[Budget] Creatives DAO Budget - July 2021

For the month of July 2021, we wanted to share an overview of the Creatives DAO budget with the creative community so that we as the council (@chloe and I) can be held accountable, and to update you on what else we are planning on funding as supports and incentives for our Creative Guild Leaders.

[Please note: this is not our official budget submission to the Community Squad DAO for our payout proposal as we do not yet have the July monthly budget requests from the Creative Guild Leaders.]

Please also review and respond to our Creatives DAO’s OKRs for Q3 (July - September 2021), for which this budget was designed to support.


1: Guilds/DAOs Monthly Funding - max. 2,000 N x current 9-11 active groups

  • including the proposed Facilitator & Council Member Bounties - for which 600 N out of the maximum 2,000 N that can be requested monthly can have allocated toward

2: tipBot Budget - 100 N [50 N per council member]

3: Creatives.near.mintbase store creation - 8 N

4: Creatives DAO reserves/funds to hold for any NEAR ecosystem creative projects - 5,000 N

Estimated total = 23,108 - 27,108 N
Current reserves = 16,011 N

Overall estimated payout request based on current conversations regarding Guild activity in July = 15,000 N

May Budget:


The month of July has been a busy one for the Creatives DAO. The community has been active and I will let the APPROVED proposals speak for themselves:

Createbase: [APPROVED] Createbase Guild Budget - July 2021
NxM: [APPROVED] NxM DAO - July 2021
Arroz Criativo: [APPROVED] BUDGET July Arroz Criativo
HypeDAO: [APPROVED] HypeDAO Budget - second half of July 2021
C1 Guild: [APPROVED] July Funding Proposal C1 Guild
IncubadoraPT: [APPROVED] IncubadoraPT July-August Budget overview
muti DAO: [APPROVED] Monthly Budget muti DAO July

The initial budget:

Actual total (with currently listed proposals): 10,066 N

creatives.sputnikdao.near received 15,000 N for the month of July and this leaves 5434 N from the July budget to be added to the DAO reserves.

Current reserves: 6431.01