learn and earn with a friendly and OG community managed by real builders in the ecosystem.

Great quality content and highly understandable for all audiences, fully supporting this proposal!


Awesome achievements!


NEKO morning show is educational, I learnt a lot about Near Protocol and Cryptocurrency trends from this show, no one should miss out.


Its good to see the NEKO morning show continue to grow. Keep up the good work @Soos @nonothenono


The Neko Morning Show brings tremendous value to the NEAR ecosystem, having onboarded numerous users to NEAR Protocol, including myself.
Thanks to their efforts, I secured my first web3 job. I genuinely adore the show and its hosts, Soos and Nono; they are truly remarkable. You have my full support.


I support this proposal from our close partners. Neko consistently increases value for NEAR.


The neko morning show is amazing I learnt alot about the near ecosystem and also about web 3 precise , And also the community is awesome.
I really appreciate how Soos and nono make the show looks fun , keep up the good work guys


Thank you for your proposal and your great effort to help amplifying the ecosystem content.

This is our September KPIs. MDAO September KPIs

Few questions:

  • How do NEKO activities drive builders and developers?
  • What mechanisms will NEKO team use to track and report onboarded users, engagement, transactions?

Can you review these and explain also,

  • How NEKO activities help in advances those KPIs
  • How you will measure/report on those KPIs? How do you track audience growth, onboarding, etc apart from impressions and likes ?

Hello Bakaka! Thanks for reviewing our proposal!

  1. NEKO activities drive builders and developers by offering yet another means of marketing and exposure for the great products and tooling built on NEAR. We are leaning away from the “If we build it, they’ll come!” narrative, and we are heavily pushing a high level of gorilla marketing for all things NEAR. The goal? To spotlight all of the great things about the NEAR ecosystem that haven’t reached critical mass in levels of public exposure.

  2. Tracking onboards is a little bit more difficult for us. Absolutely we want to help as many people as possible create wallets and experiment with individual dApps, which is my we bring a novel sense of personability through our front-facing show to our community and any viewers. Besides direct techs like ShardDog and Keypom, we are still discussing how to best track onboards (and are open to suggestions!). In the meantime, we will endeavor to continue to capture that sense of awe in the community by helping them dive straight into the amazing dApps created by NEAR ecosystem natives. We worked directly to “increase the number of people educated about NDC governance, BOS and active projects in the ecosystem”.

  3. NEKO’s plan to advance in those KPI’s leans heavily on the thesis of multi-platform use, and meeting users where they feel most comfortable. Because of this we experience cyclical breakthroughs in different apps each month in engagement and impressions. NEKO’s strategic live shows with other high-caliber creators, as well as consistent video content and article creation bring a dynamic and proprietary approach to our flywheel of growth. We will continue to mix our content in such a way that delivers value to NEAR and crypto veterans as well as to new people in the space. We want to continue to create a show that has a little bit of something for everyone.

  4. KPI Measurement is probably the easiest question to answer! Because we have diversified our approach to social apps so much, we are constantly receiving feedback from 5+ “Creator Dashboards” or “Analytics” sections created by highly successful apps to help the user succeed.
    i.e.— The Tiktok Dashboard directly differentiates between video views, profile views, likes, comments, unique viewers, and shares.

The Instagram Dashboard specifically differentiates between accounts reached, accounts engaged, total followers, and content shared at a bird’s eye view. And then it goes further in each individual piece of content to display # of views/plays, likes, comments, shares, saves, accounts reached (raw total, with an additional differentiation between followers and non-followers reached). It even gives us the total watch time combined, average watch time. and viewer drop-off at a specific time in the video.

At this point, I’ve only used 2 of our many platforms. As far as engagement is concerned, we are extremely well equipped to track that thanks to our diverse and robust social media sprinkling. We will continue to lean heavily on the engagement tracking tools given us by each platform so we can fortify weak spots and continue to build up our strengths.

Essentially our message to the builders of the NEAR ecosystem is, “You build it, WE will MAKE SURE they come.”

Thanks for the great questions! We would love to answer any more that you have!


Noah (Nono) Major


Hi @NEKO thanks for the proposal and for answering the questions from @Bakaka. In my view the growth you’ve reported is notable, and this is a project creating value for the ecosystem. I also want to note the community and ecosystem support for the show displayed here and in numerous places around the ecosystem.

You have my support for this.


@cryptocredit can’t wait for you to review this!