Changes in GoaDAO

GM dear NEAR community!
happy to inform that i’ve stepped down from the Councils of GoaDAO due to my choice to work for Aurora Ecosystem. :green_heart:
as far as i have a solid position to avoid taking many-much projects in one time (better less but that i can cover with the whole my attention and care) and supporting the idea of Council’s rotation, i 'm glad to pass on the continue maintaining the DAO to the people, that are coming after me :slight_smile: letting them represent themselves as they wish by themselves :pray:

here i’m still as a Council of D-LAYER #united-belarus-dao
and participating in Community activities
and my TG contact is the same for any case :wink:

hugs and have a great day !


Good luck, I believe you can do it. :wink:

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That’s so cool! Congratulations @johanga! :partying_face: :lotus:

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