[Report] Metaverse DAO Monthly Report for December 2021

Monthly Report - December 2021

Council Members:

*Target: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near

*Total Requested: 4250 usd in NEAR + 11,5 NEAR
*Total Spent: 5070 usd in NEAR + 11,5 NEAR
*Total Left: 1212.9868 usd in DAI, 8.5627 in NEAR, and 3.98652 NEAR in our collective external wallet.

What we proposed:

What we have accomplished in December:

Metaverse DAO earns 50 usd for renting the parcel to Kalakendra DAO: [event] kalakendra dao & metaverse dao - metaspace collab

Bounty Initiatives and Hiring the Community

Financial Movements

Community Telegram:

Updated Projects Timeline:
All the projects were made in the appropriate time.

We’ve built (a) NEAR Metaverse Magazine #1 as NFT and at a site, (b) NEAR Metaverse Connection Center, with architecture and the 3d objects to put inside and outside, (c) NEAR Metaverse Prize, with numerous artists and contesters, and with the 3D objects to gift people and to build the environment. Our metaverse event had more than 100 people. We also created (d) an educational video and an introduction video about NEAR, inasmuch as (e) a mintbase store to register the events as NFTs. This store has now 30 NFTs, from 9 events (from MUTI, NxM, DJ, Metaverse DAOs), 3 interviews and a proof of attendance for artists. We have also (f) interacted with Kalakendra DAO and (g) promoted a bounty for logo creation.

We could learn that we need to foresee our need for designer professionals, for creating the marketing materials.

Next Steps:
Next steps are to keep making the prize and the magazine, to build a party ambient to our building, to develop the sections of the magazine and make a physical publication, to build a google form to organize and publicize all the metaverse events of the month, and to build a NEARHub for Metaverse DAO, in order for us to be in a NEAR metaverse too, and to decide some utilities for the coin of our DAO.

Thanks for your support to Metaverse DAO!