[REPORT] Arroz Criativo April, 2022

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Reporting Period : April 2022

Hello, Creatives!
Hope you are all doing well!

It is not a figure of speech to say that we are thrilled by April! It was such an intense month, with great events as a part of our engagement with NEAR.

We started by hosting the launching of ArtDAOs Genesis, in collaboration with Ramp, SZNS and Autonomies. It was an evening of art, music, gaming, sci-fi worldbuilding, live street art painting & DJs for the opening of the NFC conference in Lisbon.

The very next day, Arroz Estúdios was the venue for The MetaWav NFC Afterparty, which showcased Mintbase NFTs and projected the event into the SenSpace Cryptovoxels. We closed the month hosting Atropa Beladona, a multi-disciplinary event that combined music, performative acts, visuals, special decor, installations, exhibits and Web3 technology.


Our Shillin n’ Chillin sessions also had a great start. In collaboration with Autonomies, Loominate, Keyko and Art Progression Now, this special meetup included workshops and talks about NFTs & DAOs at the Service of Creative Communities. Please, check the whole agenda here.

We kept the energy flowing with other amazing Shillin n’ Chillin nights dedicated to GetCrypto Card Game, Minting and Web3.

Regarding our Planting. A.I.R - Artists in Residence progress, we introduced our new residents: Karen da Silva, Dora da Cruz and Pedro Queirós.

Karen and Dora’s research project, entitled “I’m from here/I’m not from here”, investigates this paradoxical digital/virtual space in which we all strongly identify. As both come from the performing arts, they are exploring, through movement, dance and physical theater, the sense of feeling foreign in their own country.

Pedro is a visual artist that works with sculpture and new media. For his residency at Arroz Estúdios, Pedro will develop a Queer cryptoart gallery platform, bringing together works from queer artists that are both easily adaptable and inclusive into the cryptoart market. As usual, we kept our workshops to integrate them to the NEAR ecossystem, with the following topics:

  • Intro to NEAR Protocol and wallet creation and how to convert crypto into EUR
  • Intro to DAOS, how to create a proposal
  • Intro to NFTs
  • Store creation on Mintbase

The NEAR Hub container is in the house! On April 13th, we installed our NEAR Hub container, where we are going to host blockchain education projects and activities.

Our NEAR Merchandising Store is now focusing on finalizing their mint base store, along with painting the back wall to attract even further attention, particularly as we are now having much lighter evening events. Please, see the updates here.

The collaboration with the West Coast festival to introduce the NEAR ecosystem to Trafaria artists was postponed to May. The West Coast NEAR event will be held at the same venue, on May 14th. The update can be seen here.

The Plantasia Streaming support for Arroz Residents workshop had to be postponed to the third week of May, since the material only arrived recently. It will take place at VanDAO Studio LX (@vandal) on the 18th, at 2pm. Please, take a look at the update here.

We feel very grateful for such a month and to be part of this community. Stay creative! Be happy!

Arroz Criativo Team :slightly_smiling_face: