[Proposal] New Algo me Diz

As we talked about in this post, Something Tells Me is changing to a new format.

Aiming to be more aligned with CUDO DAO’s expectations for the second semester, we spent the month of July developing the concept and format of this new project.

For this we invited the award winning screenwriter @marinaesia who helped us to develop a script that we now intend to take to the next phase, which is the shooting of a pilot.

The new Something Tells Me (name still under discussion) will be based on the video recordings of photographers previously chosen to follow their records pro among a chosen city around the world. Having in each edition a photographer native to the place and an immigrant photographer, we will portray with images and testimonials what these curious and different looks can offer us when looking at the city.

From this project we will create NFT’s from the photos produced by the photographers, promote Near’s brand as our sponsor and create a project with potential partnerships with travel agencies, airlines, public administrations and others.

We are eager to start bringing this material to life and hope to have something published very soon to show the community.

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It was amazing to do this first phase of Algo me diz, in which we showed several cities and countries in an intimate and poetic way, we hope you enjoy this new format :pray:
#GOCUDO :rocket:

Extremely happy in being part of this project, which has a lot of potential. I am sure we can maintain the poetry of Algo Me Diz and at the same time open many doors and find new dimensions for this work. Thank you Heverton and Talita for trusting me! Let’s go :blush:

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