[Proposal] VanDAO x Metaverse DAO - Rare Vandal Anthem MV

The Rare Vandal Anthem Metaverse Music Video

So far on our jounery to create the Rare Vandal Anthem we’ve collaborated in the created the Music with BeatDAO and despite the failure of the Cover Art “HYPE Battle” with HypeDAO we are excited to begin production of a Metavserse-themed Music Video in collaboration with MetaVerse DAO and a few Vandal family members!

Core Team:


We will be shooting at a variety of locations in Cryptovoxels. But, a primary location will be built and be where the grand finale of the MV will take place.

DAOrecords HQ:

  • Primary Location on DAOrecords HQ Rooftop (WIP) [Link]
  • Other locations will be spread out through Cryptovoxels according to the concept


A journey through the Metaverse. Follow Vandal as he walks, swims and flies through Cryptovoxel on his way to the Listening Party. Occasionally greeted by random avatars along the way, Vandal explores the streets of the metaverse making a few pitstops along the way.

Production Schedule

Feb 28th - Walkabout Shoot

  • The shot list and locations will be drafted out by Vandal and @GeminiRising will do the shooting.

March 9th - Party Shoot at the DAOrecords HQ Rooftop!

  • Whole team is there to execute the shoot.

Budget Breakdown

Director = $50
Editor = $300
Camera x 2 = $300
Build = $200
Wearables = $100

Total = $950