[Approved] Funding Request FEMINU DAO September 22

Proposal Funding Request FEMINU DAO September 22

Hey, Creatives Community! @creativesdao-council

After the great success of the events of FEMINU in August, with 355 visitors at our opening’s event, bringing the parcel to the top 20 of Voxels Trending,with great visibility of the Near NFTs, mostly new ones minted especially for the events, we are happy to support significant projects to the Near community for September, whose theme covers sustainability of DAOs, support between DAOs and opening up the Near community to increase gender, race and disability inclusion, plus a large amount, as always, of Near’s NFTs on exhibition, most minted especially for the events taking place in the FEMINU Gallery at Voxels.

Summary of the proposals:

For this month we’ll have another historical moment to be achieved inside Near, by FEMINU DAO, which is the first onboarding movement of indigenous women Brazilian artists within the Near network, intending to hold the first exhibition of contemporary women Brazilian indigenous art inside Voxels. The importance of this event is to give voice to our origins, our history, demonstrating our respect for Indigenous artists and the fundamental role that Indigenous art plays in our artistic production. There will be three artists, among them, the first trans “cacica” (female transgender tribal chief). We will also have a chat in the Talking to FEMINU project, with PachaPinta about the experience of being the first Brazilian woman indigenous artist in the Near community and about Abya Yala (how the original people who are in the Americas call these territories).

Giovana Goretti, PhD, an international researcher, specialist in the sector of elaboration of socio-cultural projects and fundraising, will continue her Fundraising Workshop for DAOs II, Intermediate level, bringing value to the community, to help DAOs to begin their way to sustainability. This project had several registrations (13) last month, however some could not participate due to the day/time of the classes, which led Giovanna to think of a recorded course beginning this month, that will be available for an accessible cost (5Near), also aiming at our sustainability.

There will be two events promoted by Pantera Radio, fruit of the work of several trans artists, one of them at the opening of the exhibitions. This is a quite important movement, proposed by @l3v1at4, a non binarie artist, together with @Uru, a trans artist, that will bring up the Pantera Radio to the Near community. When the FEMINU Exhibition happened, last March there was only one trans artist. Since then, FEMINU is accompanying the still shy number of trans people in the ecosystem. Bringing Pantera Radio will bring a great dissemination to Near as well as publicize the artists’ work.

We will also have 3 more exhibitions. One of them, an interesting initiative by @cleusaraven and @dazo, is Multi Collab that brings interactivity between 8 artists from Near, including the organizers who will also make a collab work for the exhibition flyer; the FEMINU honors honoring highlights of the Near community, will honor INA DAO, buying 200 USD in artworks from the INA DAO store in Mintbase and those arts will be showed in the top fool of the FEMINU Gallery, and the last exhibition we’ll be derived from a beautiful bounty named Traces with 100 USD in prizes, that will be posted as soon as the project is approved.

There will be another chat In the Talking to FEMINU project, with Severa Paraguaçu, about the experience of being a judge in a successful bounty in Near community where we introduced a rule in which artists were asked to describe their works as a form of inclusion for the visually impaired, a simple task that proved we are still not prepared for inclusion, we will also talk about the issues of anti-capacitism, in which Severa is an expert.

At last, we would like to announce that due to the uniqueness of the SONORO exhibition we have decided to keep it for another month on the first floor of the FEMINU Gallery.

About councils:

Last month we made the option of not choosing a third council and distribute incentives to some members to help with the council’s works. It was a good experience but which proved to be insufficient to meet the workload of a council and also considering the fact that yet another member had to leave the DAO due to personal problems, we decided to choose a new council for October, maintain in September a distribution of tasks paying 200USD for @biavictal and @cleusaraven, each, Mayra will take over the extra work and for that reason will receive 100USD more this month.

Please, check out our August Month Report!

Council Members:



Other Members:





Target: feminu-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: $5000 to be paid in DAI

Here are our September Month plans:


1 – Fundraising Workshop II (Intermediate level): Projects Development

2 – Recorded Course Basic to Fundraising for DAOs

3 – Before Art

4 – Talking to FEMINU

5 – Rádio Pantera - Web Radio

6 - FEMINU Multi Collab - September 2022

7 – Curating proposal for FEMINU DAO art events in September 22

8 - FEMINU honors INA DAO

Metrics to measure success:

  • 5 Onboardings
  • 30 new Near NFTs (new mints)
  • 3XR Space: 1
  • 1 bilingual ebook (pdf in Portuguese and English - 15p.)
  • 1 workshop with participation certified;
  • 1 recorded course
  • 4 exhibitions at FEMINU Gallery in Voxels
  • Radio Pantera (DJ set) opening party with 100 visitors at the opening
  • Radio Pantera show
  • 2 chats to be posted in the FEMINU YouTube channel


Captura de tela 11-09-2022 18.28.40

Captura de tela 11-09-2022 18.29.23

Captura de tela 11-09-2022 18.31.47

Total Requested Funding Amount: $5000 to be paid in DAI

Thanks again for your support in advance!!!


