[Closed] March 2022 Content & Infographic Production - Near Insider Guild

Hello everyone. Have a nice day! After about 3 months from the start. We are new to this funding program. It’s great to be with you guys. Please see our proposal

  • Guild name: Near Insider
  • Funding scheme: Monthly
  • Council: nearinsider.near, vanhuynh.near, helen0607.near
  • Initiative summary:
    About Near Insider
    Near Insider is a digital marketing and media agency specialized in the Near ecosystem. Our strength is researching and producing latest news, insights, data analysis on the markets and projects as well as tutorial topics for users and community in a speediest timeframe.

We are also providing media and communication solutions for organizations and projects to help make them reach the users and community in the most effective, creative and time-saving way.

Our Idea
Currently users can only read news from the project, and only when the project tweets. They are completely confused about the metrics as well as how to aggregate important information together, they have difficulty because they have to access many sources, websites.
Therefore, we want to provide in-depth research, insights, analytics or reports every month. Users will have a more intuitive view of the data, visual via infographic from us

In 3 months we have reached 8000 followers on Twitter, 465 subscribers on Telegram and we will continue to grow even stronger
Twitter: https://twitter.com/near_insider 3
Telegram: t.me/near_insider

1. Goal and Activities
-We want to further grow our community on Twitter and Telegram. Our main goal in our community is to increase the engagement
-We want to create a giveaway on Twitter to thank our users. Followers have to like, retweet and comment to earn NEAR. We will choose the best comments
-We will produce 200 articles (infographic) in a month. Topics about Insights, Analytics, Report statistics, On-chain, Education, One-page overview via infographic

2. Reach
Till end of March, we are expecting to reach:
-10,000 followers on Twitter
-Impressions reach min 500K each month
-Impressions each post reach 10-20% of followers
-520 subscribers on Telegram

3. Metrics to measure success
Successful activities till end of March meaning:
-5 - 8 post infographic everyday (support for 8 projects & other projects, details below)
-Active Near Insider Twitter account - with the latest news about NEAR
-Report impressions data in March

4. Cost
-1 Social content (Twitter + Telegram): Write and post on platforms, update news daily with basic design tools
-3 researcher: Research, synthesize and analyze data to create interesting topics
-3 designer: Innovative designs from topics submitted by researchers
-1 Project manager: Connect to the project to get the task. Team Management. Planning, reporting, team meetings, coordination, prepare articles, get in contact with crypto sites, brainstorming
-Support for 8 projects

  • Octopus
  • Meta Pool
  • Wannaswap
  • Ref Finance
  • Trisolaris
  • Jumbo Exchange
  • FarmMe
  • Near Concierge Team
    Memes Monday
    Meet Your NEAR Peer
    ExtraordiNEARy Post
    Quiz Night

-1 One-page overview
-2 guide/education
-4 analytics topics
-3 insights topics

→ 10 infographics/project → Total: 80 infographics/8 projects
=> 70 infographics for 7 selected projects: $3000
=> 120 - 150 infographics for other projects: $4000

=> Giveaway: $500

We will send a report at the end of the month.

Wallet ID: near-insider.sputnik-dao.near
Amount: 7500 USD - 852 NEAR

Near Insider Guild


Tagging @marketingdao-council for More Post Visibility…

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Good morning. Will be great before approve your proposal, create an open call for candidates on these positions. I believe many community members wanna take these jobs :blush:

I propose next opportunities according by OWS rates and

3x researchers , $200 a month (English, Spanish, Russian)
3x designers, $200 a month (English, Spanish, Russian)

One social and project media manager , $500 a month (bilingual, able to connect with not English-specking people )

Total budget: $1700 a month.

Appreciate your work and as a council I approved many your proposals in other projects and also aware about your work for Oin Finance, Creativities DAO, Concierge OWS , OWS team, ect , but we need to chase DIVERSITY. You guys know my thoughts about it. I’m about decentralization and equal access to opportunities for everyone.


Ps: Thanks to Degens and Flying rhino army for awesome infographics and content.


Sorry, maybe you misunderstood.
3 researcher, 3 designer, 1 social management, 1 project manager. These are the personnel I had. They are working in our office. And for $1700, it’s not enough to pay them. Hope you can reconsider. Thanks for take time!

Sorry, maybe you misunderstood.
3 researcher, 3 designer, 1 social management, 1 project manager. These are the personnel I had. They are working in our office. And for $1700, it’s not enough to pay them. Hope you can reconsider. And my team is Near Insider. Not Flying rhino.
Thanks for take time!

Good morning!

