[PROPOSAL] Regional DAO Council Member Self-Nomination NEAR Native

The NEAR Native guild does not nominate consuls for the RC DAO as it is neutral.

We see several problems in management and remuneration.

The guild must be supported, developed and paid attention to the community, and also that no external factor influences the work, which is constantly challenged due to the personal motives of other members. We also believe that the work of the guild and its members should be paid adequately and contribute to the growth of the community.

In this regard, we keep neutrality and work in our own mode.

FYI @blaze @Vladislav_vl25

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The council nominations interest is not based on community or guild. If nobody from your team nominate himself or shows interest, am sure other people have done in your region to be part of the councils.

For other concerns raised, we RCWG-DAO members don’t have any personal conflicts with any community.

Wish you best of luck. Happy to have a call as usual.

Hello @Al-DYOR

Like Bakaka mentioned… Council seats are not guide based… They are continental based with representation from a representative from each 5Major continent and 2 representation from anywhere in the world.

We currently have 16 people that has submitted there interest in the council election from every continent with the Voting community now ultimately chosing their representative through a transparent voting system…

Please if anyone interested in the council seat they should submit their nomination as nomination ends June 30 23:30PM UTC

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