[Approved] NEKO Morning Show November Funding


NEKO Morning Show November Funding

Section 1 - Project Information:


Neko Morning Show - Monthly Funding Request (November)

Established 02/15/22

Section 2. Previous Funding:

  • Neko has received funding for the Neko Morning Show from the below approved proposal.

  • Neko does not receive any additional funding from other sources.

[Approved] NEKO Morning Show Podcast-Monthly Funding Request October [Edited 10/22/23] (Not yet received)

Section 3. Project URLs:

Twitter: 26.8k Followers

TikTok: 1437 Followers

-currently banned, using Nono’s TikTok as a backup right now (8725 followers)

Instagram: 412 Followers

Youtube: 717Followers

Reddit : 290 Followers

Twitch 104 Followers

Kick: 30 Followers

Spotify 14 Followers

FaceBook 7 likes • 10 followers

The Neko Morning Show is meant to target all regions and countries with a time frame T- Th @ 8 AM UTC which allows a larger international presence in the viewers as opposed to typical U.S. based morning shows (8 AM EST).

Section 4. Applicant Information:

Noah Major (Neko) / Sohib Mihyar (Neko)

Section 5. Team Members:

Hosts: Noah Major, Sohib Mihyar

Social Links:

https://twitter.com/goodfortuneNFT: 26,800 Followers

nonothenono - Media Kit | Beacons 18,800 Followers

https://twitter.com/SoosWeb3: 939 Followers

Noah Major - Host & Coordination:

Noah has been making content for Neko since July 2022, and has been creating his own educational content on Tiktok since July of 2020. He has grown his Tiktok platform to more than 8k followers and has achieved millions of total views. He has built up his personal following to more than 17k.

Noah is currently the PR Manager/Social Media Manager for Neko and JumpDefi, host of the Neko Morning Show and a Neko Content Creator.

Noah has loved getting the chance to have a voice in the NEAR ecosystem, and ever makes the effort to serve the Neko and larger NEAR community through alpha calls, stats-based informatives on NEAR, ecosystem highlights, and job opportunities to get the community more involved in the decentralization experiment that is NEAR. He is excited to continue the growth and development of the NEAR ecosystem, from the inside out, in a immutable, accessible, silver-platter-brought-to-your-doorstep fashion with Neko. He firmly believes that NEAR is the future, and will continue to endeavor to ever make it so.

Sohib Mihyar - Host & Coordination:

Soos, with a background in aviation as a pilot, decided to put his pilot career on hold to pursue his newfound passion for web3 and NEAR Protocol. His unwavering dedication shines through in everything he does, making him an invaluable asset to the Neko team and a driving force behind its growth and success.

Soos’ commitment to education and knowledge-sharing has inspired and empowered countless individuals to begin their own web3 journey.

Soos is the Learn2Earn Manager for Neko, host of the Neko Morning Show, Co-Host for Boneyard Gaming and Neko content creator.

Section 6. Experience:

What related qualifications, experience or track record does your team bring to this initiative?

Nono has been managing the JumpDefi / Neko Social Media’s since December of 2022 as well as acting as their PR Manager. He has succinctly rolled out important updates and news related to the companies, while at the same fostering high engagement on Twitter and creating hundreds of Tiktok educational videos (the team has put out 503).

Soos has been leading the Learn2Earn side of NEKO, creating quality content to help onboard users in the NEAR ecosystem.

As the Learn2Earn Manager for Neko, Soos has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the Learn2Earn program. Through his innovative strategies and dedication, he has brought immense value to the program, helping countless users grasp the intricacies of web3 and NEAR, empowering them to earn and grow within the ecosystem, and making sure that rewards are distributed to participants.

Soos and Nono successfully led 3 Seasons the Neko Morning Show
(2 funded) & (1 unfunded) NEKOMorningShow.

The Season 2 Neko Morning Show (September) we held 8 NEKO Morning Shows which had a total of (5,272 views) with an average of (659 views), and a total of
(54,873 impressions) with an average of (6,859 impressions per show) across multiple streaming platforms.

The Season 3 Neko Morning Show (October), we held 8 NEKO Morning Shows which had a total of (7,740 views) with an average of (967.5 views), and a total of (120,252 Impressions) with an average of ( 15,031 Impressions per show) across multiple streaming platforms.

Total impressions and viewership was (and has been) continually up and to the right, as Neko continues to boast the most cost efficient price-per-view show on NEAR with a cost of $0.39 per view and $0.02 per impression.

They not only led a highly successful Neko Morning Show with impressive numbers but also made a significant contribution as content creators to the NEKO social media accounts. They created a total of 553 videos on TikTok, 607 videos on YouTube, and more on other social platforms,as well as expanding and growing NEKO Media to 8 different social media platforms all aimed at educating and onboarding more users to the NEAR Protocol.


NEKO YouTube

NEKO Instagram

The Neko TikTok, YouTube & Instagram accounts serve as the main hub for educating the NEAR community and acts as a gateway for new users to join the NEAR Ecosystem.

Section 7. Project Goals:

Project Description:

The Neko Morning Show is a pioneering multi-platform morning streaming show, uniquely positioned to reach a diverse global audience. Our unwavering commitment is to keep our viewers well-informed about the NEAR Ecosystem, including new project releases, updates, and comprehensive educational content. Our approach goes beyond mere explanations; we demonstrate real-time actions and processes, ensuring that our audience can easily follow along.

Our core objective is to establish trust and relatability with our audience by delivering consistent, informative live broadcasts enriched with real-time demonstrations. Our primary goal is to reach a broad audience on web3/web2 across all platforms to educate and onboard more people to the NEAR Protocol. We aim to bridge the knowledge gap and cultivate understanding among a wide-ranging audience, encompassing both web3 and web2 users across various platforms. Our mission is to elevate both short and long-form content, ensuring that NEAR remains at the forefront of news and reports in the blockchain world, while also facilitating user onboarding to the NEAR Protocol.

Thanks to the efforts put into the The Season 3 Neko Morning Show (October)
We had a total of (7,740 views) with an average of (967.5 views), and a total of (120,252 Impressions) with an average of ( 15,031 Impressions per show) across multiple streaming platforms. <Report>

We are truly grateful for the tremendous support of our audience and the Marketing DAO, whose collaboration and contributions have been invaluable in helping us reach and engage with a wider audience.

What Problems Are You Aiming to Solve?

True to the same spirit that NEAR itself was founded in, we are trying to solve the accessibility problem of Web3 Education and the difficulty of onboarding new users into web3. We achieve this by providing a high-quality podcast complemented by real-time demonstrations and interactive tasks for viewers to learn on whatever platform they can access across the world, whether it’s live or recorded, audio or video podcast.

Problems we are Solving:

  • Social media app restrictions in some countries.

  • Lack of actual demonstrations on how to interact with new blockchain DApps or smart contracts.

  • Overwhelming information for new and existing Web3 users.

  • Trustability issues in Web3.

  • Traditional Engagement, Education and Onboarding

How Does This Project Help Solve the Problems You’ve Listed

  • The NEKOMorningShow initially began on TikTok, but we encountered limitations in reaching a broader audience due to countries restrictions and user preferences.

By expanding our show to multi-streaming platforms to reach people across various social media platforms around the world whether they are from web2 or web3. This expansion has significantly enhanced accessibility for our audience and helps to increase our total impact.

  • One of the distinctive features of our NEKO Morning Show is the live demonstrations we provide for the topics we cover. This enables us to engage with our viewers and demonstrate in real-time how to embark on their NEAR Protocol journey, surpassing conventional audio explanations. This approach empowers our audience to actively participate and simplifies Web3 education, making it more accessible and comprehensible.

  • The Neko Morning Show serves as an educational platform and a valuable resource for onboarding new users to the NEAR Ecosystem. Our show provides essential information to kickstart their journey by guiding them towards the right DApps, featuring new project releases, and shedding light on existing projects within the NEAR Protocol.

We leverage various tools, such as QR code scans, to direct viewers straight to the websites or social media accounts we are covering. Additionally, our consistently updated tickers and captions for each episode serve as effective reminders for viewers regarding important news. This consistent highlighting during each episode of the show helps both new and existing viewers stay updated on the latest developments within the NEAR Ecosystem, enabling them to catch up quickly.

-Building trust through informative and transparent content is one of the show’s goals with On-camera hosts facilitating live demonstrations of the dApps and smart contracts we cover, allowing us to directly interact with our viewers and establish trust. We also leverage various tools, such as QR code scans, to swiftly direct viewers to the respective websites. This eliminates the need for extensive searching and reduces the risk of accessing potentially unsafe sites related to the dApps we discuss.

  • By creating Interactive tasks that involve viewers in practical activities related to the NEAR Protocol, such as using dApps or understanding blockchain concepts, this makes the show more engaging for viewers. We encourage active participation, such as creating memes, participating in contests, or completing tasks, which enhances the overall viewing experience.These tasks provide a hands-on learning experience. Viewers can directly engage with the topics being discussed, which can help them better understand and retain the information and assist in onboarding new users to the NEAR ecosystem by making complex ideas more accessible.

Neko Morning Show Goals:

  • Expanding our reach to a broader audience encompassing both Web2 and Web3 by incorporating additional platforms.

  • Introducing more podcast options, including audio podcast feedback and TLDR content formats, as well as short-long videos on all NEKO Social Media.

  • Increase onchain transactions & active users.

  • Supporting the NEAR Ecosystem by aiding all projects building on NEAR Protocol.

  • Onboarding more users to NEAR projects, whether they are newcomers or existing members of the NEAR community.

  • Generate greater interest among users in NEAR NFT projects.

  • Educate and provide more insight into NDC Governance, and inspire more community participation in all NEAR-centric objectives and pushes.

  • Educate and provide more insight into NEAR BOS: (what it is, how to use it, how it can benefit the users, why it is superior to other blockchains/protocols)

  • Creating a stronger sense of community among NEAR Protocol users and Web3 enthusiasts, with the specific goal of ensuring user retention and long-term engagement.

  • Regular short-form content uploaded to Tiktok/IG/YouTube for Learn2Earn

Highlight NEAR ecosystem News/updates.

  • Maintain constant growth and increase value given back to the NEAR community while

demystifying otherwise complex topics and continuing to make NEAR the best location for a seamless and fluid onboarding process.

  • Consistently scale the sum total of the Neko audience & impact through short-form, long-form, and streaming content for the benefit of all users and developers on NEAR.

-To build up and integrate a dynamic community on NEAR Social (we are still developing a proprietary blend of community highlights, TLDR’s, s/o’s, alpha, and other experimental avenues that will allow us best utilize the platform as well as drive more users onto the DApp Backbone of the NEAR ecosystem).

Section 8. Project Deliverables:

Neko will deliver 8 Live Streams per month, featuring a mix of guests from inside and outside the NEAR ecosystem, aimed at increasing viewers’ knowledge about NEAR. We will also incorporate influential Web3 personas with a large following to enhance the content.

Expanded our reach to a broader audience encompassing both Web2 and Web3.

Diverse Podcast Options by Introducing a variety of podcast options, including audio podcast feedback and TLDR content formats, specifically tailored for Spotify and Spotify podcasts.

Onboarded more users to NEAR projects, catering to both newcomers and existing members of the NEAR community.

Generated greater interest among users in NEAR NFT projects, as well sweep a NEAR NFT collection at the end of the show for the Interactive tasks supporting the project and the Ecosystem.

Produced regular short-form content uploaded to Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube and Spotify for Learn2Earn, highlighting NEAR ecosystem news and updates.

The Neko Morning Show will align with MDAO, HOM, COA directives by prioritizing KPIs that educate viewers about the NDC, active projects, and the BOS, utilizing our tools for effective demonstration and community education. We will track our progress through the following metrics: Views and impressions across all supported social media platforms.

The Neko Morning Show has effectively cultivated a devoted and expanding community of attendees. Its impact extends beyond mere viewership statistics, as it has made a substantial contribution to the growth and engagement of our social media presence. We are delighted to observe a substantial rise in our audience size and their active participation across multiple social media platforms. <Report>

Section 9. Budget:

  1. Live Stream Podcast:

We are on a mission to stream on as many social media apps as we can to reach a broader audience across the globe, encompassing both Web2 and Web3. Our goal is to educate the community and onboard new users to the NEAR Protocol. We have expanded our reach by streaming on 8 platforms, including TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Kick, Facebook, Spotify, and
NEAR Social (Experimental Campaign).

Our show’s remarkable growth is evident in our recent , which records 7,740 views and 120,252 impressions across three of the seven platforms we utilize, Averaging a (967.5 views) &( 15,031 Impressions) per show.


