[Approved] April 2022 Content & Infographic Production - Near Insider Guild

Hi guys! Glad to be here again to share our work. It’s great to be with you guys. Please see our proposal

  • Guild name: Near Insider
  • Funding scheme: Monthly
  • Council: nearinsider.near, vanhuynh.near, helen0607.near
  • Initiative summary:
    About Near Insider
    Near Insider is a digital marketing and media agency specialized in the Near ecosystem. Our strength is researching and producing latest news, insights, data analysis on the markets and projects as well as tutorial topics for users and community in a speediest timeframe.

We are also providing media and communication solutions for organizations and projects to help make them reach the users and community in the most effective, creative and time-saving way.

Our Idea
Currently users can only read news from the project, and only when the project tweets. They are completely confused about the metrics as well as how to aggregate important information together, they have difficulty because they have to access many sources, websites.
Therefore, we want to provide in-depth research, insights, analytics or reports every month. Users will have a more intuitive view of the data, visual via infographic from us

In 3 months we have reached 9000 followers on Twitter, 475 subscribers on Telegram and we will continue to grow even stronger
Twitter: https://twitter.com/near_insider 3
Telegram: t.me/near_insider

1. Goal and Activities
-We want to further grow our community on Twitter and Telegram. Our main goal in our community is to increase the engagement
-We want to create a giveaway on Twitter to thank our users. Followers have to like, retweet and comment to earn NEAR. We will choose the best comments
-We will produce 200 articles (infographic) in a month. Topics about Insights, Analytics, Report statistics, On-chain, Education, One-page overview via infographic

2. Reach
Till end of April, we are expecting to reach:
-12,000 followers on Twitter
-Impressions reach min 600K each month
-Impressions each post reach 10-20% of followers
-520 subscribers on Telegram

3. Metrics to measure success
Successful activities till end of March meaning:
-5 - 6 posts infographic everyday (support for 6 projects/month & other projects, details below)
-Active Near Insider Twitter account - with the latest news about NEAR
-Report impressions data in April

4. Cost
-1 Social content (Twitter + Telegram): Write and post on platforms, update news daily with basic design tools
-3 researcher: Research, synthesize and analyze data to create interesting topics
-3 designer: Innovative designs from topics submitted by researchers
-1 Project manager: Connect to the project to get the task. Team Management. Planning, reporting, team meetings, coordination, prepare articles, get in contact with crypto sites, brainstorming
-Support for 6 projects (We open registration form for any project you want to promote, please fill out this form: Projects promotion campaign )

-1 One-page overview
-2 guide/education
-4 analytics topics
-3 insights topics

→ 10 infographics/project → Total: 60 infographics/6 projects
=> 70 infographics for 6 selected projects: $1500
=> 120 - 150 infographics for other projects: $2500
=> Giveaway: $500
Total: $4500

We will send a report at the end of the month.

Wallet ID: near_insider.near
Amount: 4500 USD - 416 NEAR

Near Insider Guild


Tagging @marketingdao-council for More Post Visibility. Thanks!


Hello @Dacha . Can you tag members in marketingdao council? I haven’t seen anyone comment on our proposal yet


@MktngDAO_Advisors :blush:

Good morning. Please, wait for response from other councils.



Congrats with new onboarded project.

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Good day. Which projects were planned for promotion?

Could you please open information about selected projects and current queue for all community members ?
I believe it should be open form with open access



Hi @Dacha . You mean I’m going to share with you the registration form management of the projects? Totally agree

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Please dm me your email to add you to the form admin. And how to submit this form to the project? Finally, please tell me I will wait for 6 projects to fill out this form before my proposal is approved?

Sounds like a cool batch of content. Would love to review these after you’ve completed them.



Thank You


Currently, I don’t see projects for promotion in google form …

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I just added. Pls check your email @Dacha . Thanks!

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Yes thanks!. We will report end of month. What other elements are needed for our proposal to be approved?

For curious :grinning: Community DAO members, thread is starting here

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I mean I can pick 6 projects/month to support. Can you recommend our form-filling projects?
If not, I will do overview of projects in ecosystem. And more support for new projects such as: partnership with Near, get grant from NF…
It still follows the Kpis I have set. Still the value created for the Near ecosystem in terms of reach from our fans. Thanks @Dacha

Good!. Hi, @near.insider.

I understand that you are looking to have six projects to promote during April. I’d like to see a simple list of what you have so far, please DM me here in the NEAR Forum. Thank you very much


Pls check. Thanks @jblm

Hi, Nice try, but the link you sent me takes me to the form. I can’t see what projects you have that are in your plan for April 2022.


Hi @jblm,

I think they can structure their plan to a promotion service like this. Just like Stars Guild and Near Design Guild.

Since @near.insider is a service DAO, I think it’s better for the DAO to have a secured budget & create an open call for other projects/daos/guilds in the ecosystem after council’s approval for 3 reasons:

  • More time for DAOs/Guilds to be aware of their support & apply

  • The Near Insider DAO themselves can know they have a secured budget to implement services => avoid delays from requests to actual campaigns

  • Since Marketing verticle can hold on to their future proposals until Near Insider report this project, there’s no need for the DAO to gather 6/6 requests beforehand.

@near.insider has proven their contributions for the ecosystem for their constantly growing channel, listed on Awesomenear.com under the Education category, winner of DAOcubator & followed by Near Protocol Official twitter.

I believe other Projects/DAOs/Guilds can benefit from the approval of this proposal through the great value they can generate in terms of marketing.

Support this proposal. Looking forward to more cool content produced for projects/guilds/daos via this verticle.


Pls send me your email. I will add you. But currently, no one has signed up yet. How can these projects be registered?

As I said, If not, I will do overview of projects in ecosystem. And more support for new projects such as: partnership with Near, get grant from NF…
It still follows the Kpis I have set. Still the value created for the Near ecosystem in terms of reach from our fans. Thanks @jblm