[CLOSED] CUDO DAO AUGUST Social Media, communication and marketing

Hello again! @marketingdao-council


Funding scheme: Monthly

You can see a summary of our activities on the last 3 months here

You can check our latest reports in the following links:

Report June

Report May

Thanks to the immense support from Marketing, CUDO DAO has been able to greatly advance our social media outreach goals, making our projects reach more people and, consequently, taking the NEAR brand even further.

In the last three months our growth was about 77% on Instagram and on YouTube we went from 164 to 205 subscribers and got over 3.5k views.



We remain firm in our goal of becoming a reference when it comes to audiovisual production within the NEAR ecosystem, and together with our new projects like CUBASHOTS, MUTISESSION and Retrato Falado, we intend to reach out to relevant brands outside the ecosystem to bring even more power to what Near represents in our community. This can be seen most clearly in this ad.

Today we have the following content channels:

  • Website
  • YouTube Channel:
  • Instagram accounts:
  • Twitter account:
  • At the time of writing this proposal, the CUDO DAO twitter channel has 780 followers, the Instagram channel has 1352 followers and the Vertebra 636. These are low numbers given the 1000+ views we have on our content. We have a goal of reaching 1,000 followers on each of our channels in the coming months.
  • We will continue with daily posts on our instagram (during the last 3 months we produced more than 100 NFTS per month by more than 22 different artists), a lot of new videos on our YouTube channel and in partner channels like Incubadora and Muti, and 5 posts a week on Twitter. All included in an overall strategy aimed at increasing the visibility and relevance of our content in the audience.

This new proposal is for the month of August and aims to continue executing our strategies for the second semester of 2022.

A couple of previously funded monthly proposals in the Creatives DAO category:

Funding Details:

  • 200$ to manage the Instagram channels
  • 200$ to manage the twitter channel
  • 200$ to manage YouTube channel
  • 200$ to google ads
  • 200$ to Instagram ads
  • 100$ to make some updates to our website (include new pages per project and start working on an interface that allows reading in both Portuguese and English).
    • Total requested: 1,100$ = 187 N
    • cudo.sputnik-dao.near
    • CUDO DAO

Reference: 1N = 5,89 USD

Near price today, chart, market cap & news | CoinGecko 1 01th Mayl 18:26 time Lisbon!

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.

Thanks for your attention. :pray: :pray:


Thanks for your proposal.

I am willing to support for another month.

Do note that the NEAR ecosystem is changing rapidly. As the community is demanding better marketing initiatives, we are reviewing how we allocate funding, and actively inviting new applicants that are able to deliver on initiatives that will have the most impact on the growth of the NEAR ecosystem.


Hello @satojandro, we are very happy and thankful for your support, we understand that changes are necessary, especially at this time, so we at Cudo Dao are also making changes in our projects and consequently in our marketing, as was talked about here in the report, for example Algo me diz, which will become more like a TV show, something more professional, aiming to take NEAR’s name to more and more people :rocket: :wink:

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Thank you so much for your input @satojandro. We’re aways excited about the evolutions and we are fully committed to evolving together and adding what we can to these changes.

Looking forward to @Klint and @cryptocredit 's feedbacks. =)

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Creating ads on Instagram or Google Search Ads about NFTs or Crypto Projects is against the terms of service with few exceptions.

I cannot support this project at this time.

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Hi Klint, thanks for your input, but you see, we think our primary intention with the drives is not to promote our NFT’s. We produce videos that showcase the NEAR brand and so we believe that reaching the largest number of people means better results for both our DAO and the NEAR Foundation.

Clearly sales of NFT’s are a core activity of our DAO, but, our store does not need to be boosted directly because every time a post of ours reaches more people, they naturally visit our platforms and reach our products.

More than NFT’s and Cryptos projects, our community creates professional audio-visual content and having brand support in that content does not hurt Google Ads or Facebook ads guidelines agree? At least, we have been doing this for some time now without major problems, I think we can continue and keep reaching a good audience. =)

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On the same page with @Klint

Thanks .

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Thanks for your contribution Dacha, but we would really appreciate it if you would consider the argumentation I presented here:

We are presenting another point of view (the same one used to approve our last proposals for this vertical) that might change your opinion. =)

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Hi team – thanks for the proposal. I have reviewed the reports from June and July and note that you have made progress. I also appreciate that your project is seeking to bring NEAR to specific populations and audiences through art. That said, I do agree with @satojandro that we are in the midst of change and reviewing how we are allocating funding even for ongoing, long-term projects. In general, I want to see more organic growth and traction around projects at a faster pace, but I also appreciate and understand the fact that you are trying and have seen some results. I also note your detailed, timely reports.

For that reason, I would like to support this for another month at the requested funding amount and see how it progresses, but also want to underscore that we may not continue to fund every project long-term.

Based on forum responses, you still need a decision/comment from one more member of the Marketing DAO in order to finalize this. We should be able to have an answer for you by tomorrow.

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This proposal does not meet my requirements. Unable to support