[REPORT] October Kitchen Guild 🚀


Welcome to the Kitchen Guild! :slightly_smiling_face:

We did a great job in October. We focused not on the number of views, but on the quality of our content. Before we go directly to the report, let me tell you clearly and show you how we differ from other guilds.

1. We only work with trusted bloggers.
We will never work with influencers who violate the rules of the community or play a dishonest game (fake views, fake likes and subs, massfollowing, and so on).

2. We use a partnership approach.
Our bloggers are not only ordinary performers, whom we can find by the hundreds on YouTube, first of all, Kitchen Guild members are our partners who are ready to perform and create first-class content. We don’t want to just talk about the Near Protocol, we want to fully cover the entire Near ecosystem.

3. We are completely open.
We fully provide reports on our expenses and our decisions. We always stand on the side of the community and the principles of the ecosystem. We are not a guild that wants to fill its pockets, we are those who want to work hard for the benefit of the Near Protocol ecosystem.



So let’s move on to the report. We have prepared a detailed report on the activities of our guild, so that no one ever has any questions about the expediency of our activities. Just estimate the scale of work that only 4 bloggers and 2 managers do.

telegram views twitter impression twitter engagements views (youtube — tiktok) likes bit.ly clicks
119168 407588 47186 242499 + 138666 25389 6383

Now let’s go through each item.

Telegram views

These are the views that were collected from the Telegram posts that were published in the Telegram channels of our bloggers. A total of 32 posts were published, which scored 119,168 views.

You can see all the posts made by our bloggers below:

Twitter impression

These are tweets created as part of the Kitchen Guild. Our bloggers use Twitter very actively to publish the most important news, giveaway, airdrop and so on. In total, 407,588 impressions were typed, 24 posts were created, 49,992 engagements, 3087 likes, 1,240 retweets and 1,455 comments.

Views (YT + TikTok)

As you know, we specialize in various media resources, YouTube is one of the most important areas. As a result, we managed to collect 242,499 views, 15,718 likes, 1,444 comments in 32 videos.

Also, using the budget surplus, we tested such a direction as TikTok. We managed to attract one of the most famous Tiktokers with entertaining content about cryptocurrencies. At the moment, one video has been created, which has gained >132,000 views, 6345 likes and 170 comments.


bit.ly clicks

Bit.ly helps to track click-throughs and allows you to analyze all the information that comes from users. A total of 6383 clicks on bloggers’ links were recorded. Below I will show exactly which links and where they were located privately.

General conclusion:

As we can see, the Kitchen Guild structure has a very detailed and organic ecosystem. We try to make every blogger a link in one big chain. Someone does a great job on YouTube, someone on Twitter, and someone on Telegram. We do work that covers all aspects of Near Protocol marketing and try to do it the best every day, you just take a look at the amount of content that our guild generates.

Now let’s move from general indicators to private ones and figure out what each member of our guild did in October.

Report for each Kitchen Guild participant:



This member of our guild has a huge growth in the audience. Since the beginning of working with him, his audience on YT has grown by 110%, which is now 23 thousand people.

The Khalistas audience is very positive about the entire Near ecosystem. A direct proof of the loyalty of his audience is an AMA with @Didier from Ref Finance, which broke all records of ever created broadcasts about the Near Protocol ecosystem.

The average number of people present at the Twitch broadcast was 480 people. The largest number is 520. A prize fund of 50 Near was created for the audience for the best questions that Khalistas together with @Didier discussed at the AMA.

You can see the distribution of funds for AMA here:

You can see the distribution of funds for AMA here:

The questions were collected from the audience, for this we had to create a Google Form to collect all the questions from the audience.

Нам удалось собрать 181 Question with Near Wallet For Ref Finance AMA Google Form: AMA with Didier Pironi

Can you imagine? 181 people created Near Wallet specifically to participate in the AMA!

Also, with any mention of the project in the Near ecosystem, we use link counters to track the number of clicks from the blogger (bit.ly):

1652 Click to Wallet.Near for creation


1649 Clicks to Wallet.Near under stream (Banner)

In addition to YouTube, Khalistas constantly mentions Near in its social networks, such as Twitter, Telegram or Discord.

Number of posts on twitter: 23 (Impression 398659)

Number of likes on twitter: 3087

Number of retweets: 1240

Media views on twitter: 22282

Number of YT videos featuring Near: 20 (Views 176046)

The number of YT likes: 11101

Number of YT comments: 1073

Number of telegram posts: 3 (Views 29165)

** IMPORTANT!!!** Khalistas is a TOP 1 streamer from all over France on Twitch, where every stream talks about Near:

Thus, Kitchen Guild has the most influential streamer on Twitch in France! I hope you understand what I’m talking about… Khalistas mentions Near every stream, which gives influx of audience. I also want to say that Near has a small audience in Europe, thanks to bloggers like Khalistas, we will be able to increase the European audience of Near Protocol.


The guys cover the audience from different information sources. They cover projects within the Near ecosystem. Such as: Cheddar, Ref Finance, Paras, Aurora and many others.

Number of clicks: 1110

@ChefCheddy we have created content about Cheddar Farm and received more than 300 clicks on your resource. Moreover, Procent created 4 posts in telegram, which gained more than 10 000 views.
Here are the links that were created exclusively for Cheddar:

Number of videos about Near: 4 (Views 11 422)

Number of YT likes: 857

Number of comments : 112

Number of Telegram post: 22 (Views 57669)

Number of TikTok video: 4 (Views 6666)

There was also a chat in the Procent group, a NearTipBot was introduced with detailed instructions on its capabilities and functionality, thanks to this, the total number of participants in the bot increased. All prizes for connecting/conducting the AMA were distributed through NearTipBot.

Link to the instruction:

Thanks to our activities, one of the best live broadcasts with @sashahudzilin was created, in which the topics of GameFi development and the basics of Near Ecosystem were touched upon:


This blogger has a poor audience with video content about Near Protocol.

In a month, Maximalist made 5 videos on YT, which scored 1240 view.

We do not want to ask DAO for funding for this participant, so we will pay a small fee for his work from the budget surplus and terminate cooperation with him. In his place, a blogger will come with much higher indicators.

You can see the video about Near from Maximalist in the spreadsheet


Cat Money makes very informative content about the Near Protocol. His videos have a long-playing character, as well as videos have more influence due to the huge coverage of his channel of cryptocurrency topics, the channel’s Impression is 4.2 million!

There was also an AMA telegram with Nikolaos Kost from ReBaked, where 30 Near were distributed off for the best questions.

Number of YT Likes: 3680

Number of YT Comments: 246

Number of Telegram Post 2 (Views 2414)


An experimental approach Near Protocol advertising using a popular TikTok account (420 thousand subscribers).

CryptoBobles has interesting content with currency price analytics. A video was created with a Near price forecast (came true) in total, the video coverage amounted to 132 thousand views.


In addition to TikTok, a telegram community of 13 000 people was involved.

Number of Telegram Posts: 5 (Views 29920)

In addition, this participant has a popular website with a unique audience that follows direct links to the exchange to buy Near, there is also a vote on the site for whether the price of the token will go up or down.


Vote for Near on the site:


number of clicks to buy Near: 1754

Site statistics:

With this approach, we get a completely unique audience at the exit, which is engaged in buying coins of interest to them. It was an experiment, which unfortunately was negatively perceived by the @marketingdao-council. But perhaps we didn’t give enough information, so we will create a separate proposal for the direction of TikTok.


We believe we are doing a lot of hard work. Our bloggers love Near very much and do their job better than others. We created a huge amount of content in October that completely covers the entire Near ecosystem.

Thanks to our efforts, we are popularizing the Near Protocol 24/7! We discuss our plans with bloggers every day, we are looking for ways to implement all our ideas!

We really love experiments and are always looking for new and promising ways to spread information about the Near Protocol.

Special thanks:

@Grace - for organizing an AMA with Didier Pironi and further assistance!
@Didier - for participating in the AMA! The whole French public is just crazy about your content together with Khalistas.
@sashahudzilin - we are very grateful to you for participating in the AMA and believe that this is just the beginning!

Sincerely @Lolson_tg and @baxoff


Thank you for this report @Lolson_tg @baxoff
Well done! Loved the introductory graphics with all the numbers and the dedication to provide as much transparency as possible.


Thank you for your opinion @Grace also thank you for the opportunity you gave us together with @didier.
We try very hard to be an open guild with completely transparent processes. I am sure that this is one of the largest reports for October. We really hope for support from @marketingdao-council, as we are doing the best quality in this direction. At least our guild has fully paid for itself more than 4 times last month, and this it has created much more content!

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Hey hey!

This is awesome work, as always :muscle:

My only concern is the focus on marketing NEAR, that’s not something the MarketingDAO serves to do.

The Marketing DAO Vertical does not exist to be a decentralised marketing arm of NEAR or the NEAR Foundation.

Rather, it exists to enable individuals, Guilds, and Projects to achieve their marketing goals through a combination of expertise and funding.

The Stars Guild recently pivoted away from focusing on NEAR to focusing on projects building on NEAR.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this :muscle:


Hey @David_NEAR

It’s nice to read such words about our activities!
Yes, of course, we focused not only on Near Protocol, but also on other projects.
We conducted an AMA with Ref.Finance @Didier , AMA with ReBaked, several pieces of content about Aurora, several pieces of content about GameFi projects with @sashahudzilin and several pieces of content about Cheddar.

We started this activity even earlier than Stars :slight_smile:
But we are sure that they will also have success in this direction.

We understand that there are few news for building successful content about Near Protocol in general. Therefore, we focus on the ecosystem, which we reflected in the report!)

Our bloggers are ready to support all interesting projects in the Near Protocol ecosystem, at least we are always looking for communication with the management and creators of projects to invite them to an AMA or an interview.

If this is not possible, then we simply prepare content about an interesting project. It takes a lot of time and effort, as we write a plan for almost all videos. Especially busy in this is @baxoff, who even at night is in touch with bloggers and responds to any of their messages :slight_smile: