[APPROVED] Metaverse DAO funding for December-2021

Project/Council Members:

*Target: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near

*Total Requested Funding Amount: 4250 usd in near + 11,5 near

Objective: The main objective of this set of projects is to build and systematize NEAR presence on metaverse, and to record it on the blockchain. We intend to build a prize and an interview, inasmuch as a monthly magazine and a Mintbase store, to fulfil our historical intention of keeping record of NEAR metaverse presence. And we intend to build a building to store this history and to present in a systematic way metaverse near events to metaverse people.

Justification (benefits): The relevance of this set of project is precisely to keep record of NEAR metaverse presence and keep it as a research material for future researchers, and also to develop NEAR visibility on metaverse. Shows with NEAR artists can be a way to introduce them to metaverse and to introduce metaverse to them, given that metaverse properties can be visited by many people, mainly in party days. The parcel and the store can be places to store knowledge that can be visited and accessed through many people, including people that still dont know NEAR.

Timeline December 5th - December 30 th

The NEAR Protocol has seen so much activities and events arise within its ecosystem. This development can only be cognizant of the fact that the NEAR protocol is conveniently expanding and providing solutions for individuals within the web 3 ecosystem. We at the MetaVerse Guild/DAO have observed these developments for a while and have decided to contribute our quota in love and gratitude for the NEAR Protocol towards helping it expand conveniently in areas where it is seeking more engagement and traction. This area of focus is none other than the METAVERSE and NEAR history on it.

We have seen the amount of exhibitions that have happened within the NEAR ecosystem as regards exhibition of NFTS in different VR environments showcasing NFTs minted on mintbase which is a Dapp in collaboration with the NEAR Protocol. We are also aware that the NEAR Protocol is rolling out plans to build its own virtual environment called NEARVerse and 3XR is a reality already. It is in this vein that we the METAVERSE DAO feel a call to responsibility to preserve the heritage of the NEAR protocol and also help it scale efficiently in glamour and productivity within the metaverse by initiating awesome projects in line with preaching the NEAR protocol gospel by building outlets and portals within other VR environments to showcase assets within the NEAR protocol and advertise the productivity of the blockchain. Below are the projects that the METAVERSE DAO has outlined to actualize for the month of December, building its historical mission concerning NEAR on metaverse.

  • The Philosopher: 5 near to open the DAO

  • NEAR Metaverse Magazine (750 usd in NEAR): a magazine focused on near artists and near events on metaverse. Our products here would be the own online magazine in pdf format and within a site and the data base of near artists and metaverse events, and the magazines stored for future historical research on the blockchain. The magazine will be produced by screenshots of events and artists and some text about them, and also all the needed material to build it. If we have interviews, we will also put them on the magazine. The importance of this project is to be a way to systematize and to showcase near artists and metaverse events, with a historical perspective.

Get the material for the magazine (with the DAOs and the artists) and build the magazine (site and pdf) with graphic design with images and texts (form and content): JohnX – 500 usd in near
Make a mechanism to select artists and make a grid of metaverse events among the DAOs (make a telegram group from the DAOs with metaverse activity): JohnX – 250 usd in near

- NEAR Metaverse Historical Mintbase Store (750 usd in near + 6,5 N): We will open a store on Mintbase to mint every near metaverse event we take part and every NFT from the artist that participates on our exhibitions and parties. The relevance of the store is to keep every recorded event on the blockchain, web3. As a product, we would have many NFTs from videos and images from near metaverse events, as well as the own store to keep every metaverse historical activity from NEAR. Open the store and Mint photos and videos from the parties and events in the name of our DAO and other DAOs, and to go to the parties and record the events.

The Philosopher: 6,5 near to open the store for NEAR Metaverse History.
DAO’s members: 500 usd in NEAR to register the historical events previewsly curated as NFTs at the Mintbase store, divided amont the members of the DAO who mints NFTs in the store with historical descriptions, that can be used in the magazine too and that can be uses of future material of historical research.
The Philosopher: 250 usd in NEAR for going to metaverse parties and record the events.

- NEAR Metaverse Connection Center (1500 usd in near)

(Building a parcel with information from all the metaverse events from the other DAO and teleport to all of them, being a bridge for all NEAR Metaverse presence, and to be a an information center for all things from metaverse and near protocol). The relevance of this building is to be a virtual presence for NEAR metaverse history on metaverse, accessible to all metaverse people, and also to be a connection center for metaverse activities from the DAOs, what is important to give publicity in a single place for all these activities. We would have as products the virtual building and the stored organized information.

500 usd in near for Gus to produce wearables for our DAO and for the other DAO (other DAO can request 1 wearable at december) and to help building the parcel.
500 usd in near for The Philosopher to organize the parcel, to build it, to establish connection with the other DAO on Metaverse, to build the portals and the connection center.
500 usd in near to rent a parcel (if we do not get one for free from the Creatives).

- Metaverse Prizes and Educational Role (1250 usd in near): There would be a monthly event with musical performances from NEAR artists (NxM), visual artistic exhibition from NEAR artists and then a final educational clip which would enlighten all stakeholders within the NEAR ecosystem about the latest developments and what they need to know about current ongoings within the Ecosystem. The event would celebrate music and visual arts, and we would have a prize to musicians and to visual artists, that would work with a board of jury or popular voting on metaverse. The winners would interviewed for historical record and for future exhibition in the parcel for a new interview program of ours. All the artists participating in the contest should send a copy of their submitted work for the DAO’s account and/or should mint his/her work through our historical store. (if possible, we would make this into a monthly prize, renewable). The relevance here is to keep the hype around NEAR protocol and to educate artists, collectors and devs about it, and to generate interest among new artists in participating in the new contests.

500 usd in near for NEAR Metaverse Prize for artists in the event (250 music, 250 visual)
250 usd in near for NEAR for host and coordinate the event (The Philosopher)
250 usd in near for video editor and educational video content (JohnX)
250 usd in near for making a video interview with the winners (Gus)

These are the projects that the metaverse DAO would actualize for the month of December. We at the DAO would like the council to know that the month of December was agreed upon by council members to be a month where all projects would be focused on NEAR Metaverse History. All these projects are approved by the Metaverse DAO.

*We can change the person doing each task according to our best performance.

Metaverse DAO

Approval of the budget proposal by the DAO on ASTRODAO:


Hey, it’s approved :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask 557,5N (coingecko, $7.78) in the Creatives DAO astrodao!
Keep up the good work.


Thank you very much. Already made the proposal on astro dao.
We are very grateful for the trust.


Accountability (I am putting here the accountability links to use them later in a future report)

Mintbase Historical Store (6,5 NEAR)

Metaverse DAO Astrodao (5 NEAR)

Renting Parcel for a month (64,25 NEAR):

Music and visual art prize (60 near)

Educational video content for the prize made by John (29.5 near) Now the video is on the second floor of NEAR Metaverse Building, on Cryptovoxels.

The Philosopher hosting and coordinating the prize (30 near)

Wearables made by The Alchemist + design and building Near Metaverse Connection Center (60 near).
Check the building: Cryptovoxels

Design and building NEAR Metaverse connection center by the Philosopher, add teleports and links to Near Metaverses (60 near)
Check the building: Cryptovoxels

Metaverse DAO earns 50 usd for renting the parcel to Kalakendra DAO: [event] kalakendra dao & metaverse dao - metaspace collab

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