[Approved] June 2022 Social Media (Twitter, Telegram, Youtube) Content Production - Near Insider Guild

Hello everyone! Hello new month. This will be a good month. We all know the market is in bad phase. A lot of people have left the market. However, we are still here to build with the desire to accelerate the development of the Near ecosystem. We will make changes to the content on our channel so that users can properly understand the value of cryptocurrency and blockchain
This is our report in May: Report May
And our proposal in May: Proposal May

In this post, we continue to send proposals for the next goals, as well as new plans for this June.

  • Guild name: Near Insider
  • Funding scheme: Monthly
  • Council: nearinsider.near, vanhuynh.near, helen0607.near
  1. Social Media
    Till end of June, we are expecting to reach:
    -Impressions reach min 1M (Higher than last month’s target: 800K)
    -Impressions each post reach 12-20% of followers
    -Infographics: 220 - 260 posts (Content include: Ecosystem, Educate, Knowledge, Insight, Experience, Fun, etc)

-Channel: 1250 subscribers
-Group: 1200 members

  1. Activities
    *Twitter: Create a form for users to contribute good content to the channel. The content revolves around the Near ecosystem. With rules below:
    -Organized weekly
    -Choose 5 quality content to post on the channel
    -$20 for each selected post (+$2 if the post has more than 25 likes and 10 retweets)

*Telegram group:
-1 Sticker contest (Topic about Near and ecosystem)
-4 Quiz (1 Quiz for each)

  1. New plan
    In this month we will continue to build more youtube channel. This is our channel: Near Insider TV - YouTube
    Please subscribe if you can lol
    This is the content plan for it:
    -Phase 1: Daily Newsletter, Weekly Highlight - Start 20/06
    -Phase 2: Series about Near ecosystem (Projects review, Knowledge, Education, etc) - Start 10/07
    -Phase 3: AMA with projects - Start 15/08
    Goals this month (Phase 1)
    -Subscribers: 120
    -Daily Newletter:10 videos
    -Weekly Highlight: 1 video

  2. Support projects in Near ecosystem
    Projects in May: 6 projects
    -NEAR P2P: 8 tasks
    -NearTrees: 6 tasks
    -DAORecords: 5 tasks
    -Near Hacker House: 2 tasks
    -Dante: 7 tasks
    -The Auction: 1 task
    Total: 29 tasks
    Projects in June: We will support 5 new projects to fill out the form: Projects Promotion Support
    You can check in this docs: List of projects
    10 tasks for each project => Total: 50 tasks
    May + June: 79 tasks

  3. Requested budget for June
    -250 infographics for projects: $3000
    -79 infographics for projects filled out form: $2000
    *Telegram group:
    4 Quiz: $200 ($50 for each)
    2 community manager: $700 ($350 for each)

*Content Creative and Management (Twitter - Telegram - Youtube): $600

Total: $6500

We will send a report at the end of the month.

Wallet ID: near_insider.near
Amount: 6500 USD

Near Insider Guild


Hi there.

From the stats you posted your numbers don’t add up.

The amount of interest generated doesn’t justify the impressive growth of the account’s 170 new followers per day.
There are many empty profiles, and spammers, and the engagement is dangerously low.

The account is borderline to being considered fraudulent by Twitter standards.
Your numbers should be very different:

The last month’s engagement should be in line with the growth of your followers but you keep averaging at least in the last 80 posts the same numbers - 0.10% of total engagement with 20k followers even if the followers base is stepped back to 5k you have only 0.5% engagement so probably active accounts and organic interest is around 2000.

Your posts should average around 1.5% to be considered valuable.

At 20k followers the expectation are between 250 and 300 likes.

The account has too many red flags.
Egghead counts.
Stock images account/ inactive.
Low engagement.
Low correlation Content/language/followers - Too many South Korean accounts.
Content posted by the other accounts is regular and repetitive retweets.

The nominal value to your posts with these figures if the accounts that follow you are real (engagement and follower base included) would be around 70 to 90 dollars.
Less value if the numbers don’t add up.

This is the rate at which you should sell it → infographic, moderation, planning, quiz community management and everything else is your burden.


Hi @Ton618 . Thanks for respond! I will answer some of your comments.
First, we cannot control our followers. And recently there was post from Tracer, they organized a giveaway and tagged us in, so the number of followers increased dramatically and we couldn’t do anything else.

