[REPORT] September Kitchen Guild 🚀

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Welcome to the Kitchen Guild! :slightly_smiling_face:

Kitchen Guild was officially established on 09/09/2021

But we did officially start our activities on 08.09.2021, it was on this day that we hired our first blogger as part of the Kitchen Guild. The report will be provided from this day, this is not a full and test month, so the indicators are reduced by about 20%, since the hiring of the next bloggers took from 5 to 10 days. The full composition was formed on 15.09.2021

Kitchen Guild currently has 3 full-time bloggers and one more non-permanent blogger and will be recruited into the Kitchen Guild core team in October as he didn’t have time to pass the test by September 15th.


ANN thread: [Creation] Kitchen Guild

Proposal: [Approved] Kitchen Guild

Performance spreadsheet: YT/Twitter/Telegram influence - Google Sheets

Screenshots of all activity (metrics of posts/video): DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service (.zip)

Official website: https://kitchenguild.site/

Incubation with Degen Army.

We mentioned in the Creation topic that our bloggers operate as part of the Degen Army. This was done so that we could start our activities. We were not sure that we would be able to receive funding from the Marketing DAO, so we resorted to the help of Degen Army to provide our bloggers with financial flows of 300 NEAR for the first month.

We are very grateful to Degen Army, and in particular @rimberjack and @Ozymandius for this opportunity and have done work for them, which will be paid from the Degen Army fund. But it is important to understand that this is only a one-time action, since October 2021, the Kitchen Guild will act as an independent guild and will not request funding from the Degen Army.

The funding request from Marketing DAO was made taking into account that the first month part of the payment for the work of bloggers in the Kitchen Guild will be paid from the Degens Army fund. This will allow us to hire two more bloggers for the next month with the money saved. Thus, we plan that the composition of the Kitchen Guild will be increased to 5 people during October.

What did we manage to do in September? In fact (3 weeks).

During this time, we created 39 Twitter posts, 28 YouTube videos, 16 Telegram posts, and daily Twitch streams with price analysis and an overview of the Near Protocol ecosystem.

Let’s take a look at our overall performance. We took content that is about Near or involving Near Protocol.

Total Twitter.

Impressions: 385907

Engagements: 47186

Likes: 2718 RT: 260

Comments: 587

Media Views: 12061

Total YouTube.

Views: 232 475

Likes: 13 389

Comments: 1467

TikTok Total: (in 3 days)

Views: 8992

Likes: 649

Comments: 38

Telegram Total.

Views: 34300

From general statistics, I propose to go directly to bloggers.

Khalistas (GEO France)

This blogger is the largest representative of the Kitchen Guild. He occupies the first line of Twitch in France on the topic of cryptocurrencies. We have worked a lot with him this month and have created a large amount of content about Near Protocol.

The main sources are YouTube, Twitter, Telegram. The channel focuses on technical analysis and cryptocurrency news. Khalistas actively monitored Near Protocol in his videos and predicted price movements very accurately, which prompted his audience to become seriously interested in Near Protocol.

The interest from subs is proved by the fact of voting on Twitter in which Near was always in a leading position.

Khalistas is also actively developing the of NFT on Near Protocol. We created collabaration with one of the artists on MintBase.

Khalistas also actively talked about Near on Twitch. He also added a donation button in Near.

Here are its stats for September (only posts related to NEAR).

For Twitter

Impressions: 381189

Engagements: 46495

Likes: 2510

RT: 200

Comments: 587

Media views: 12061

Votes: 1573

For Youtube

Views: 164659

Likes: 10841

Comments: 1036

For telegram:

Views: 18 954

For Twitch:

Views: about 3000 per stream (10 streams)

Currently working closely with Khalistas about NFT, we have several ideas to increase interest from artists and buyers based on Near Protocol. We will announce this a little later in October.

Cryptomaximalist (GEO UK)

This is our first blogger and at the moment he is the smaller of our lineup. Despite the small number of views and activity on Twitter and YouTube, it has excellent chances to grow in the future.

We understand that his performance looks very small compared to our main team, but it is important to understand that this is the first blogger on our terms.

Here are his figures for September (posts related to NEAR only).

For Twitter

Impressions: 4718

Engagements: 691

Likes: 208

RT: 60

For Youtube

Views: 3140

Likes: 192

Comments: 25

For telegram:

9 posts in his chat (500 members)

He has good performance on the channel as a whole, but the video about the Near Protocol does not attract interest from subscribers. We will be working on this in the future. We intend to introduce NearTipBot in the chat with its subscribers and to talk more about the Near in the chat, which will motivate some users to be interested in Near Protocol.

Procent (GEO Russia)

We started working with these great guys on September 16th and in less than 2 weeks we achieved great results! The main resources for interacting with the audience: YouTube, Telegram Group / Chat, TikTok.

