[Event] kalakendra dao & metaverse dao - metaspace collab

Hey Metaverse Dao Family,

in Accordance with the Event Planned on 26-Dec-2021, We Would love to rent your Cryptovoxel Space on the same day from 6:00PM IST, the Space is expected to run 1hr Max.

As Discussed via TG, the rent is about 50USD for the Event.

Pls Create a Proposal on AstroDao for the payment.


Kalakendra DAO rents 1h of Metaverse DAO building on Cryptovoxels (NEAR Metaverse Center) for an event on December 26th. Event described here: [Proposal] KalakendraDAO - Behindie Creative Music Event Resource being sent to the collective wallet outside astro from Metaverse DAO, in order to swap for DAI and send back to astrodao. We asked for 4 near.

We also ask, if you may, that Kalakendra Dao record 1 minute video from the event and mint it on our historical store with a GIF cover and 2 copies: 1 for the minter and 1 for the DAO. Historical store: nearmetaversehistory.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store


Hey MetaverseDAO Family,
@thephilosopher @JohnX,

It was a Wonderfull Event We had in December With the Behindie Music Episode -1, Collaborating KalakenraDAO and Metaverse DAO,

Now, It Is Time for Behindie Music Episode -2, Also Again thank you for the Collaboration.
We Would like to Rent Down your Cryptovoxel Space for 26thJan 2.30 Am to 4.30AM EST (1-3PM Indian Standard Time).

Pls Create a Proposal on Kalakendra DAO Astro for Payement


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Thank you, my friend. I hope this second event was smooth. Here it is a weekly graphic showing the event metrics! 300 people! Congrats!


Here there is the payout proposal: Astro

Thank you for everything. We hope keep building this partnership.

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Hey Thanks Phil,
That Was Indeed A Great Show, People Loved it. a Lot of Crowd on Crypto voxel. The Metrics Came out Very Well. Thank you @JohnX @Gus.

Fyi… the Payment has been Paid for the Event. Same Acknowledged Through John. Pls Confirm.


Confirmed, my friend. Thank you so much forthe partnership.

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