Rich proposals with a lot of diversity and content! Congrats FEMINU!


Thank you @cleusaraven for being together with FEMINU. You make a difference!


Such a nice proposal Ghini!
Congratulations all team of FEMINU!


@filmesdeinfiltracao Thank you so much, Thais :heart_eyes:

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It’s a wonderful proposal!! So happy to be part of this :heart:


@BiaVictal Thank you ballerina :slight_smile: We’re happy to have you with us in all FEMINU achievements. :butterfly: :sunflower:


Wonderful proposals! I’m so excited! Congratulations all.


So Happy to see this DAO’s evolution !

So many interesting proposals, FEMINU has being a great community building work-in-progress, i would love to see it growing wider, looking forward to see it outcomes!

The most important thing is that we NEED more Women on Web3!

You got my support :wink:


@blusw Thank you so much for your support! We’re working hard for have more interesting proposals and important ones to give voice to Women on web3.


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@blusw Hey Blua! Thank you so much for your words and support for FEMINU. This means a lot for us!! As @Mayramendes Mayra said, we are working hard to give voice for the minorities, especially the feminine ones.


I want to thank FEMINU for embracing us and offering opportunities for LGBTQIA+ artists. It’s an honor to be with all you. Let’s go make some noise :heartpulse: :butterfly: :loud_sound: :control_knobs:


Dear Feminu DAO,
Happy to inform you that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, and it is approved by the Community Moderators.
Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts.
Also, feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for better organization.

To become more transparent in the decision making I’d like to note some highlights why your proposal has been approved:

  • proposal follows our guidelines,
  • next steps are clear with fair price table,
  • clear and well detailed report from previous month,
  • variety of activities focused on the DAO, artists, education and community!

Dear @Paul and Creatives moderators, we at FEMINU are very happy for the recognition of our efforts in serving the community, the artists, the DAOs, the learning and the art that is indeed a precious asset, because through it we express what permeates our lives and our inner selves, with it we reach the farthest and most unknown places, making close those who share the same enchantment that it provokes and for all this we dedicate our time and thank the Near Foundation for their encouragement, in the hope that we are contributing to building a better community.
I will create the poll. Thank you.


Yeah @l3v1at4 let’s do it!! uhuuuuul. FEMINU making history in Near and in Voxels once again. You are all so welcome!!! Can’t wait for it!!!


Congrats FEMINU! Go ahead! :butterfly:


General Report / August 2022

Project: Funding FEMINU DAO September, 2022

Status:: Concluded


Astrodao: feminu-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Counsils Members


  • filmesdeinfiltracao.near
  • cleusaraven.near
  • biancavictal.near
  • giogoretti.near

Metrics of success:

EXHIBITED: 46 art Near NFTs

TOTAL of new NEAR NFTs: 34

New Mints on the Mintbase Near blockchain - 12 new Near NFTs from the certificates from the FUNDRAISING WOKSHOP; 9 new Near NFTs from the flyers 13 new Near NFTs from the exhibitions

Nearcomers: 9 ( counting onboardings done for the classes)










FEMINU COLLECTION: 9 new artworks acquired from Ina Dao

Bounty Forum Engagement: 413 views, 93 likes and over 45 replies and 15 Near NFTs exhibited

Store Metrics:

Date August, 31 October, 11 % increase
Minted 2606 2863 9,86%
Owners 95 123 29,47%
MInters 105 117 11,43%


This month we had a very important event in which we had the first onboarding of Indigenous women artists at Near whose work was exhibited in the FEMINU Aquarium, as well as a very interesting initiative to involve several artists from the community in collab works. We also increased our collection by purchasing works from INA DAO artists, which resulted in the FEMINU Honors INA DAO exhibition, and two lives that brought great engagement to social media, leading to a significant increase from 295 followers on Instagram to 376 followers and a reels not sponsored with @miguelaguarany with 2900 views and many followers from it.

  • The metrics of success again were quite good.
  • The meta architectural work has transformed the aquarium into a very large space, providing the building with more integration between floors and exhibitions.
  • The 220 visitors in the opening day and the parcel entry again in the Voxels trending ranking as one of the top 20 most visited parcels of the week.

Reports Links:

Voxels Traffic