An appeal to dear councils and guild leaders 🔴

:red_circle:With this letter, I officially stop communicating with @dacha, and I urge all members of my guild to do so. For me, it’s more invisible than in “Black Mirror Season 2, Episode 4”. To my great regret, this man has proved to be nothing more than a troll whose goal is simply to destroy communities from within, the more you answer on his questions, the more new questions he generates. His goal is to paralyze work of guilds, gov forum, and whole system of NEAR community. He forces people to answer a huge number of non-constructive questions, eating up hundreds of hours of a huge amount of people that could be spent on developing the NEAR community. Because of him, we have witnessed demoralization and an outflow of motivated, creative, talented people from NEAR ecosystem.

It is not intended to continue the conversation with him until it is absolutely transparent, in the form of a live KYC with a passport and the presence of all consuls who will also be ready to provide such transparency.

I propose to introduce a similar level of security in a government forum when a dangerous and uncontrollable man appears. We have to accept the possibility that such people could be sent specifically and perform well-paid functions to destroy NEAR from within. This man has not done anything useful in all time, and he is proud that he has not earned anything in NEAR. Then what is he doing here 24/7? Who pays for this time? These people are very afraid of the transparency and publicity that is required from others. Therefore, I urge him to be completely transparent, because he has a huge impact on the mood, time and workflow in the work of guilds!
He constantly makes serious accusations against almost everyone who works in NEAR projects, especially those related to marketing and community development. It looks like he deliberately inhibits the success and development of the ecosystem.

Now I urge you all to unite! Only together we can move forward with enormous force. I propose to make a special branch on gov forum where all the leaders of all guilds will be able to drop video, music, advertising, or information that they really need to spread. I mean all that content, where a lot of time and energy were invested. And then other guild leaders can spread these things very, very actively.

Also, all members of the guilds can contact the leader and ask him to place any link related to their work done, so that he can post it on the government forum for distribution. I ask dear councils @grace and @chloe o create such a branch.

With regard to the accountability imposed on all @dacha I will also give my opinion.
When I look at these graphs and the characteristics of retweets and reposts from grant programs and any marketing actions, I get a chill.
There’s no creativity, there’s no person and no story, and that’s the most important thing.

NEAR isn’t about graphics. NEAR is a transformation of society. It’s changing destiny, once and for all! It’s dating and love! And love can’t be expressed in graphics! NEAR is creativity!! Let’s show it better! It should be a success.

Please everyone watch and distribute this)))) Do not forget to subscribe to the channel!!

@grace @chloe @starpause @David_NEAR @jlwaugh @norah.near @shreyas @illia


We have heard your concerns on this and I reviewed @Dacha’s posts personally.

Although I believe that Dacha’s previous behavior was inappropriate, this seems to have changed over the past few weeks.

I can’t see any posts recently which may have violated the Community Guidelines. Many of the questions Dacha is asking serve to provide a level of community-driven accountability which is essential when it comes to decentralised governance.

Can you please specify which questions/posts in particular?

Openness and transparency are some of the values of the NEAR Foundation and, indeed, the nature of blockchain as a whole. This should be reflected by everyone on the forum.

I think this is a little harsh. We should hold everyone to an equally high standard and nobody should be singled out

We’re working on ways to engage Guild Leaders as we speak. This includes the creation of a group (not category or thread) within the Governance Forum which will allow mass synchronous communication to all Guild Leaders.

Something like your suggestion might work, too. However, I’m unsure how this relates to Dacha. Additionally, I think communication and contributions should be as open and transparent as possible.

Can you please share which posts, in particular, you’re referring to? If you’d like to flag a post in the future, I’d encourage you to flag a post with the admins

Has Dacha, or any other community member, DM’d you via the forum or communicated with you through another avenue that has led to this post and concerns? If so, please do let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss it further.

Ultimately, I don’t believe any action needs to be taken against any member of the forum at this time. If you think otherwise, or you have specific concerns, can you please drop the links to each post/thread/reply here?

Keep up the awesome work on the City Node front :muscle:


Dear Valentine, I’m asking you simple questions. Please be more transparency. Unfortunately, you’re still ignoring them (and not only my questions).

No, it’s not true dear Valentine! Goal is 100% transparency for guilds and individuals who get money from Near for marketing and all other kind of activities.

For example, look at a great Near Army report in August (instead of list of wallets in July).

Have a great day!


Hi Valentin,

You’re doing amazing work in building out the Mukachevo community and I know there’s a lot that you want to do on that front. I agree with David’s comments on this but would like to echo a couple of things.

Web3 communities are rooted in open source and transparency. This means that we work in the open. Here’s a good resource that I’ve shared before about this. Working in the open is exciting because you get to collaborate with a lot of people who are aligned on your goals. But this also can be a bit daunting because your work is out there in the open- people can use it, contribute to it, or even critique it. It’s all part of the process. We learn from it and ensure that we do better.

Transparency and anonymity are two different things. As a community, we strive for transparency. But as individuals, we respect people’s decision to stay anonymous(or pseudonymous) to participate and contribute to the community.

While questioning and keeping the community accountable is encouraged, I’d like to re-iterate that we’d like to assume positive intent and be respectful. Baseless accusations aren’t welcome and always treat each other with respect.

Looking forward to chatting to learn more about your plans for Mukachevo!