Seminar 3 - Introduction to Afrofuturism: a temporal short circuit

Incubadora intends to create a monthly educational program involving art, technology and their potentialities. Through seminars, workshops and talks we want to onboard artists and researchers to share knowledge with our community. The program will be open to everyone who wants to join, for free (with Airdrops to reward engagement).

Title: Introduction to Afrofuturism: a temporal short circuit

"The seminar will present Afrofuturism based on the discussion of the origins of the concept and its main narrative and aesthetic characteristics. For this, the strategies of creation and invention in contemporary arts will be addressed, based on the connections between the concept of Afrofuturism and the field of speculative fiction. These strategies will be discussed based on the tensions and inflections of the decolonial critical field and research in black art and culture.

In this introduction to understanding Afrofuturism, we will also discuss how narrative temporalities meet and short-circuit. Despite the name that highlights the future, when analyzing the Afrofuturist creations we realize that past, present and future are not chronological and linear temporalities in the works. In this sense, it will be discussed how, from African, Afro-Diasporic and non-Western worldviews, the temporal categories in Afrofuturist works are shown to be circular, spiraling and, above all, in shock."

Speaker: Dr. Kênia Freitas

K√™nia Freitas is a brazilian researcher and film critic. She did postdoctoral internships in Communication at UCB (2015-2018) and at Unesp (2018-2020). PhD in Communication and Culture from ECO-UFRJ (2015). She has made several curatorships, including the exhibitions ‚ÄúAfrofuturismo: cinema e m√ļsica em uma di√°spora intergal√°ctica‚ÄĚ (2015), ‚ÄúDiretoras Negras no Cinema brasileiro‚ÄĚ (2017-2018), session ‚ÄúPretEspa√ßos‚ÄĚ at L√āMINA ‚ÄĒ Mostra Audiovisual Preta (2021) and session ‚ÄúMovimentos fabulares‚ÄĚ at the ‚ÄúCinema Brasileiro: Anos 2010, 10 Olhares‚ÄĚ movie show. She was part of the curatorial teams of the IX CachoeiraDoc (2020) and the Festival de Cinema de Vit√≥ria (2018). She writes reviews for the Multiplot! website. She teaches courses and workshops on criticism, black cinema, Afrofuturism and fables.

The seminar will take place on February 24th, online.

It will be held in Portuguese.

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