[Creatives DAO] - Decentralization review & Meeting

I do try always to be open, inclusive, and positive, so I give all the feedback in the best way I can and I am really sorry you are feeling this way, this is an open space so your feedback is appreciated.

I will try to explain myself better.

My intention is to help Creatives DAO to improve because we have a lot of feedback from outside:

  1. NF expects reports, legal wrapper and grant proposal and that the funding can stop at any time @mecsbecs said that to the @creativesdao-mods

  2. Someone has to take ownership of the decision being made. Outsiders are under the impression that there’s been a lot of things being approved passively

  3. DAOs approve proposals without any critical thinking in assessing proposals, and much is approved with little questioning.

So, spending $2 million dollars in one year for art creations is something you as an artist and part of the Creatives DAO should appreciate receiving that much help from NF, at the same time I am happy we are building decentralization and this review had the intention of keep improving in decentralization.

This thread was to improve the decentralization and now we have the Creatives DAO V3

You are referring to Near Certified Creatives course here? It is meant to onboard creatives with a standard so every new creative member receives the experience from different senior creatives members and all the tools needed to participate. Many members see the NCC as a positive initiative.

Not hugs, but 100% wish u the best and appreciate your feedback, hope to address some of your concerns.


We are all aware of everything you’ve again repeated above. We can all read believe me. Tone down the aggression and don’t barge into people’s community chat accusing them of things you’ve imagined and assumed. I think you’ve confused the “d” of decentralisation with the “d” of double standards. I can also evidence that too here but i will spare you again. I don’t need you to be reminded of the gratitude i owe to anyone in this world…especially not the Creatives Dao so please refrain from patronising me. We’ve all dedicated countless resources to this, way before you started calling yourself a leader. So now its time for you to be on your best behaviour and leave graciously…may be one day you’ll get a second chance.

Hello, here is Mana Blua, not Moderator at this time, but other member of this community.

heard you’v being very ‘d’-respectful - did i misunderstand something?

I’am very sad to witness this kind of waste of energy on the community.
I’am sorry to tell you my friends, but you are all also a leader, and isnt such a big thing.

Leader on this ecosystem is a responsible human behind an avatar, that has more experience on the web3, and they set the example for the newcomers… All DAO active members are leader, and the are influencer.

Sorry to tell you again, you are setting a bad exemple for practice on forum, and i think i dont need to quote you to show that.

Im not going to say who is right or wrong, but we just have to take care of the basic ground of respect.

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Hello Fritz, indeed I wrote it wrong, sorry! It’s ritapaiva.near
thank you for the correction

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Thanks @blusw for sharing your thoughts here.

Totally disrespectful comment from you @squattingPigeon I don’t know if someone will flag your comment, I rather leave that here for the community to see your true colors.

Instead of focusing on attacking me as a person:

with comments that include threats:

you should be discussing, sharing ideas, and proposing related to the Creatives DAO.

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I rest my case…you are amazing…you’re the most amazingly decentralised people there is…you truly are the masters of decentralisation bravo!
You’re so keen to accuse me of anything that you even see threats in what i’m writing…oh may be that’s something to do with your command of English…and yes my true colors are terrible thank you for showing that to the community…you’ve done this community another masterful favour bravo again: :clap:

Let me just say that I do think that @squattingPigeon reply was made out of anger, and agree we should not need to come to this, but I agree with him that it’s not exactly correct to talk to people in the community like we have been watching.

People can disagree, and I have had my issues with community members (including @squattingPigeon), but using a dubious concept of ‘decentralization’ to attack people seems out of order.

Hope both sides can see the fault in their side/manner/whatever and progress with respect not only with the etiquette, of course, but with the spirit of the Creatives DAO.

(imho decentralization does not mean what is being told it means; decentralization means a political system in which decisions are made locally and respect various contexts. It’s not a word we can throw at projects so we can dismiss them; I am sure we all agree some activities can’t be decentralized; for example I am writer: are you suggesting I should decentralize my writing and ask 10, and then 100, and them 1000 people to write my books for me? Absurd, right? Let’s not use complex concepts lightly, let’s think about them and respect the creative communities that have 100 members, but also those that have 2 or 3 members… Remember folks, we are here to support creative people and on-board them to NEAR and web3, not punish them for our misconceptions about what they should do)


I am lost with this example. Who will ever think of that?

This is about how many members we allow to participate on-chain

One clear way of measure decentralization is by how many on-chain members we have and DAOs, so that’s the review about

Creatives DAO is using the funds from NF, so everyone from the Near Community who cares about NEAR is indeed watching, what is wrong with that?

If someone don’t like the status of the review that doesn’t excuse them from being disrespectful nor aggressive because of anger

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agree, that’s why I said it was not proper.
My point is still valid, I don’t think the concept of decentralization is always being used in the best way. I don’t think it’s fair to attack communities with a smaller council ‘for that reason’ alone, since I don’t think that’s a good way to measure value being introduced in the NEAR ecosystem. Some might introduce enormous value, even if it’s a 2-person project. I don’t see why should moderators stop those DAOs from getting funding, i.e. I think the concept of decentralization is being used erroneously.

Can’t see how the community profits from forcing projects to add council members, on projects that don’t need them atm, instead of looking at the artistic and creative value of the proposals.

I don’t know if in this topic or on another ones, but you have specifically named DAOs with smaller councils and verbalized that they ‘are less than others for that reason’ (my interpretation, can’t find the quote atm). Pardon me if that is a misreading of your intentions, but if it’s not I can see why people get upset.


Totally agree!

So, there is no point in attacking anyone here, this is a review about decentralization where if you don’t get featured like KinDAO or Nomadelable you still have other ways of adding value, this was also a meeting thread so people get the opportunity to present themselves and show their value.

From this conversation, I feel again that the DAO (on-chain community) concept is missing here and the DAOs running the Creatives DAO are tooling DAOs instead of decentralized communities.

We can never be less or more than any other, we are all different and also we can share stuff in common. To take into account: by being different we occupy different roles, like being part of a team or part of a community could be a difference.

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We are on the same page then.

and with that I always agree.

Let’s try to make amends where they are needed, so the community as a whole is benefited and we don’t have people complaining for this and that and etc :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’ve just seen this post today. Can I answer the topics you suggested @FritzWorm ?


Sure go ahead :wink: U are welcome here

@frado , from fraDAO has dedicated himself to the arts since he was a child. Born in 1979, in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, in a collaborative environment, as his parents, besides being married, worked together at Ag Comunicação Visual, where they developed Public Relations, Graphic/Visual Arts and Special Projects. In 1985 he started playing guitar/guitar and never stopped, always curious about how the world works, he became a Multifaceted Artist and self-taught in several topics, where he found the academic school super uninteresting, The term Techne was the one that most suited him, in his natural research, as it is used in the objectification of ideas into something concrete in Music, in various forms of Arts, Architecture, Electronics, inventions, Virtual Reality (VR), philosophies, among other techniques.
This research and dedication ended up yielding 2 gold lions in Cannes, being Tátil Design’s partner in the Rio Carnaval Branding Project in 2022.

Objectifying in various media, different materials and analogue and digital platforms has always been his quality. Restlessly, he continues to objectify his path and the world around him, in the real and Virtual (VR).
Check: frado.com.br


130 cast voted

Thanks @FritzWorm


Have a nice day, friends!
My name is An and my stage name is Mer. I am a Vietnamese singer & songwriter. I have worked in a Vietnamese production since 2020 and now I’m a solo artist. I love traveling, performing music and eating. I have released 5 songs in many platforms as Youtube, Apple Music or Spotify.
You can check my music on the youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-G0epVaUs_ZMBeXQqIck9A
A MV which I had chance to collab with @NxM : ‘DU CA KHUC’ : "DU CA KHÚC" | MER FT. LAZII - YouTube
I have been a part of NEAR Ecosystem since 2022 March.
Wallet: antran2809.near
Number of votes cast:
31 in VN Artists DAO
My social networks:
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-G0epVaUs_ZMBeXQqIck9A
Telegram: @antran2809

I truly hope to make a contribution to widen our ecosystem, moreover have an opportunity to collab with our talent artist here.



Hey, everyone! I’m a Brazilian Master in biomedical engineering and I work with medical image reconstruction, design of human body and prosthetics 3D models, and 3D printing. This career segment guided me to the arts and since 2016 I work with digital painting. In August 2021, I started studies on human portraits and botany. I joined the NEAR community in November 2021 through the fraDAO group in an NFT Experience Design workshop, where I learned about NFTs, platforms and cryptocurrency transactions. In April I was invited by fraDAO to teach about advanced digital painting in Photoshop. In partnership with @frado and @raissalaban, in May we created a manual on Audacity for the audio art workshop and in June a manual on how to perform currency conversions and withdrawals on Binance. I’m currently one of the fraDAO’s councils, and this month I’ll offer a Workshop of Blender for Begginers to our members.

If you want to see my art, visit: narau.near — Paras
Social media: @narau_art on Instagram and Twitter.

  • as this text was written first in Portuguese, sorry if there are any mistakes, I google translated it.

I am the Philosopher, I am 37 years old, I am Brazilian, philosopher, PhD in Logic and Metaphysics from UFRJ, with research at Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, with a postdoctoral research in Philosophy at UFMG. I am a university professor at the Federal University of Amapá, a visual artist and NFT artist, Voxels storyteller and a metaverse entrepreneur.

I am the coordinator of multiple projects within philosophy, including one funded by the John Templeton Foundation, in which I am the general coordinator of 20 PhD professors, each with a team of at least 5 people, and a technical team, which involves, among other people, the editor, philosopher, doctor and university professor Juliano do Carmo and Beetle Juice, who is the designer for the project’s books. This philosophy collection that has already reached 20 books and over 23,000 downloads. I am also a writer and book organizer, with 8 published books and over 25 articles in academic journals. I got the 10th place in the Senator Milton Campos Award, granted by the Council of Rectors of Brazilian Universities, when I was still in graduation, on the theme “How to save planet Earth?”. In the monograph of this award, I theoretically built an international structure with the intention of improving the development of peoples and preventing corruption.

Academic Curriculum: http://lattes.cnpq.br/0847832636263404

Senator Milton Campos Award (2007 - Theme: How to save planet Earth?): https://www.camara.leg.br/proposicoesWeb/prop_mostrarintegra?codteor=569397

Award monograph published on the blog:

Academic article derived from the monograph:

Philosophical Investigation Academic Research Group:

General Coordination of the Philosophical Investigation Series (published by UFPel):

John Templeton Foundation Grant for the Philosophical Investigation Series:

I am also a visual artist, with exhibitions held in Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Ouro Preto, Macapá and Helsinki. I was represented by the galleries Meu BB Galeria, AVA Galleria and Samaúma. I work with assemblage, collage, painting and bronze sculpture, in traditional art. See some of my work here, although a little outdated:

And the BELA exhibition catalog:

After discovering the virtual gallery Binaria, I started to produce digital art, and after a theft of two of my pieces at the Trokkal Gallery, I decided to jump right into digital art and NFTs.

I started to get involved with NFTs, along with my friend @felipedevicente; we were both introduced to this world by our gallery owner Gustavo Martes. We started on the tezos blockchain, then I went to polygon and ethereum, and then I got to know NEAR. I currently work on these last three blockchains. My involvement with the metaverse occurred early in this story, when I met Ottis’ parties, in his Purple Valley, at Voxels. Since then, I’ve been very involved with the metaverse and became a storyteller on Voxels.

Regarding NEAR, I started getting involved with Creatives in September 2021, when I was onboarded by Carolina Cavenaghi, in The Clan telegram community, along with an AfrikaBurn project, with @claudinhabelha, which involved creating NFTs for charity.

Through Mintbase projects, along with @marianeu, I had parties in the metaverse with @gushlewis and @blusw, and embarked people on NEAR. In these Mintbase projects, I came to onboard more than 100 people, among which some joined and formed the Gambiarra DAO, whose mission is the development of Brazilian art on the NEAR blockchain, and which today has almost 200 artists in the Mintbase store thanks to to the actions of Ghini, Macieira, Dazo and Blua.

Here you can see Mintbase reports and proposals mentioning the projects I was involved in (search for thephilosopher):

Here is the Gambiarra store that I created with Mintbase support and transferred to DAO:

And another store, Intergalactic Bar, for onboarding international people, which didn’t work as well as Gambiarra, but which still exists and sometimes I use it to onboard artists - including the last two winners of the award in partnership between Voxels and Metaverse DAO were onboarded at that store, though they still haven’t minted. From the looks of it, they are evaluating the blockchain and the community, but they had to open a wallet to receive the award on the NEAR blockchain - which gave us an opportunity to present our important links and marketplaces. Parties and awards are essential to show NEAR’s relevance and thus generate interest.

Intergalactic Bar Store:

At Gambiarra, I was actively involved in the administrative and organizational part as a council, making introductions and funding proposals, as well as teaching newcomers to the ecosystem. Currently, I am no longer part of Gambiarra DAO.

As the metaverse is something relevant and important to me, and as I was already working in the metaverse with event production and Gus with meta-design and construction, Gus, John X and I opened a DAO whose mission would be to produce, record and store history of NEAR in the metaverse. The idea was that we are at the beginning of the construction of something important, and there was no DAO to keep the historical record of that construction and of events, and to bring the attention of the people of the metaverse to NEAR. We then decided to create a set of projects, such as interviews, event recordings, classes on the metaverse and digital art, construction of exhibitions, stories, awards and parties in the metaverse. All these projects registered through NFTs in our store at Mintbase, with no commercial purpose, to serve only as a portfolio for artists and material for researchers. Currently, DAO is formed by me, @klarakopi, @becopro and @beetlejuice. More about my activities at DAO:

I have also helped other DAOs such as Writers Guild and Spiritual DAO. In these two DAOs, I was present as a council that knew the ecosystem and was teaching some of the processes to newbies, which I learned by reading the forum. I did the same thing in all the DAOs I was present at.