Total for YouTube

Views: 12824

Likes: 856

Comments: 254

Total for Telegram

Views: 16169

Comments: 154


To date, 3 videos have been made about the Near ecosystem.

  1. Video about Paras IDO on SkywardFinance:

The video received about 8100 views, 441 likes and 167 comments.

But that our main victory is different, by means of the Skyward referral link, it was calculated that the participants in the sale came from Procent and bought Paras token for a total amount of more than 18800 NEAR!

  1. Video about Ref Finance.

This is a tutorial about Rainbow Bridge, its features and how to exchange tokens using Ref Finance.

The video got 2,800 views, 200 likes and 55 comments.

There are about 140 direct clicks on the links to Ref.Finance:

  1. Video about promising altcoins

A video was created about the top 5 best altcoins with their ecosystems, which included Near Protocol told the basic information about the project and its working ecosystem.

The video got 2,822 views, 200 likes and 55 comments.

Telegram (6400 subs):

Procent creates major news posts within the Near ecosystem.

For example:

During the work, 7 posts were created with a total of 16169 views and 154 comments.


Procent also has a cryptocurrency TikTok (27 thousand subscribers) in which a video about Near Protocol will be released.

In just 3 days, 3 videos about Near Protocol were released, which collected a total of 9000 views and 400 likes.


The video talks about the benefits of the Near Protocol and how it is a promising ecosystem of the future.

Cat Money (GEO: THAI)

3 เหรียญ 1000% ได้ที่ไม่ค่อยมีใครพูดถึง Low Market Cap | Moonbeam | Manta Network | Near Protocol - YouTube - Video with Near

Views: 48507
Likes: 1,5k
Comments: 152

We negotiated with this guy for two weeks and after he released the first video about Near Protocol, it was decided to pay him for the work done from the budget, and in October to take him to the Kitchen Guild. Cat Money agrees to cooperate with us and Near Protocol, so this member of our system will be an irreplaceable link in our system next month.

Average viewing price

Based on our activities during the creations of the Kitchen Guild, we can calculate the cost of viewing using our guild approaches.

900 Near (300Х3 from Degen Army) + 300 near
monthly bonus + 120 Near for Cat Money = 1320
1320 Near : 232745 V = 0.0056 Near (0,036$) : (Only YouTube Views)

Plus other an equally important activity

Impressions: 385907
Engagements: 47186
Likes: 2718
RT: 260
Comments: 587
Media Views: 12061

TikTok: (in 3 days)
Views: 8992 views
Likes: 649
Comments: 38

Telegram Total.
Views: 34300

TOP 1 FR Crypto channel for Twitch activity

Moreover, in just a month of its existence, Kitchen Guild was able to attract >18,000 NEAR to Skyward IDO this is our main achievement!

Budget allocation

The amount that will be spent immediately for September is 1920 NEAR (1320 + 600 guild management) out of 2800. The remaining amount of 880 NEAR will be distributed during October in the form of additional bonuses for AMA, conferences, recruitment of two Kitchen Guild members.

Further development of the Kitchen Guild.

A big video about Near Protocol gaming is coming out this week. With detailed reviews of the best projects such as: Near Lands, Hash Rush and others. We got access to Hash Rush to test the gameplay. For each project there will be a full review with a demonstration of the gameplay + at the end of the week there will be a thematic stream on the development of the gaming industry on Near, where anyone can ask a question, the best questions will be voiced on the stream + will be rewarded in the video of Near tokens. In addition, a guest Alexander Hudzilin was invited to the stream, with whom the AMA will be held.

We consider this month a test month, we tested our principle of work and it showed itself in the best way, since we did not work for a full month, our indicators can be safely multiplied by 20%. We will prove to you that we are able to generate a lot more views and interactions with Near Protocol in the next 2 months, just give us time to strategize and perfect the approach :slight_smile:

Here are our plans for October 2021:

  • Conducting AMA with Alexander Hudzilin;
  • Increase the number of bloggers to 5 during October;
  • Increase in metrics by 30%;
  • Creating a review about Hash Rush;
  • Embedding NearTipBot in Blogger Communities;
  • Interacting with text bloggers;
  • Giveaway Near live broadcasts of bloggers;
  • Encouraging subscribers to become part of the Near Protocol ecosystem (creating wallets);
  • Tasks will be added during October*


This month was the first in the work of the Kitchen Guild. We really hope that we have met your expectations. Perhaps our report looks a bit messy, but we need a little time and experience to fully balance our work and determine which type of reports is most suitable for Kitchen Guild.

I want to remind you that this is just the beginning, we are not going to stop!

With great respect to everyone who has read this report @Lolson_tg and @baxoff


Always love your reports :muscle:


This is sweet! Is the list of posts created exhaustive? Or are there others which were shared which have been omitted from the report?


We formed the report around September 26.

Some posts are not included in it. We’ll include them in the next report. We have attached all the posts and videos that were used in that calculation to a separate archive here :slightly_smiling_face: