[APPROVED] BUDGET July Arroz Criativo


Project members:

Steven Rice (stevenrice.near)
Juliana Matsumura (jmm.near)
Tabea (tabea.near)

Target Address: arrozcriativo.sputnikdao.near

Current Balance (NEAR): 80.75 NEAR

Funding Period: July 2021

Initial requested amount: 1573

For the month of July we are planning to


Hey @tabear! Thanks for this. Some thoughts from me:

Putting your June report here for our reference as we assess your budget request for July: [REPORT] Monthly report Arroz Criativo JUNE - #3 by tabear
and changed the subcategory to “Creatives DAO” so Chloe and I can reference this budget a bit more easily.

Does “initial requested amount” mean there are some costs that cannot be anticipated right now for July? Are you anticipating requesting more emergency funds later this month as your programming unfolds? If that is the case, it would be best to just estimate what those costs may be and report on them later so you’re not left requiring last minute funding mid-month (which could delay your projects/events). Since each Guild/DAO can request up to 2,000 N maximum for the month please consider this in your estimate. However, if this was just a wording point and there are no other estimated costs than the backup NEAR listed already (300 N) then you can disregard.


I will also note that in this budget I see:

as well as:

To clarify these payouts, I have created this post: [GUIDE] Recommended Bounty for Guild/Community Facilitators

The total requested amount is ACCEPTABLE (assuming the budget is approved) as it is less than the 30% MAX, just wanted to point it to make it clear. (requested amount for Guild management is ~ 25% of the total requested budget :ok_hand:t4:)


Hey Rebecca,

Thanks & sorry for the wrong tag.
As for the “Initial requested amount” I was just copying the template, sorry. We thought of having 300N as an emergency fund and also to implement it in our volunteer structure but in case we receive more requests. I am trying to get more residents to get their projects going but I can’t give an exact date for now unfortunately. If we would be eligible to ask for 600N (which if not used in July will be used in August of course) as an emergency found, it would give us more time to activate the community but I am aware that Guilds also needs to establish trust.


Hey Chloe,

Thanks for the guide & the helpful numbers!
Just an explanation on why community management & council work has been mentioned separately:

In the case of Arroz’ the community management involves work in the physical space, working with residents directly, preparing workshops, helping with developing funding proposals etc.

The DAO council currently works on the distribution of bounties, forum administration, sputnikdao/voting as well as social media (twitter of Arroz & Newsletter).


Not a problem! And thanks for clarifying! Then we’re fine with:

Being listed as 600N versus 300N. Good to have a bit of a buffer just in case you get more volunteers and to active more residents, if possible, and that will put your total budget to 1,873 N for July, which is below the maximum.

We know you’ll give us an update as you go along, so unless there are any other questions or concerns, this budget is [APPROVED] and you may proceed to posting on the Creatives SputnikDAO, linking to this post.


Great, thank you!
& yes to have a buffer will be a great help and I will of course keep you always updated :slight_smile:

Would you like me to change the initial post and update the values to 1,873N?


No problem, this is fine so we can see the full progression of the conversation! Post away :smiley:


Perfect, thank you, it is sent :slight_smile:

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I just discovered a mistake in the proposal, the initially requested amount of 1573N is not correct:

Total initial value of all proposals: 1530€ +153N (10% for arroznewvenue.near) = 1683N

Following the conversation where we added another 300N (to have 600N in total as a backup), the new total value would be 1983N.

Sorry for the confusion & let me know how I can rectify that :slight_smile:


Hey @tabear - we get it and the difference of 110N is not an issue. Thank you for breaking it down for us and glad you caught this so you’re not out $NEAR over the month!

You can post to the Creatives SputnikDAO for this 110N budget amendment linking to this Forum post so the full progression of the conversation regarding this difference in the adjusted, actual amount is clear.

If you could “Reply” in any linked proposals where this amendment should also be noted this would be useful to see as well. But it’s good to see the final summary here!


Would be great to see some links in this proposal as well about the Arroz building fund. For example would be cool to know what those funds are doing, are they staking with a validator for now? Which ones if so?

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Thank you, done!

I double checked the other proposals/links, they are correct. I just did a mistake when calculating them all in here in this summary post :slight_smile:


Hey Chloe,

Sure, I have updated the link regarding the funding/new building, here it is again.

We have staked the funds now with everstake. Our new spaces team has weekly meetings where we are constantly looking for a new home for Arroz. Once we have found one that is suitable, we will of course give an update. We appreciate the option for the funds!