[INTERNAL] Treasurehunt/ NEARCon

Overview: We’re organising a treasure hunt ahead of NearCon, targetting both attendees and the local community, in order to bring awareness to real-life applications for NFTs, promoting Mintbase and NEAR.


  1. Mintbase team (mariamneu.near, luisinfante.near and reginanogueira.near) will be going to local businesses and prepay several items (of the same kind), ie. wine bottle
  2. The business owner creates a NEAR wallet
  3. We take a photo of the wine bottle and mint it in the NEARCon store
  4. We add business owner wallet as 99% split revenue
  5. We purchase the NFTs and relist them for a symbolic price (so they can be visible in the store, rather than transferred/ gifted)
  6. QR codes will be placed in businesses for NFTs to be redeemed

What’s in it for us: In order to redeem the NFTs, people will need to create NEAR wallets and Mintbase accounts. For businesses to receive NEAR for the items we purchase, they’ll also need to create NEAR wallets. Furthermore, we hope to create good relationships with these venues and perhaps onboard them to Mintbase and help them create their own store in the future.

Budget: 300 NEAR (100 NEAR x 3)


  • Wednesday 13/10 - Approve project/ budget and start onboarding businesses
  • Thursday 21/10 - Deadline to finish onboarding
  • Monday 25/10 - Ensure QR codes are all placed in venues
  • Wednesday 10/11 - Expiration date for redeeming NFTs as part of NearCon. We can then use the remaining as giveaways to the community

Check out our Business tracker


approved ^^ :slight_smile: This will be amazing! UTILITY NFTs FTW!