Research hours (per week) Time/Pay breakdowns of 2 Hosts:

Noah Major (Nono): 3 hrs of Research / 1 hr of Collaboration & Guest Coordination / Organization per Stream / Host Stream up to 2 hrs while monitoring 7+ Socials / 1 hr of Graphics Creation for Marketing (7 hrs total) = $200

Sohib Mihyar (Soos): 1 hr of Research / 2 hr of Interactive Task Delegation & Learn to Earn / 1 Audio/Video Setup per Stream / Host Stream up to 2 hrs while monitoring 7+ socials / 1 hr of notifying communities and organizing attendance. (7 hrs total) = $200


Multi-platform Stream $400 per stream (8x per month, $3200 total cost)

  1. Short-Form (TLDR) Videos and Audios for Spotify and Spotify Podcast:

On Spotify, we offer a TLDR version of the NEKOMorningShow. Each episode is thoughtfully edited to highlight the most essential information and news that NEKOMorningShow provides. This is an excellent option for individuals who lack the time to watch the 1.5 to 2-hour pre-recorded podcast or couldn’t join the live broadcast. Spotify offers video and audio feedback.


For each episode, we create 5-7 TLDR videos, edited to feature the most important information and news from NEKOMorningShow. These short videos typically range
from 1 to 3 minutes in length, resulting in a total of 40 short TLDR videos.

We have already built up a TLDR short bank of 53 total shorts.

($25 each short video) (4 videos per stream = $100) 8 episodes 32 TLDR - Short videos = $800 Total Cost.

  1. Production Costs:
    Premium Streaming Service / Production Upgrades / Automation / Mod = $400 / Month

Total Amount requested: $4,400 (please compare cost per view to any other show on NEAR) .

Wallet: Nekotoken.near

Start date ofReport the proposal will be ASAP. If approved. @marketingdao-council


Epic Show.

Soos and Nono always find ways to bring the latest Alpha to the Neko Morning Show (NMS). Two genuine great guys who just want to spread the word about $NEAR along with having fun.

They have a great active community behind them and always have engaging ways to interact with them on the NMS, Twitter, Discord etc.

The show has increased strength by strength and wish all the best success in that continuing to be the show on $NEAR.

Keep pioneering the way.


Great Show,is Fun, is Educative and informative, am always happy to join the Live stream.


Awesome show by the way I mean is hard for me to even missed a day without attending the neko morning show . Soos and Nono are great host
I learn new things about Near ecosystem and more about crypto everytime. #Greatshow


Thank you for joining us on the frontier @nathanx.near ! Cheers to moving forward together farther than anyone has before!


Thanks for the great review! We are always happy to have you! @CryptoKinguin


Love to hear it @qtaastan ! We want to be a place of learning for NEAR ecosystem veterans and newbies. The goal is to always have some extractable value no matter the background.

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The NEKO morning show is a staple of the NEAR community. The numbers speak for themselves averaging almost 1000 views per show on their live stream podcast. The NMS is doing great work to spread the message of NEAR to new audiences. I fully support this proposal.


The Nekomorningshow helps to onboard users and improve txns which makes Near Protocol competitors think we are BOTS.


The NMS is coming stronger and stronger every season, the numbers speak it all… Im proud to be in this pack.


Best entertainament and educational show in Web3!

NEKO was instrumental in starting my crypto career about 2 years ago aprox. Today, I am proud to dedicate fully at web3 and I am deeply grateful to all the team and members of the community.

I strongly support this proposal to achieve mass adoption in NEAR via educational and quality content.
Keep it up with the great job!


The OG NEAR alpha hub. I appreciate Soos and Nono for their dedication and the NEKO community for this opportunity :purple_heart::fire:


Great Show,is Educative and informative and also funny.I appreciate Soos and Nono :green_heart: :green_heart:


Hi @NEKO thanks for your proposal. I note that you have included a link to your Report and see that you have made good growth across all platforms. Well done!
Great to see the community getting behind your content. I am happy to support.


I adore this show so much! A lot of fun and information!
Others ought to aspire to it level.


Thanks for your support @cryptocredit ! We look forward to continue to build a robust grassroots community for NEAR


We adore your fan art @_metalpony ! Thanks for showing up to every show!

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Thank you @cryptocredit for your positive response and everyone who is supporting us here

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Thanks @nearmonza ! Means a bunch!

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Thank you for your proposal.

Your reports show an outstanding performance in October, and the overwhelming support from the community reflects the team’s commitment and the program’s positive influence.

I like to see more near-social presence in your November activities, because it is one of the measures that indicate on-chain participation and engagement.

Happy to support your November request, recognizing the tangible results and the valuable contributions you continue to make.

Have a nice day.