[ANNOUNCEMENT] Second Semester on CUDO DAO - about sustainability

Aiming to get even closer to the sustainability discussed among DAO’s we at CUDO DAO are rethinking our projects to establish ourselves even more as an audiovisual lab that can reach partnerships beyond the Near ecosystem.

We understand this strategy as a movement towards funding that can complement and/or sustain certain projects even in the absence of the funds currently offered by creatives.

Since partnerships between DAO’s (such as our partnership with Muti and our partnership with the Incubadora) are already moving with speed, we now want to focus on bringing these projects to interested entities and thus fostering even more professional opportunities for artists in our community.

With this, in general terms, we can declare that we will have a second semester focused on these projects:

História de Bagagem DOC - A documentary created from the experience gained over a year filming immigrants living in Lisbon. We want to create a Documentary of excellence, able to compete in film festivals around the world and possibly bring an award to our community. This would give Near visibility as a brand, probably making it the first Crypto to sponsor an award winning film at festivals. Through this project we will bring to our community professional opportunities in sound, set design, screenwriting, editing, translation and design.

Bloqueio (web series) - A series already in development that aims to create 5 episodes that discuss mental health and human relationships. Through this project we can achieve high viewing figures and negotiate its inclusion in various platforms, taking NEAR’s brand to other niches. Through this project we will bring to our community professional opportunities in acting, sound, set design, screenwriting, editing, translation, and design.

New Algo me Diz - A project based on the video recordings of photographers previously chosen to follow their records pro among a chosen city around the world. Having in each edition a native photographer and an immigrant photographer, we will portray with images and testimonials what these curious and different looks can offer us when looking at the city. From this project we will create NFT’s from the photos produced by the photographers, promote Near’s brand as our sponsor and create a project with potential partnerships with travel agencies, airlines, public administrations and others.

Retrato Falado - Our already consolidated interview and photo project that will keep trying to attract more and more relevant guests as well as keep looking for commercial partners that will bring even more sustainability possibilities to the project.

CUBASHOTS - Our project in partnership with the Incubator that, in this second semester, will concentrate its forces on reaching galleries, magazines, public administrations and other entities interested in sponsoring this project.

MUTISESSION - Our project in partnership with MUTI that, in this second semester, will concentrate its forces on reaching brands interested in advertising and/or buying the right to have their brand as naming rights to the project.

We will keep trying to make these projects reach larger and larger proportions to embrace more and more of the artistic possibilities of the members of our community.

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The second semester will be even more amazing, I look forward to seeing all these projects in practice and taking Near’s name to more and more people.
#GOCUDO :rocket: