[Report] Createbase DAO October

First of all sorry for the delay, October has been really intense.

This report will be sectioned into:

  • Real Life Blockchain Events in Lisbon (1)
  • Update on projects going on (2)
  • Roadmap for the next month - November (3)
  1. The month of October was full of real life blockchain events! Anxious to report about what happened.

We (Mintbase/Createbase) went to:

  • Women in Blockchain Dinner
  • The Daoist
  • LisCon
  • Mintbase VIP afterparty Auction

These Events not only provided many valuable contacts with people and projects in the space, but they made us USE and SEE and SPREAD the tech behind Mintbase.

I have not seen any other company using Blockchain in Blockchain week. And we were. How?

We gave workshops at the Daoist (“getting your hands dirty with NFTs” - creating and redeeming utility NFTs) and we were present at the booths on The Daoist, LisCon and NEARCON - giving out redeemable NFTs.

What does that mean? We were gifting NFTs that could be redeemed. People are now able to go to our 10!!! partner institutions here in Lisbon, scan a QR code, burn the NFT and get the real life object. We have drinks, foods, skateboards and spray cans that you can get by burning your NFT on site.

Our after NEARCON party Auction event was a full success! All the people on the party checked in through NFT tickets. This is ofically the first event IN HISTORY that used ONLY NFT ticketing. We had 143 people burning NFTs entering the event.

Here is an article by my dear colleague Monika with more information about Mintbase at NEARCON and the VIP afterparty :slight_smile: October Newsletter. October was a very successful month for… | by Monika | Mintbase | Mintbase | Nov, 2021 | Medium

The auction was also a full success with two art pieces from the Wilde Moehre Festival last August being sold for 20 and 500 NEAR! Can’t describe the feeling being there, it was a blast, anyone interested should check out the video on this tweet: https://twitter.com/mintbase/status/1456216656066318338?s=21

  1. Activities, Bounties etc.

Createbase has applied for funding at the 16th of October - therefore the projects described there are still very much up to date, considering that the last two weeks of october were full on real life events here in Lisbon. I’ll just drop the link to that approved proposal here: so people can see what is happening at createbase at the moment.

I will just mention some that I think are of bigger interest:

We had a contest that showed us things to work on! Starting to get some of the developers involved into these kind of events for them to see the user interface with a new perspective! Has been super helpful.

Here is the bounty to the contest:

The AfrikaBurn project launched, with a vernissage and a finissage on cryptovoxels (hopefully soon we’ll be able to host them at the nearverse)

We have onboarded 50 people from the tezos blockchain to NEAR

Sticker Bounty was a success :slight_smile: shoot me a message if you want to see some of them (@mariamintbase on telegram)

  1. Roadmap for November

Really want to focus on real life onboarding events in PORTUGUESE for artists and for restaurants/shops/bars! We have noticed some complications with our 10 partners in Lisbon where you can redeem physical NFT’s, as we only onboarded the owners and not the team.

Together with @kalagary we will try to set up events (with NFT ticketing and drinks and food consumption), produce videos or a podcast at the venue and tokenize it allllll :slight_smile:

Also I am just trying to keep up with the 15+ projects happening, and the interested parties joining after all the events, with very interesting and revolutionary ideas that could be implemented on mintbase, createbase and NEAR soon! Let’s see what happens!

We also have an eye on Art Basel, but nothing really stable yet.