[APPROVED] Funding for Createbase - October

Hey there,

Contact Name: @marianeu
Guild: Createbase
Target Address: createbase.sputnikdao.near
Current Balance (NEAR): 197.30N
Funding Period: [September] - October 2021
Requested amount: 5000 USD in NEAR

(3.562 for the below cited ongoing projects and 1.438 as a buffer for new great projects that are starting to gain form. There are at least 5 I hope to start this month and actually 1.438 won’t be enough. They will need to wait for next month :nerd_face:, as I am really busy with all the conferences here in Lisbon)

I have been the createbase guild facilitator since September :slight_smile: It has been quite a ride, really exciting and fun!
As I was completely fresh to the NEAR ecosystem, I did not apply for funding for september or october. As the only Createbase facilitator this was a mistake I was not aware of. Now our funds are really low and I need to fix this issue. That is why I am asking for the maximum funding.

When I arrived, I went to aaall the Createbase posts, organized them, signaled the ones who are paid out, closed, discontinued and still open.

Let’s take a look at the open bounties at Createbase, shall we? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • Fundraising project for AfrikaBurn. Budget: 880 USD in NEAR [has its own guild now but this started on createbase :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:]
  • Music contest with NxM (@vandal) Budget: 50x1N, 1x16,5N (not in USD because this is a contest… Right now that would be ~515 USD in NEAR.
  • Onboarding Tezos Artists to NEAR and Mintbase ~ 200 USD in NEAR. (An extra 174,7 NEAR was already paid for onboarding, the not used funds will be given back to createbase)
  • Raiz project. 567 USD in NEAR.
  • Sticker Bounty :slight_smile: ~ 500 USD in NEAR
  • Video Bounty ~ max. 500 USD in NEAR
  • Ongoing Guides Creation Bounty. It is good to have at least 200 USD ready to get invested here…
  • We are doing a internal activity with 3 of the Mintbase employees @reginanogueira, me and luis infante that is not yet on the forum. We are onboarding several restaurants to NEAR and Mintbase and will be gifting NFT’s of 1 plate or drink they offer at NEARCON.

This has already been paid for, but I wanted to show it off because I think its amahzing.

@mecsbecs @vandal @chloe I hope someone has the time to take a look at this, as we are really in need of funding to continue doing our amazing adventures over here at the createbase guild!


Tagging our other Creatives DAO council members to take a look too: @JulianaM @tabear


Thanks for putting this proposal together @marianeu, it’s great to see all the linked proposals with amounts attached as well.

After adding up the values though it does not seem as though they add up to $5,000? Maybe I am missing something?


Hey @chloe, they do not add up to 5000. I wanted to keep a buffer, as when I started there was a lot of Near at the DAO, and now it looks so scarce. But please inform me if that is not how it works.


It would be great to know how much of the requested funding is to be used for projects and how much is being requested as a buffer for additional Proposal :ok_hand:t4:


@chloe thank you so much for the info :slight_smile: Is it better like this?


Yeah, much clearer thanks. Are there links to these 5 expected projects? They can also be added later on if they aren’t on the forum yet :ok_hand:t4:.


Hey @marianeu great to read this proposal :smiley: Seems like you are having a lot of fun in putting effort and energy on this Guild, which is great. I agree with Chloe that it would be better to have more info about the 5 upcoming projects once the info is ready :slight_smile:


Tanks so much @chloe @JulianaM for taking a careful look :3

No, there are no links yet, we are still on the calls and understanding possibilities of mintbase functions level. I understand if that is not enough information… I can verify if the project people would be okay with me citing them here before they launch their project :slight_smile:

If not I am okay with receiving only the absolutely necessary, and update this post as soon as each project launches.

But probably createbase will only receive the funds after a month then, in case it needs more, am I right?


It would be great to at least get a general idea of what is going to be funded if you’re already talking to people about their planned projects. I would assume that tagging the proposed individuals and including a brief overview of what they might work on would be good enough for now, and as I stated above, the forum links can be added afterwards or in the end of month report.


@Chloe okay, I understand. I will give my best to collect all the ideas and projects. Pretty sure I forgot some though. They do not yet have forum handles… But here it goes:

  • Inna Dominus is a project created by a women named Aina. She sent me this 30 m ago:
    “Inna Dominus has an AstroDao now! We just set it up a week ago. We have some amazing women who have joined as members — lawyers, coders, film makers…
    It has been really amazing. So now we have to set up a system to both teach them about minting (guess who we are doing that with! [MEEEEE @marianeu]) and then we have to help them to set up stores.
    Stuff like that. Too much for a message but we will update you guys on progress and stuff this weekend in a one pager.”
    I do not know how much funding they will be asking for etc…

  • Busy Work Beats is driven by a guy named carlin and he teaches people how to produce beats. He has a big youtube channel and onboarded many people to CV and Blockchain Ideas. Now a community of +2000 people migrated to Discord. Next step is to set him up with an own store, an open store and some incentives to onboard as many people as possible to mintbase.

  • I am in contact with a House here in Lisbon called Casa T. It is a project that adopts trans people and migrants that have trouble finding a home. There are many performers and artists living in that space. I am still figuring out how we can make that work.

  • I am in contact with a person named tommy from mexico, and a couple (jose and vanessa) from venezuela. Met them through the Metagame :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We are thinking about projects that use mintbase tech to create smart contracts with default revenues and royalties going to native people there. Jose told me about people he know, close to his house, that have suffered immensely with the strong rain. The bridge that gives access to the rest of the country has suffered immensely, it is not possible to cross. He wants to set up real life events of music &/or food and run that through mintbase and near. Tommy thinks similar about things closer to him, in mexico. We are in a group and have weekly calls…

  • Personally I am involved in onboarding a group of 50 people here in Lisbon, most of them with migrant and trans identities, that produce a lot of valuable stuff. We have a whatsapp group and too many ideas. It goes from music, to performances, to anthropology, to fashion design, architecture, 3d design, etc. Not sure yet about how that will go down but there is a lot of talking happening.

  • I am thinking about starting something for journalists with @reginamintbase . As she is now also working for mintbase community :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: and has a degree in journalism, we are thinking about how to integrate independent journalism to NEAR and mintbase. We want create a place where we can authenticate journalists in difficult situations - marked with censure, oppression, etc - where they can then publish safe and anonymously and still get funding.

Pretty sure I forgot a lot of stuff, but that is all I can give you at this Saturday evening heh :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks for providing the added context. Overall the proposal looks good to me :ok_hand:t5:. Assuming it should be approved by the call tomorrow for the Creatives DAO. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@chloe Stoked to hear that! It was a really good exercise putting it all together here. It’s just a lot going on… Let me know when I can submit payout proposal, please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am actually going to add some things that I’ve forgotten to add in the beginning at the initial post - two already happening bounties:

and this one that I hope to re-vive


Just getting back to this,
thanks for updating the proposal & values.
Your mentioned projects look really nice and I’m looking forward also seeing all the participants/artists tagged in here once they are fully onboarded :slight_smile:


Happy to mark this proposal APPROVED! Please do submit a payout for $5000 USD in NEAR to the Creatives DAO :slight_smile:


@JulianaM @tabear @chloe thank you, good news!


great news!! :raised_hands:
thank you @marianeu for your work!


@marianeu Thanks for the attention on our project :blush: