[APPROVED] Bi-weekly Workshops in Arroz I JULY

For the month of Arroz we have planned 2 workshops, on the 7.7. and on the 28.7.

On the 7.7. @JulianaM & @frnvpr will prepare a 1h workshop about minting and give a Q&A for residents.

On the 28.7. @vandal will give a workshop related to NFts & music & @GeminiRising will give a 1h workshop for creating wearables for CV.

The reward for each workshop will be 25N, considering preparation time and documentation. The payout will go through the Arroz Criativo DAO once the workshop has been completed.

Updates/documentation of workshops will follow.


Today I prepared and gave a physical workshop at Arroz venue with the help of @frnvpr about minting (minting, royalties, revenue, etc) to 4 residents, and we created near wallets for 2 of them (pmcg.near and pdflopes.near). 2 of them already had wallets (bock.near and tolga.near).

We minted Arroz Logo as an example and sent it to 8 different wallets. Also we minted 2 artworks from tolga.near > Market - Mintbase

Plus, we added them as minters to our Mintbase Store.

We briefly explained about Near forum, SputnikDao and how to propose creative projects to Arroz Criativo.

Looking forward to see more stuff being developed!


Awesome work, thanks to both of you! Looking forward creating a beautiful Arroz store there!

Please send the payout proposal of 25N to our DAO with this forum link :slight_smile:


thanks! proposal done to our DAO :smiley:

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