[Report] Arroz Criativo Community Manager, April 2022

Project member: @raquelareia
Target: raquellima.near
Total hours spent : ± 80h
Requested : 1100$

Hello, Creatives!

I hope April has been kind to you. As for me, I can’t help but feel proud for writing my second personal report. Although I am dedicating a lot of time to reading about Web3 and its ecosystem, it is very rewarding to feel more comfortable in the process of being part of a decentralized organization.

I am taking some time to share what I’ve been learning with the vibrant and artsy community of Arroz Estúdios, whether artists in residency, staff or visitors. Can’t wait for the summer to hit with all the projects we’ve been talking and meeting about.

Along with @CatiaCiriaco, residence manager of Arroz Estúdios, I’ve produced the workshops for the new Planting A.I.R residents, as the 1st cycle of residencies was completed.

I also co-produced, alongside @GL_v1, Arroz Web3 Leader, and promoted (on Telegram, Meet-up and Twitter) our Shillin ‘n’ Chillin weekly sessions, and worked on the integration of Arroz staff into the Fair Distribution of NEAR.

It was a pleasure to be part of the Creatives chat, every Monday, and to manage Arroz Criativo Telegram chat. Finally, I cannot forget to report that, after a month of trial, I am officially a Arroz Council Member.

Thank you, community, for the amazing experience! Stay creative! Be happy!


P.S: @FritzWorm, I am very grateful for your insights about my very first Arroz Budget Proposal. @hevertonharieno, your patience should be bottled! Thanks.

PSS: Below, a pic from last night’s meetup: Shillin ‘n’ Chillin.


Thanks for all the great work in these past months @raquelareia . With so much going on you have done such a brilliant job! :sunny:


Mette, I’m so glad you think so. Thank you!

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