[REPORT] MintbaseDAO January

MintbaseDAO report for January

Guild: Mintbase
Facilitator: @marianeu

Friday 27th January - record in attendance of instagram live. 221 people joined.The live was held in portuguese.

Twitter has been doing great:


We are figuring out the mintbaseDAO roadmap with @mecsbecs soon next week, so prepare for that one :slight_smile:

Since MintbaseDAO/Guild is reflecting on what it wants to make possible & how, the month of January was not the moooost active ever, but we had a lot of fun onboarding different projects.

For example the CasaT mentioned in the october funding proposal was finally onboarded

We finally opened their store:

We are planning a series of workshops for the months of february and march which will be very exciting. The plan is to integreate these workshops with the Near Meets activation.

It’s always kind of hard to recall each activity done throughout the month, but I hope this shows we have been active not only inside of what is seen here on the forum.


A major roadblock is that the wallets now need initial funding. This makes ticketing events for absolute newbies so much harder.

Next Steps:

The real life workshops mentioned above, more real life events for more engagement.

Elaboration of new Bounties

What we have funded this month:

Let’s start with the translation of articles- which was a success. :slight_smile:

For this bounty

1,64N was paid out to nearmultiverse

3.88N was paid out to nearmultiverse

2.17 was paid out to nearmultiverse

2.02N was paid out to jeph.near

2N was paid out to alecaseg.near

1.2158N paid out to astromonkey.near

1.8N to nicolesuria.near

1.7512 to ibohiigboze.near

1.23N to r2m2025.near

1.3N to derymars.near

1.7N to nearmultiverse.near

1.122 unearversity.near

1.13 to gokubaba.near

1.6N to frnvpr.near

1.55N to jeph.near

1.07N to cylos.near

1.7 to parisinocencio.near

1.8 to camilags.near

Overview of articles translated:

This month we really tried our best to outsource articles abut mintbase, with medium success. @reginamintbase and I decided to only work with known journalists form now on. The time we spent revising articles was just too much. Felt like we were english teachers and the end result was not what we expected. We still paid out for the work done, and are now thinking on where to use it.

Bounty for writing articles from scratch:

New version

Old version:


8.85N to Camilags.near

10.94 to sarammonty.near

11.05 to shubham007.near

The prizes of the holiday art bounty were paid out

3N to 3one9.near

5N to macieira.near

For the reddit moderation bounty

13.8N were paid out to trendheo

13.6N were paid out to psalm.near

13.6 were paid out to shubham007.near

The funds for onboarding were given back to createbase.near

160N paid out to createbase.near

It makes sense for our core team to have funds to onboard people to mintbase

Mariamneu.near 20N

Reginanogueira.near 20N

Luisinfante.near 20N

Bianca has been an angel and helping with the mintbasedao.community page

Now we have a new domain, we reimbursed her 2N for the domain change

52N were paid out to zeitwarp.near for his excellent work in researching licenses and putting me in contact with professionals who will be able to assist in the process of elaborating appropriate license templates.

Total 384,519N ~ 3933.63USD (feels wrong, considering Near was 18usd at the beginning of the month and now only 10usd the low USD value is logically explained.)