And working on these DAOs has enhanced my experience so that I, @jsc2022.near and Beetle Juice could create a DAO to onboard philosophy professors, philosophers, students and stakeholders, which currently exists and is The Philosophers DAO, and that started its activities in partnership with Incubadoera DAO.

In this DAO, member professors perform the administrative and decision-making function and students and stakeholders are members of the community, participating in bounties and being able to vote in polls. We created a structure that we were able to get the professors at NEAR onboard through their lectures, and we hope to lead this group of professors to be collectors of NFTs as well. As I am the leader of the DGP research group called Philosophical Investigation, I intend to bring the research group to the DAO, to the extent that I can get the members to onboard.


All DAO talks, bounties and other projects are registered through NFTs on Mintbase.

Currently, @adrimobbs has replaced Beetle Juice as council. Adriane was a professor of philosophy and now has her own digital marketing company. Other teachers have joined us and we are growing at a good rate.

My goals at NEAR are to develop Metaverse DAO and The Philosophers DAO, the only DAOs in which I am a member, and to reflect with the community on a good political structure that improves our decision-making process within Creatives, with objectivity and impartiality, but without abandon the various values ​​that are important to us. Regarding the development of Metaverse DAO, in addition to our ongoing projects, we also intend to grow through partnership with Voxels and through expansion into real-world parties. I was even invited to speak at the event called Blockchain Rio, as a member of Metaverse DAO.


With regard to The Philosophers DAO, its growth is occurring organically as old speakers call in new speakers from outside NEAR to give talks. They enter the telegram, are taught how to make a simple proposal and get in touch with our activities and with the activities of other DAOs, learning more about NEAR. From there they are onboarded on Astro and also involved in activities from other communities.

In addition to my work within these DAOs at Creatives, I also received a grant directly from the NEAR Foundation, to build a large library in the metaverse, called NEAR Alexandria, which is still being finalized, and whose intention is to house digital books in the form of wearables, which are also associated with NFTs NEAR. I develop this project with Gus, John, and Karpatic, this last one is not properly on NEAR, but opened a wallet in order to make the codes we need for the library. The content of the books was meant to be just about NEAR and academic content, starting with Philosophy, but we decided to expand to all types of books and literary materials produced by DAOs and individuals on the NEAR Blockchain. When we open the library, we will be able to partner and we will also be able to publish books through NEAR Alexandria with ISBN registration, as Dr. Juliano do Carmo, advisor member of Philosophers DAO and my partner in this metaverse publication idea, is officially an editor and can request ISBNs. Visit NEAR Alexandria under construction:

NEAR Alexandria has a store of NFT GIFs on Mintbase, associated with real open access books or free knowledge about NEAR, and a store of wearables books on opensea:


Regarding Astro and the polls, I must have almost 400 votes. On Metaverse DAO alone, I have 263 votes cast, plus 35 on Philosophers DAO, and maybe 100 or 200 on Gambiarra DAO, which I’m no longer a part of and so I can’t count the votes for sure. I also have a few votes in the Spiritual DAO and the Writers Guild, of which I am no longer a member. As Metaverse DAO and Gambiarra DAO are part of the Council of Creatives, many of those votes were votes on CFCs by Creatives. Currently, I am a council to only 1 DAO that has a seat on the Creatives Council, which is Metaverse DAO.

Metaverse DAO’s astro: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near

The Philosophers DAO’s astro: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near/

Here you can see a little more about my activity at NEAR:



Thank you very much, my dear friend! I’m glad to be part of your trajectory! Together forever in the metaverses of the life and virtual realitys!!:heart::heart:


hi dear friend @thephilosopher
Wow, what an achievement, what a development. Absolutely amazing <3
I am sooo happy for you and I am deeply grateful for that happening that our paths crossed last year. Cheers to your future and your well-being. Talk soon. Abraço e beijo <3


I’m Pallo Anthony, a Graphic Designer and Brand Identity Designer https://instagram.com/mazipallojnr?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Creative Designer at ROOTED EMPIRE, an agency that helps bring visibility to others others and passing the right information through Graphics, Printing and Branding

I hosted a fashion event Hosted with my team, theme ANKARA CONCERT and it was aimed at show casing the beauty of fashion and also creating a connection between fashion designers in my city. it was a success and our aim was achieved. We also show cased different wears and brought creative fashion designers from other states to speak too.

My goal has always been to promote Africa and it people through art

I was onboarded last month, July 2022 and it has a great experience sharing ideas with different creatives in the NEAR community.

My mission is to connect and promote Creativity in the Web3 Ecosystem and with the help of my mentor @styleherbalist the experience has been wonderful.

I am a co-founder of Near DigitalFashion Dao

NEAR Wallet: pallojnr.near
Total Votes Cast: 1