[Approved] Kitchen Guild October

Welcome to the Kitchen Guild! :slightly_smiling_face:

We are confidently moving towards the end of the second month of our work. We would like to discuss funding for October. In this proposal, I will publish the plans and the work done by the end of October.

Right away I want to express a huge thank you to @grace for organizing the AMA with Didier Pironi.
Thank you @Didier for participating in our AMA! In 12 hours, your video has collected 4 thousand views.
Also, many thanks to @sashahudzilin for participating in our AMA in Russian dedicated to GameFi.
And thanks Nikolaos Kost from ReBaked for participating in our Telegram AMA.


I remind you that our first month we incubated with the help of Degen Army and were able to make the first payment to our participants thanks to Rim and Degen Army. Due to the fact that now the Kitchen Guild is a separate guild and does not belong to the Degen Army in any way, we are forced to expand our budget to cover all expenses.

Briefly about the finances for September (a detailed report will be available at the end of October).

We strive for a budget surplus. We want you to get acquainted with our expenses for September and make sure that we are reliable people and never take more than what we are supposed to.

At the moment, our expenses for September amounted to 1,550 NEAR of which:

Bonus 150 NEAR for Khalistas: NEAR Explorer | Transaction

Bonus 150 NEAR for Procent: NEAR Explorer | Transaction

Payment for work CatMoney 120 NEAR: NEAR Explorer | Transaction

600 NEAR for Kitchen Guild Management: NEAR Explorer | Transaction

400 NEAR for Boblles (TikTok + Telegram + Website): NEAR Explorer | Transaction
NEAR Explorer | Transaction

20 NEAR for adding TipBot in Telegram chat Procent (1200 Subs): NEAR Explorer | Transaction

Question Giveaway for CAT MONEY AMA (30 NEAR): NEAR Explorer | Transaction
NEAR Explorer | Transaction
NEAR Explorer | Transaction

Khalistas Twitter/YT Giveaway (30 NEAR): NEAR Explorer | Transaction

Khalistas Giveaway for AMA Question (Didier Pironi from Ref Finance) 50 Near: NEAR Explorer | Transaction
NEAR Explorer | Transaction
NEAR Explorer | Transaction
NEAR Explorer | Transaction
NEAR Explorer | Transaction

The budget surplus: 300 NEAR

We also tested TikTok and were able to attract one of the most famous ticktockers on the topic of cryptocurrency analysis to the supporters of our guild.

We have created a TikTok video that has gained more than 100 thousand views (the numbers are not final)

The main audience was from the USA.

This blogger also has his own website https://boblles.com / on which forecasts from his audience are laid out. Here are the indicators of the site.

We posted a link to the NEAR Protocol in the top for 3 days, and also paid for the presence of NEAR on the Bobless website until the end of October. In addition to the website and the current TikTok, this blogger has a telegram channel on which two posts were also published.

All this work cost 400 NEAR (~$3000) for October and was paid from the Kitchen Guild fund immediately. Since we could not pass by and not test the latest approach with a very promising blogger.

The average reach we expect from TikTok is 100 thousand views. At the moment, this is an exclusive offer and this ticktocker is only gaining its audience. We had to negotiate long and hard with him.

A QUESTION FOR THE @marketingdao-council.

We have created a poll in which you can decide whether to pay for the work of such a TikTok direction for November. We are asking for an additional 450 NEAR for this direction to pay for Boblles services and search for new candidates. Since the telegram channel has not shown itself to be so promising, we suggest focusing only on TikTok and the Bobles website for November.

Please (@David_NEAR @satojandro @jcatnear @grace @cryptocredit) we are waiting for your decision in this direction.

Is it advisable to spend 450 NEAR for Tik Tok?
  • Yes
  • No

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Budget for October 2021:

Management: @Lolson_tg and @baxoff (writing scripts, agreements with project managers, hiring new bloggers, analytics, distribution of funds, preparation of reports, daily tasks) [600 NEAR ~5000 USD]

Khalistas https://www.youtube.com/c/Khalistastothemoon
(Development NFT, Airdrops, Giveaway, AMA with Didier Pironi, video Content for NEAR Protocol, TOP twits for #NEAR > 500 likes) [300 NEAR ~ 2800USD]

Procent https://www.youtube.com/c/PROCENT_RU
(video content for Near GameFi, Near Protocol, Cheddar, Aurora, NearPad, TIPBot, Ref Finance, AMA with Aliaksandr Hudzilin, giveaway for AMA) [300 NEAR ~ 2800USD]

CatMoney https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoZH6WYW71Lct8pmZIB9g3g
(AMA for ReBaked with Nikolaos Kost in Telegram, video content for Near, Adding TipBot) [200 NEAR ~ 1900 USD]

Bonuses: 400 NEAR [200 Khalistas, 200 Procent ~ 3750 USD]

Reserve: (AMA, Giveaway, Airdrops, Testing, New directions) [300 NEAR ~ 2800 USD]

TikTok ??please vote??? [400 NEAR ~4100 USD] This will be a separate proposal for DAO.

TOTAL: 1650 + 450 NEAR without TikTok

I advise consuls to think about TikTok. We can show excellent results in this direction.

In conclusion, I want to say a few words about us and about the work done. Me and @baxoff have been in cryptocurrency since the end of 2017, we have a huge experience in conducting bounty companies and budget management. We select only proven bloggers who are really worth their money. Our working day consists of a huge number of negotiations, search for promising directions and constant tasks that we set for our bloggers.

We are responsible for every NEAR spent and we want to be as open a team as possible! We work every day to make NEAR even more powerful! We are not here for quick success, but for building long-term and strong working relationships!

Expect our report for October! We are sure that the two of us have done a huge amount of work that will surprise you greatly!

With respect @Lolson_tg and @baxoff


Great job guys and fantastic report.

Dear other gulid managers (@coyotefugly @satojandro @Merchants_NEAR ) here is example for your next report. Please, also see at management salary.

@satojandro and @rimberjack hey guys , I wanna ask you don’t ignore questions from Real_Sol
On Ref Finance forum , don’t violate transparency policy.



Cool idea, by the way.


Can you please provide an update on TikToks policy on crypto? My understanding is that they currently have a ban on crypto related content.

Can you please provide the link of the TikTok you are referencing with 100k views? There is one blurry screenshot and seems to be the only thing you did not hyperlink on your post.

Hello Satojandro!

So, let’s go through the points, your attitude upset me a little and, to be honest, angered me.

  1. Do you really think that we are such idiots and just sent a screenshot without having content? I wrote that this is not a report, but a proposal, I intend to specify all the links in our report, which will be at the end of the month. You probably haven’t read our reports, it’s strange that you don’t trust us. It would be fine if you just said “Guys provide a link”, and did not talk to us in that tone. Extremely unprofessional behavior, in my opinion.

  2. Regarding TikTok’s policy, yes TikTok may restrict some channels, but at the moment TikTok is a huge field for the implementation of our ideas and we would never work with bloggers who are in a shadow ban or violate community rules! I know for sure that TikTok takes cryptocurrency advertising with TikTok ADS extremely negatively. Since you are part of the Degen Army, you probably remember that even Rim pointed out that we need to develop the TikTok direction. Why didn’t you express your opinion there?
    At the moment, the direction of cryptocurrency in TikTok has a huge reach, if we look at the hashtags #cryptocurrency, #bitcoin, #ethereum, #altcoin. I don’t see the point in missing this opportunity. But you voted “no” without even figuring it out, again in my opinion unprofessional.

  3. Links.
    Official website: https://boblles.com/
    Official TikTok Bobbles: TikTok
    Our video: TikTok
    By the way, his channel has grown by 150 thousand subscribers in a month. We also published in his official telegram channel. I will provide all the statistics in our report, which will be published at the end of the month. I don’t see the point in providing the same information in proposal and report.

A huge request to you not to communicate with us like idiots, we have been in the field of cryptocurrencies since 2017, and in particular in the direction of marketing. I do not know what is going on with you, I thought we had a great work relationship! At least I hoped so. Maybe you are not in a good mood today, maybe you have bad weather outside, I do not know. I do not know what kind of experience you have, but if I were you, I would consider all possibilities for popularizing the Near Protocol. I apologize in advance for being too emotional, but it really made me angry.

I wish you a good day!

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Thank you @Dacha for the kind words addressed to us. We really try to do everything 100%. Our return in this direction is huge, we are fanatics of our business and if we take on a project, it always goes to the top level!

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If you are providing information to support a proposal, please back it up with relevant links for us to be able to verify and gather more information if necessary. If the information or link are not relevant for the proposal, there is no need to include them.

I voted no on the TikTok poll as I believe it is inappropriate to spend money on a risky strategy such as crypto on TikTok which is in clear violation of their Terms and Conditions. (TikTok bans Crypto, TikTok bans users from promoting cryptocurrencies)

Once again, this is not placing a lack of trust or intellectual ability on you or the influencers you decide to work with. Rather, it’s just assessing whether the platform risk (TikTok as a third party which we can’t control as is seemingly unpredictable in their actions with some contradictory results) is manageable and acceptable.

That is just my personal view and I’m open to other opinions on the matter, both from other Council members and from community members that have more experience in the TikTok world.

You are referring to a news resources, which is not a reliable source of information. I have studied the rules, there is no direct prohibition of cryptocurrencies. If I’m wrong, fix it. At least, it’s strange to rely on news resources.

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These are a little too expensive for me compared to other proposals with similar activities. Might need a little more time to study this.

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Hey @jcatnear do you mean TikTok?

If we are talking about tiktok, then I understand your concern. For this direction, we will create a separate proposal. Today we will make our report for October and we are sure that we will be able to make an impression on @marketingdao-council

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What do you think about our proposal? our work has stopped, as bloggers are waiting for payments for October. We paid part of their payment out of our surplus. We are worried…
Our report [REPORT] October Kitchen Guild 🚀


FYI the @marketingdao-council has set up a telegram group to discuss this proposal and give everyone the opportunity to discuss.

May i offer my personal appologies to the Kitchen Guild team and hope that we can get you back to work asap


It’s all right! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of Marketing DAO!


Proposals Astro

were approved and paid

report is here [REPORT] October Kitchen Guild 🚀

Title fixed