Oh, sorry. I saw your account and MV traders (another one our grantee) in Flying Rhino army team (OWS pays. $100 for it), I thought it fits to you.

From me, as well as we have have many contributors who works with Twitter and you requested ~ $15 per one post / topic -

  • would be great to see language diversity in your content,
  • collaboration with guilds and projects - open form and list of contacts,
  • team introduction and information about rewards for every team member,
  • disagree, in my opinion should be open equal access for everyone.
  • You already have 2 people from concierge ops team who help connect projects and community.



I dont understand you mean. You mean i need to tag my team member?

About contact min 5 projects to support. I mean with current resources, each month our team can only support up to 5 new projects. Next month we will increase by adding more staff.

And with the current total staff of 8 people, I propose a funding level of 8000 USD. You can review and consider. Thanks!

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Can you clarify how you are getting the $8000/month number? Is it ~$1,000/per team member?

If so, do you anticipate adding team members as the project continues to grow – you said next month you will increase staff? Do you anticipate the budget increasing next month? The MarketingDAO has a soft cap at $10K.

Also, how are you selecting the 5 projects you support each month – and what does support mean? Do you mean you’re featuring them/creating content about them and no others?


Hey @Dacha Actually we are not the Part of Near Insider Council, The Op have Mistakenly Tagged Us , Pls Check the Near Insider Introduction Post , Myself and Fritz are Supporting Near Insider Guild Behalf of OWS.

it Seems like that Near Insider guild/Dao have Already formed a Team 3 Months ago and Continue to Contribute to Near Ecosystem with Infographics for Past 3 months.

i guess they are making this statement for Metrics against the funds asked, Like they are trying to Collaborate with 5 Projects to Create Infographics .

i suppose this has been answered on the beginning.


Yes. $8000/month. But not $1,000/person. We have normal staff and Head. We will recruit more quality personnel and can completely replace the old staff to be able to support more than 5 projects

With new projects, we will support media about content & infographic. As follows:
-Brief overview via infographic to introducing project
-IDO information (if they release token)
-Airdrop/Giveaway to reach more users
-5-10 post about insights, analytics, statistics, report, education/tutorial…

Thanks for take time!

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Could you please introduce them ? How much money you gonna spend on

  • Researcher,
  • Designer,
  • Social management,
  • Project manager

Near insider is one of account in Flying Rhino army (they pay $100 though OWS). I thought $100 is ok for you and was surprised to see $8000.


No. I was added to the group by them but I’m not their member, I left. We are an independent guild and operate as a media channel. You can watch the quality from our channel.

This is exactly what we do every day

It’s not easy to get close to 8000 followers with organic users in 3 months. You can see impressions from some posts

In addition, we are also present in the Top Most Influential in the Near ecosystem

Some articles you can refer to to better understand the quality as well as the difficulty to create it:

Every month we produce 300-400 graphic and infographic articles. That’s the task our staff created together. They have to brainstorm quite a lot, it requires both creativity in content. So $100/month to pay about 8 employees is not possible.

It makes sense for you to lower the number to $5000-$6000 to test our capacity for the first month. We ready for this.

-3 researcher: 2 normal staff - 1 Head
-3 designer: 2 normal staff - 1 Head
-1 social management
-1 project manager

Thanks and hope to understand for our work!

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It’s a no from me.
Looks like there isn’t enough distribution or deliverables for me to give the nod.
That’s quite a hefty contract for what appears to be fairly thin posts.

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Tell me what number you think is a good fit. Thanks for joining

Still wondering about this question – thanks!


Yeah. I will support for them. I will choose projects that have been granted from Near and Aurora. You correct, create content about them, via graphics and infographic, that’s our strength

Hello, :vulcan_salute:

Thanks for tagging me, I want to clarify that @HaiVu @Monish016 and my self we are helping you as part of our job as community members.

You should provide a better breakdown to the proposal first, we will help you to check on that, so then you can make and edition.




OWS is hiring staff in your team for $200 (researcher ad designer) and $400 (head of research team )

So, at least 2 positions will be covered by OWS.

Another staff:

2 researchers , $400 ($200x2)
2 designers , $400 ($200x2)
1 project manager $400
1 social manager $400

So, total budget is $1600 a month, right?



I propose to choose projects from list written by Near Community. For instance, I see lack of content on Russian or non-English languages about most popular Near and Aurora games, like Land to Empire, Moonflower, Galaxy online, Pixel daps, etc.

Aslo, would be great to see translated infographics on Russian and other requested by Near Community languages.



Yes. I am adapting the proposal to be more appropriate