[REPORT] Kitchen Guild for January

Welcome to the Kitchen Guild! :slight_smile:

Starting from February - L&B :slight_smile:

We did a great job in January. As usual, our main task was to form the most effective dissemination of information about the Near Protocol ecosystem by means of interaction with our bloggers. We remain convinced that we can provide excellent services at a relatively low cost.

We are preparing a powerful rebranding, which will include a new website and a new list of services. Using our experience, we will be able to provide full-fledged marketing support to any project from the Near Protocol ecosystem.

We tested several new approaches that have proven themselves well in working with PixelDapps IDO, during which we managed to create a huge buzz around IDO. We want to keep this approach a secret, as our services are unique and are not represented anywhere else on the market.

We were able to monetize the audience as efficiently as possible, which took part in IDO with great pleasure. Our task for the coming months is to become an absolutely independent guild that works directly with projects. We would like to express our gratitude to all @marketingdao-council for the opportunity to implement our ideas.

Let me remind you once again of the principles of our guild, which will remain unchanged:

  1. We only work with trusted bloggers.

We will never work with influencers who violate the rules of the community or play a dishonest game (fake views, fake likes and subs, massfollowing, and so on).

  1. We use a partnership approach.

Our bloggers are not only ordinary performers, whom we can find by the hundreds on YouTube, first of all, Kitchen Guild members are our partners who are ready to perform and create first-class content. We don’t want to just talk about the Near Protocol, we want to fully cover the entire Near ecosystem.

  1. We are completely open.

We fully provide reports on our expenses and our decisions. We always stand on the side of the community and the principles of the ecosystem. We are not a guild that wants to fill its pockets, we are those who want to work hard for the benefit of the Near Protocol ecosystem.





Khalistas still has amazing technical content for the price of tokens in the ecosystem, bringing a large number of new users to the Near ecosystem.

Here is an example of monthly referrals from twitter to create a new wallet.



Near 3:10

Near 12:10

Near 3:50


The Procent team is still the leader in terms of quality and level of content. Integration of the audience into the Near Protocol ecosystem at the highest level. Almost every member of the Procent community takes an active part in the development of the project.

To create a unique collection, we cooperated with a good artist, gave him technical specifications and corrected his work. All NFTs were hand-drawn and author’s style.

We paid for the work of the artist at our own expense.

$200 - the price of the work.

As we said, last month we had an idea to create a separate unique collection for Paras, and released another one with Procent. You can watch a separate video and a collection of NFTs here:





We have selected three content for each blogger direction. The full list of created content can be found in the spreadsheet, which are listed above.


Views - 111 073

Likes - 7190

Comments - 715


Views - 79 880

Comments - 211


Impressions - 188225

Likes - 2276

RT - 1176

Comments - 1164


As I have already said, at the moment Kitchen Guild is at the stage of rebranding. We decided to rename the guild to L&B. The approximate update date is mid-February. As soon as we finish the rebranding, we will immediately announce it on the forum. I hope our example will create a unique precedent that can motivate other guilds! A huge stage has been passed and a huge amount of high-quality content has been created, but we are not going to stop!

Budget for January:

Kitchen Guild Management (Lolson, Baxoff) - 3200$
Khalistas - 3000$
Procent - 3000$

Total: 9200$


Thanks for great job and excellent work with community. Procent’s YouTube channel is one of the best source of information about Near protocol and Aurora EVM. Community members can get answers on their questions about Near Ecosystem 24/7 on Procent’s telegram group. Definitely, best in class.

Would be great to see cross-links between Procent tg group and Russian Near Community Telegram: Contact @near_protocol

Happy to support your proposal.


At the moment we are actively discussing ideas with the Ru Guild. We have a great friendly and working contact with Vladislav! We always help each other and are always happy to cooperate more closely :slight_smile:

Thank you @dacha for your feedback! I look at your weekly reports and am always amazed your productivity.

Soon we will publish our new work plan and our new website! We will also expand the range of services provided to turn into a full-fledged marketing agency!


Hey guys,

Can you please split proposals and reports into separate threads? That’d make assessing both easier. Thanks!