[PROPOSAL] NEAR payment & DAO governance app

Creating an app to implement NEAR payments in the physical space & include DAO governance

Project DAO: Metagov DAO 2

Challenge area: “Decentralized governance through the use of NEAR” , “Experiment with PolicyKit and the Metagov Prototype”

Project members

  • Steven Rice (stevenrice.near)
  • Tabea F (tabear.near)
  • Juliana M (jmm.near)

Project summary

Arroz estúdios is a physical non-profit organization located in Lisbon, Portugal, with more than 4000 members. The physical space consists of various studios for artists, a co-working space, an events space as well as a kitchen and bar area. Even now during the pandemic we have around 100 consuming guests and 10 staff members on each of the events that we run.

We have set up our own sputnik DAO and are currently integrating NEAR into our team structure. In the next steps we will also onboard residents as well as the public and therefore want to implement NEAR as a payment method in our space.

In order to do so we would need an application that allows an easy and quick transfer of NEAR on mobile phones. The characteristics of the app need to be

  • Paying entries, drinks and food directly in the venue, with a QR code for example

  • For the DAO members to login and being able to vote on active proposals

  • Wallet creation for future users

  • Clear and simple UI

Currently we do not have a developer to proceed with but we are looking very much forward to connecting in order to develop an app that would not only be useful in our physical space but in many other venues.

Additional sections

We believe that this app will have a huge impact on the NEAR ecosystem as it guarantees a fast onboarding of new users as well as a very high accessibility to the NEAR funds and their use. Users that are new to the ecosystem will immediately see the use of the NEAR coin instead of having an abstract image of it. The coin will therefore stay in use instead of being converted to fiat or traded with other crypto currencies.

Due to the user-friendly UI of the app the functions and use of the coin will be more comprehensible and the value of NEAR will rise.

As we already have our strong physical community and are integrating NEAR into our association structures, this app has a 100% chance of being tested and used here and it will serve as an example for other associations, communities or commercial spaces that will be able to use it.

We have already collaborated with the NxM DAO for our current NFT festival and are in touch with several other DAOs in the ecosystem. As we are located in Portugal but have a very mixed public, we are planning on collaborating with portuguese DAOs for example, to have the app available in several languages.

Check out our Association in the digital and physical realm

Arroz Estúdios




Hey, this proposal looks great.

BUT, could you create a new payout proposal to the Metagov DAO where you

  1. change the payout target to be the new Sputnik DAO you created
  2. change your payout amount to 30




Thank you! New proposal is sent :slight_smile:

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As a side note, we would love to bring this forward and are still looking for a developer who would like to participate. If someone is interested, contact us through the forum here or TG :slight_smile: :rocket: