[Report] April Monthly Report - Near Insider Guild

Hello everyone! After 1 month of receiving funding from Marketaing DAO and supporting the Near ecosystem, we would like to report our results based on what was set out in last month’s proposal: April Proposal

  1. Social Media Report April Month

Tweets: 893 (Average 3000 topics and 600 fast news)
Impressions: 1.41M (Target set previously: 600K each month)
Profile visits: 411K
New followers: 4779 followers => Total: 15K followers (Target set previously: 12K followers)

  • Telegram channel
    Subscribers: 900 (Target set previously: 520 subscribers - Increased 87.5%)
    View per post: Average 185
  1. Support 6 projects in Near ecosystem
    Below is a list of projects that we supported in April. We will support them for up to 2 months and try to make the projects grow in revenue


Multiverse Fighters


Community DAO

Near Games

  1. Contact with us:


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Impressive work guys.
Always a reader and enjoyooor of your content.