[Report] Arroz Criativo March Budget Report

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With the Covid-19 restrictions lifted in Portugal, March was a very exciting month!

We’ve kept up with the Crypto Meetups at Arroz Estúdios – our weekly casual talks about crypto featuring drinks, good music & pizza (some of them purchased with NEAR). The Wednesdays workshops program has fully integrated our Planting A.I.R residents, as well as some studio holders and collaborators since we’ve implemented the NEAR Fair Distribution this month.

See more detailed information about workshops:

March 9th: NFT and Mintbase Technology, with @marianeu.

March 16th: The 2022 edition of Rare Effect, a 10-day festival featuring digital crypto art, NFT exhibition and live music performances.

March 23th: VanDAO Studio Launch, a chat about all-things DAO-related hosted by @vandal.

March 30th: Onboarding of the Arroz events team to the DAO system for the fair distribution of NEAR Proposals

As the second cycle of Planting A.I.R. residencies are ending, @tomassnts.near @nkakasessa.near will be presenting their projects. Tomás Santos will present his first exhibition and Nkaka Sessa will launch his EP. Their residency final projects will debut on an April 8th event at Arroz Estúdios.

We are also adding a new container to Arroz Estúdios, to create a NEAR Hub for blockchain education, projects and activities. See the detailed reports and updates of all this projects below:

  • Planting A.I.R - Artists in Residence update can be seen here
  • Arroz Merchandising Store March report can be found here
  • NEAR Hub progress can be seen here
  • Pizza & drinks cost for meetup workshops can be seen here (TBA)

While developing all of these projects, we’ve also onboarded a new community manager, @raquelareia.

Keep in touch with all Arroz NEAR projects in our Telegram channel

Thank you all for the time and effort. Stay creative! Be happy! :heart:

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