[REPORT] Monthly report Arroz Criativo JUNE

Project Name: Implementing NEAR in Arroz Estúdios

Project Status: [In Progress]

Project Accounting: current account balance 225.10 N

DAO arrozcriativo.sputnikdao.near

Updated Project Timeline:

We are now fully hands on in the onboarding process of the association. The work will continue in the next months, therefore the process will still be ongoing.



Considering that we already have a strong physical community, a practical example for the use of near on site will help a lot for the onboarding process. We are looking forward getting an app that will allow everyone to pay pizza & drinks in the studios wirth their NEAR.

We already tested it during our FavelaLX Pride event, where beers have been paid with N, which has beeen a great success.

Generally speaking, the more practical we can get with the use of NEAR, the easier it will be implemented in the Arroz community.

Next Steps:

  • Community management on site through an “onboarder” once per week in the studios
  • Bi-weekly workshops (including topics like creating funding proposals, music & NFTs in general, use cases, future job opportunities, minting)
  • Payout of volunteer hours for all association members from July on
  • Introducing NEAR drop & onboarding stand for specific events
  • Explaining funding mechanisms & options to residents to receive proposals to our dao

I will update this post within the next days once all the missing tasks have been concluded :slight_smile:


Such great activity to see, thank you for your report @tabear! Will check in for the updates as you have them.

And as the payment app develops this will be so exciting for other such physical centres/collectives to learn from for their own community use.

A small administrative note: I added the “monthly-reports” tag for better searchability.


Yes, we’re really excited too!

Yep sorry, forgot about that, will add that tag in the next one :slight_smile: