Asking for help against a centralized system of government

Good evening to you, the community of the Near ecosystem. As far as you know, I conduct investigations and publish some reports, demand transparency on the forum from projects and ask uncomfortable questions about financing (questions are not convenient for consuls just because I ask for transparency in reports). @illia @marieke.flament I know that at the moment you are also struggling with uneven spending of grants. If you think that my work, and free of charge, is not needed here, then tell me about it. Several times the moderators of the chat in private messages write that they will block my account on the forum. You can personally check all my publications on the forum. My “uncomfortable” questions were addressed and justified by the protocol, Poker Space, creative DAO, marketing DAO, and all my questions are reasoned and supported by evidence. I ask you to deal with the centralized form of government on the forum and make it available to any user who experiences and loves the blockchain Near.
Thx :blush:

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In my personal view, I do believe that you are doing great. Transparency is a right, not a privilege. My open questions regarding NEAR UA are still pending and have not received any feedback on that. I do believe that it makes circumstances more opaque and raises more questions rather than answers them.

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Hey KatyPerry.

Agree with you 100%. The questions regarding NEAR UA however are for them to answer. Last time I looked at the thread I didn’t feel it required further comment on behalf of the Foundation.


Good evening @pathfinder

You’re welcome to raise questions about transparency and financing. There is nothing ‘uncomfortable’ about them. The Foundation will try and give as much clarity as it possibly can.

P.S. There is no need to unnecessarily tag Illia and Marieke in your posts :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agreed, but they are not answering.
Nevertheless, can foundation give an overview of how much money was given to NEAR UA?


Hey Katy, sorry for the delayed response. Some of us at the Foundation were away during the holidays. Hope you enjoyed your holidays too and have a great year ahead :rocket:

Unfortunately, I don’t think we can unilaterally disclose further details.