[Guide] Recommended Bounty for Guild/Community Facilitators

Are you planning on establishing a new Creative Guild/DAO?
Read this first: [Guide] Start a new Creative Guild/Community at NEAR

Recommended Bounty for Guild/Community Facilitators

As a Guilds within the NEAR ecosystem, there are a variety of tasks that are required to be completed in order for the community to be successful with their purpose (whatever it is).

Some of the tasks that require facilitation:

  • the Guild’s socials/content channels (Twitter/YouTube/GitHub/Website/ect…)
  • bounties and their distribution
  • forum organization and management
  • sputnik.fund DAO facilitation (voting on-chain/managing the proposals on the forum)

To ensure that each Guild has adequate support in the above areas (and other areas where a community facilitator could be useful), each Guild has the ability to allocate UP TO 30% of their total monthly proposal budget towards community facilitation bounties.


If NxM Guild (Near x Music) - NEAR Forum proposed a budget of 2000 NEAR tokens for the month of July 2021, it would be acceptable that there was an allocation within that same budget of (up to) 600 NEAR for facilitation, which may be split amongst their DAO council for example. This would leave 1400 NEAR for the Guild in the month of July to use for other potential bounties & projects.

As a Guild Leader submitting a budget request to the Creatives DAO ([Guide] How to submit monthly reports to the Creatives DAO) you are free to ask for less than 30% for community facilitation if less is required (which would leave more funds for the community as a whole in the budget). For example, Createbase - NEAR Forum has other funding sources for its Guild facilitators and therefore may decide to allocate more of their monthly budget to other areas (like funding projects building on mintbase.io).

More info here: About the Creatives category


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