[Approved] Arroz Estúdios: Studio Space for Artists from Low-Income Backgrounds

I love the proposal. We (Mintbase) know the Arroz team personally and have been working well together with them here in Lisbon :heart: We already worked with them on art gallery (rareeffect) where Createbase was involved. Would love to have them as a guild and support each other


I think the proposal is very detailed already. All the onboarded artists can be seen here: RARE-EFFECT-1 | Total: 38
There is a huge potential in onboarding the artists on Mintbase and NEAR. I can confirm that Arroz has a very prestigious standing here in the Lisbon art community.


Wonderful initiative. :ok_hand:


Hi @Vera, yes the Rare Effect open call was very popular - we had over 40 applicants so could only feasibly exhibit a % of the applicants unfortunately. We’re releasing the next open call today if you’re interested in applying again :partying_face::partying_face:

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Yep, thanks :hugs: :hugs:

Thanks for putting this together, team!

I’m a huge fan of the learning in the open approach! Perhaps, @Ozymandius could offer some help with the content, more specifically in getting it on the community curated NEAR medium blog, so that it’s all curated in one category. We could still add the original authors as publishers to guest contributors etc. Can figure out the logistics later, but just a thought :slight_smile:

I think another interesting opportunity that we have here is to also collect feedback from the artists to understand their pain points from a usability & onboarding perspective, with both NEAR and Mintbase and convey it to the team. I think this is what @Ragingbunyip mentioned as well.

That artist feedback would definitely be super valuable to both NEAR and Mintbase.


Thanks for the feedback all :+1:t4::+1:t4:

Yes, agree it would be good to collect perspectives from artists using the platforms for the first times, we can do that easily. We can also integrate into your blog if that’s the best way to record the diary…

It sounds like it would be useful to have a kick-off meeting with some experienced NEAR content creators and then we can establish the best mediums & platforms to create content?


Sure thing, ping me at Ozymandius1 on Telegram or m@4nts.com

We can get you on the Medium page in no time and help out with the writing if that would be useful!


This is a fantastic project! Well designed and thought out. FU22YDICE would love to support or help out with any usability studies for artists in residency.
@takoau on Telegram.


What a wonderful initiative! Just voted :slightly_smiling_face::rainbow:


Hey everyone, thanks for all your feedback and comments - excited to get stared with this :slight_smile:

We’re hosting an open kick-off meeting to discuss the best way to document the project and interact with the NEAR community next Wednesday at 17h (link below). In the meeting we’re going to introduce the rest of the team on the ground here in Lisbon, go through the project overview & timeline and then ideate on ways to document the project.

Meeting link: https://meet.google.com/uxp-rmkk-uzp

You can also get me on telegram on @StevenRice for more info

See you next week :partying_face:


We’re updating our Arroz Blog with content of this project, check it out the first resident here:

I’ll be updating with more content very soon, including feedback from the artist) and also I’ll help him to create an account here in the forum :smiley:

It is a nice idea to integrate the content with NEAR blog as well for sure! How can I do that?

cheers :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:


Sounds great, Juliana!

Our Medium blog is community run: NEAR Medium Handoff. Since the public launch of NEAR Mainnet… | by 4NTS Guild | NEAR Protocol | Medium

@Ozymandius can chat more about getting content up there.


Jo’s Report #1


Meet our second Planting AIR Resident :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:


Nice! Have you introduced Riky to the NEARxMUSIC guild? They have active discord and telegram.


Yes, we did :slight_smile:
Thanks for being so attentive!


Some updates here:

Three reports of Riky’s residency at Arroz Estúdios:

Some Highlights of Jo Kalagary residency:

  • Participation and co-organization of PRIDE event on the 26th of June
  • Creation of their own Mintbase store open to other artists from Portugal & Brazil to mint NFTs
  • Participation in many meetings/workshops + creation of Favelalx DAO

Hey there! We have two more Planting AIR Residents: Heverton Harieno @hevertonharieno (also part of CUDO DAO and collaborated with IncubadoraPT DAO recently) and David Arranhado (who we’ll be presenting soon).

Heverton’ BIO:

Here’s the first two reports about Heverton’s experience in Arroz so far:

:blush: :blush: :blush:


Hi everyone,

We’re starting to write up the end of project report for this which should be ready by the end of Sept. While the project & written report is still in progress, the accounting has been all but completed and is viewable with the link below.

Thanks all :pray: