[APPROVED] Funding for Createbase November

November Createbase funding

Contact Name: @marianeu

Guild: Createbase

Target Address: createbase.sputnikdao.near

Current Balance (NEAR): 162,34 N

Funding Period: 1.11 - 30.11

Requested amount: 5000 USD in NEAR

In November, until now, we used 826,34N - a lot more than we received. There goes our buffer :wink: If anyone wants to take a look:

As I announced last funding report,

the 5000 max funding for DAOs get small to support everything that can be built on Mintbase.

What we know needs to be paid for with the November Funding:

The 45N for raiz vertical [9N to be paid (30x0,3 for onboarding) + 36N (12N x 3 to be paid to each artist)] (see report)

Possible new video productions on the Video Bounty (up to 30N per month I would say - maybe in the future this can be taken up by the marketing grant)

Possible new article production (up to 30N per month)

More onboarding by @thephilosopher and his personal money for doing the job:

Admin money for the philosopher 500USD in Near 2x (500 for 50 people onboarded - that minted 5 and bought 1 or 2 NFTs) - 53N x 2 0 102N

Onboarding funds for 50 MORE people: 150N

(Total 252 N)

This proposal appeared, but is still in thinking phase. It is very very nice and promising though:

Funds needed for this one? Still don’t know. Hard to say.

And we have this other proposal coming in, which combines the release of Music NFTs with physical objets.

Asking for 200N

And there is my personal favorite project that is arising at the moment. I met Fabio Ema through the metaverse, and funny enough he is the Art Director at an institution I used to frequent when doing case studies for my bachelor thesis in Rio de Janeiro.

He works as Art Director at fundicao progresso and is a very well known graffiti artist. One of his students opened a museum (museu de favela) which is what made me write my Bachelor thesis about the subject.

Sorry for too much personal information but coming back to that project: Fundicao Progesso is a place were 20.000 people come in and out every month. How? They host concerts, shows, exhibitions, courses, etc.

Fabios Idea is to give classes about NEAR and Mintbase, to offer tickets for shows in NFT form, to sell fuzzy drinks and snacks in NFT form at the kiosk inside. We are talking abot 6.000 people in a class room each month talking about NEAR and mintbase.

The funding for this project will be extensive. I have a call scheduled with Shreyas to get this going.

If you want more information, please access this:

Fabio Ema already has an own school targeting especially people under effects of marginalization. Here you can read more about this: https://fabioema.wixsite.com/artes/school-fac-33

This is very promising. I won’t even estipulate a value for this in NEAR before I had that talk with Shreyas.

There is a lot more, but I will stop here, as the funding limit is already passed.

Calculating I came to the value of at least: 548N. This it he amount not counting the funding for the fundicao progresso and green shoots forest landscape. Not to mention the projects I mentioned at the last funding proposal, there are many more still pending [APPROVED] Funding for Createbase - October)


Comments from the Call! Thanks for joining the call to go over the proposal. It looks good to me!

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Writing to approve this proposal on behalf of the @creativesdao-council :pray:


THANK YOU @creativesdao-council