Second, talk about engagement and likes. As you know, the market is not good and users leave a lot, and our job is to persevere in building. Likes don’t say it all or the value we create.
If you think likes should average 1.5% of total followers, then look at the account of CZ, CEO of Binance. He has 6.3 million followers, and by your calculations, his posts should average around 94,000 likes. But as you can see, his a post had 20,000 likes. You can visit his page to see more

Impressions are important to me. You can see the pic above in this post. Or you can also see the image below

Finally, we all know the market is going through a rough patch. So I mentioned in this article that I will change and add more useful articles for readers

Thank you for comment!

Good morning.

  • could you please split the proposal into two different: infographics and a youtube channel? Because your channel on early-stage, I suggesting come back in next month;

  • I’m not sure that we can approve expenses on equipment. In the past, Marketing DAO approved similar grant on video production, but unfortunately, the Syndicate team made the decision to stop their work and didn’t return money for expensive equipment.

  • what stands for “rewards for contributors”?
  • I believe $400 for the sticker contest is too much;
  • 2x community managers: are they your staff or hired by outsourcing companies?


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Hi near insider I reply to clarify some concepts regarding engagement and how it works.
For organic growth in Instagram, Facebook, and then Twitter - which are slightly different you split the accounts based on tier.

Mega 1m+

by increasing the number of followers you will have a lower engagement some of the content will plateau.

Your account is in the tier - Micro. Therefore, an engagement should be higher than an account with 6.3 million followers.

You can see that depending on its content its engagement change for cz_binance expecting an engagement of 0.5% on 6.3 million followers is good enough to promote any business if the business is in the niche of the followers base because |n| engagement is high enough to give validity to the account.

Also, cz_binance is a personal account and verified and has different scopes [is not an influencer], also the retweets compound the engagement - because are shown on other accounts so his engagement is higher due to retweets.

a Micro account cannot afford to have an engagement of 0.10% it is around 20 people (likes+retweets+comments).
The same result can be reached with Nano accounts with 1000 followers.

The reason why I am pointing this out is that you carried out this activity for quite some time, even if your account is shadowbanned, and get paid for every post you produce a de-fact sale on a non-researchable username.
Unfortunately, the track record you provided doesn’t justify the price you compiled because the posts you produced are not engaging content making.

only with the budget, you asked today the tweeter account → paid every re-tweet since creation 47 dollars.
You have low re-tweets per post.
Meaning for 3400 tweets you produced, 195 are retweeted.
The figure is extremely low means every 100 posts/tweets you get 2 to 5 retweets.

The biggest issue is your followers’ base, it is very easy to spot purchased followers, and this explains your low volume in engagement and the shadowban.
As said before with micro accounts if the engagement is not fair means the account has low value.

I reiterate - that the content you posted before is not interesting (low engagement metrics show it) and it is not justifying the followers’ growth. Your account has a strong % of bots that don’t follow profiles randomly but are instructed.

You can see - following / followers ratio



Also your account doesn’t appear in the Top/People/Image/Latest research bar.
Because Twitter Shadowbanned you.

It is clear to me that your account is not marketable, and it is detrimental to the brand that decides to advertise with you.

I am not sure the issue is reversible but you need a lot of work to establish authenticity.
Your growth projection is relative and surely you cannot convert traffic from Twitter to Youtube.


Hi @Ton618 Thank you very much for this discovery. Our account was previously searchable by username, but recently it has been removed. I’m wondering why we have this problem. Can you guide me to fix it? I think it’s also part of the interaction

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Sometimes Twitter reduce your reach & put few other ban on you in order to decrease the visibility of your account.

This happens when you violate any of their guidelines or maybe when mass report occurs on your Twitter account.

Sometimes it might be normal content for us still Twitter control it under violation of their norms.

There might be some offensive image or word used by the account or maybe some spam activity which they have noticed. They put your account under observation. They will review it for few days and if they do not find any such(spam or offensive) activity they will give back you reach & intractions back.

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Hi @iamanansari thank you very much! I’m looking for a fix. Maybe I post too many posts a day? How do I know the cause?

I currently cannot support this proposal. I’m concerned about this proposal based on the engagement on Twitter and the quality of the content that is being shared. Here are my concerns:

  • There is very low engagement – a few likes, no comments, a couple retweets for a tweet with 20K+ following does not give me confidence that you are connecting with your audience and growing organic, high-quality followers.
  • The posts are in English, but there are typos and grammar errors.
  • The posts have a vague and non-compelling CTA to join the Telegram (Subscribe us). It sounds odd in English and also provides no real incentive the user? Why join? What’s the point? You need to make that clear.

I think you need to think more about the user journey and why people should engage, follow, retweet, comment and be a part of your community and also the NEAR community in general.

I think we are at the point in the growth of the NEAR community and ecosystem that we need more than a high volume of graphics on posts going out and returning little engagement and community networks effects.

Also, do you have an record or data around how many people you have brought into the ecosystem via giveaways? How many new wallets opened?

I do not think you should start a YouTube channel unless you are already showing traction on your existing channels.


Hi @so608 . Thank you for your comments! Sincere apologies when everyone is watching our channel. We just discovered our channel has been banned by “Search suggest ban”. That means our posts are not visible. I petitioned Twitter support and we had to wait a few days for the account to go back to normal

The second is about English grammar, we will improve it. Thank you for comment

Next is the CTA that invites people to subscribe to the telegram channel so that regular users of telegram they can see news there instead of twitter.

Next as you said we need more than just graphics volume. Exactly. So we suggested above to add more useful content to educate users, make them understand the Near ecosystem better.

Finally, about the youtube channel. We will use our funds to build in the first month before the funding proposal

Every platform has its own regulation as @iamanansari Aman said possibly in a violation of the norms, or because your account is considered a spammer.
But yes your account is a spammer and is filled with other spammers.
You should start by eliminating the bots, then post meaningful content and build up truly engaging content as Lorraine (@so608) pointed out.

Check Dojo_Finance for example has a higher engagement but has 25 times fewer followers than you.

Although trust is already compromised and I am not sure why Near should keep using your services, especially because your service is higher than the price average and the delivery is being inflated by fake statistics.


Hi @Ton618 .Thank you for comment! But you seem to be exaggerating when you say we are a spammer. We are the place to update fast news from the ecosystem. We have worked on a lot of projects and received very good feedback from them. Please point out what is spam content. The numbers we send are from twitter analytics. You can see our interactions from previous months. In recent days we have been hit by “Search suggest ban” and affected posts. But not so that you can judge our quality is not good. I’ll be adding useful content this month, but that doesn’t mean existing content isn’t valuable. Please point out not value content from our channel

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Love your work that you did in May for the DAOrecords! Hope you will be able to deliver more cool infographics and even some video material, as i see that you are starting with your YouTube Channel!
Good luck and keep the good work!


Hi Near, don’t get me wrong, the activity you did is considered spam because it falls into this category and that’s common for the number of posts you put up and the amount of interaction you receive.

When you post content that falls short of interest so frequently (due to the bots present in your followers base) the system detects low engagement and based on the frequency of your post attaches you the tag.

this is especially visible in your impressions stats, impressions are the results of the frequent posts that are shown multiple times on the wall of the people and it is cut off by Twitter, simply you reached a number of impressions.

Per spam definition, I can summarize it as: “unwanted content/interaction published/sent in high number”

I replied to you because from your message you may think that low engagement is due to the shadowban but in reality is a consequence of the presence of bots in your followers base.

The major issue so is those bots you bought.


Sometimes it happens with normal content too, and yess the mass posting can be the reason. Not a big deal, ban will lifted soon if they don’t find any violation from your account.

Loved your content & representation in my opinion you are just lacking in attracting audience.


Hello everyone.
I can say that the engagement is really low, but you need to understand that in fact there is not too large an audience in NEAR, and unfortunately it is difficult for such news portals to unboard an audience from other blockchains.
But I must say that NEAR Insider helps young projects acquire the first audience, which is extremely important.


We need support highlighting the sponosrs, community partners, events during the day, the bounties

Information can be found on linktree


Good evening, I can support your proposal if you reduce rewards to 5k (same as May). Thanks .


Hi @Dacha 5k is the amount to operate twitter. Last month we used our funds to operate on telegram group and reached the set kpis. It includes rewards for contests (where users learn a lot of knowledge), besides they had to create Near wallet to receive rewards, which is also a great value for the ecosystem. Next is the cost for the Manager and the people who curate the content, creative and planning them.

We also enabled Twitter Space to support the project through the Voice AMA. And we will also use our funds until we prove our true worth. We have a very specific strategy, plan and roadmap and have created value over the past 6 months. The projects and people who support us have noted this.

So really, the amount we propose is just enough to cover the costs and small rewards for the founders (myself included). Hope you understand our work.

We will continue to remove propose on youtube. $1200 for studio setup and $300 for content manager

=> Total: 7600 USD

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