VanDAO x BeatDAO Present - The 'Rare Vandal Anthem' Beat Hunt


It’s time to officially announce the collaboration between VanDAO & BeatDAO and let the hunt for the beat that will be used for the Rare Vandal Anthem begin!!!

There have been a lot of questions already raised in the BeatDAO Telegram as to how this collaboration is going to work and what it entails, so I hope this post helps to clarify things moving forward as we begin the hunt.


It is much easier to explain what kind of vibe the Rare Vandal is on by using the “type-beat” example. So below is a list of the producers that best suit this project:

For Reference Only

Tempo I’m looking for is between 92-98 BPM with an anthem-type vibe. I don’t mind if you use samples, but just make sure that they are well disguised and can’t be Shazam’d


I will only accept beats from BeatDAO community members who join the VanDAO Telegram channel. This is where you will share your beat submission.

Your Submission:

  • Prepare a 1-Minute sample of your beat
  • Drop the sample in the VanDAO Telegram channel & tag me (mp3 is fine)
  • Submissions open Monday December 20th 2021 & close on Monday January 3rd 2022.


It won’t take me long to come to a decision, so I’ll likely announce it in the VanDAO telegram channel on the 4th of January 2022.

If your beat is selected please refer to the original post for the details. We will also set up a private group to manage the project and decide on % splits and so on…

If you have any questions, drop a comment below or @ me in the VanDAO or BeatDAO telegram group. Good luck!!!


Dope! I’ll try to cook something up for this! I love jcole instrumentals too! :fire:


Thanks! Looking fwd to what you cook up. Make sure you join the telegram channel aight!

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The Vandal always coming with that dopenesss! i will def try to submit something if time on hands allowed its a pretty crazy last month of the year… kudos

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I would have expected nothing less!! All love fam, you’ve provided so many dope soundscapes and know me so well already it might actually be unfair! LOL just kidding, but no stress, year is ending and loads going on. One love!