[ACCEPTED] Art Seminars

PARTNERSHIP Incubadora DAO <> Philosophers DAO 3.

TPD Seminars


The main objective of this set of projects is to produce creative products from the Academy that could be seen by a broad audience, like seminars about art, technology and related philosophical topics, books on Mintbase, broadcast talks about cryptoart, everything registered as NFTs on NEAR blockchain.


The relevance of this set of projects is precisely to bring academic philosophers to NEAR blockchain, and to take their knowledge to the community, through creative projects. This is important because art generally makes difficult contents accessible, so the production can be brought from the university and presented in an accessible form, like talks, interviews, 3d articles. This is important for the community, because it expands the NEAR community of creatives to many professors and students that research artistic, cultural, and technological philosophy areas, which are important to the Creatives. We intend to connect the creative world of art with the world of philosophy, by expanding the ways we will present philosophy through art and by focusing our subject matter on cultural, artistic, and technological subjects.

Philosophers DAO have a store, opened in a project funded by The Writers Guild, with 3d rendered voxel books as NFTs on it. We’ve already put many of our members in the store as minters.


4 seminars on art, technology and related philosophical topics (each 60 minutes + 30 minutes of questions and answers) that will be taught in Portuguese. The program will be open to everyone who wants to join, for free, through YouTube Live. The recordings will be available on the Philosophers DAO YouTube channel and extracts from it will be minted on our Mintbase store. Each speaker will write a short text on the topic covered in their seminar to be minted as a 3D object in our Mintbase. This will be a project in integration with the existing Incubadora’s project on philosophical and artistic talks (like this Seminar and Incubadora).

All activities will be carried out by experts in art, technology or philosophy, selected according to criteria established by the Philosophers DAO council in partnership with the Incubadora DAO.

For this we will need

  • Pre and Post-production. Including the description in videos, minting videos on Mintbase, post videos on YouTube, moderate the seminars, send airdrops to reward engagement to listeners who have a Near Wallet, do onboarding (if necessary) for the speakers, publicize it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - (200 USD).
  • Speakers - (1000 USD: 4 speakers x 250 USD)
  • Artist for minting texts into 3D objects - (200 USD)
  • Onboarding interested professors or students on NEAR - (150 USD).

(All the payments in USD will be paid in NEAR or DAI, whichever is more convenient for the DAO, and NEAR value will be measured according to the exchange rate used by NEAR to pay the DAO)


Week1: Set schedule, contact speakers, make social media art

Week2: Share and invite public

Week3: upload, mint and share

Week4: upload, mint, share and report.

Probably dates of the seminars

1st Seminar June 21

2nd Seminar June 23

3rd Seminar June 28

4th Seminar June 30

Subtotal: 1550USD


These are the NFTs I produced for the talks (the revenue and royalties are equally splitted between the philosophers dao and the author of the talk, and 20 editions were listed for 0 near to stimulate collection):

Final Report
Project status: Completed
Project name:

**Project Accounting:"







What we have accomplished in MONTH

[4 youtube videos]
Seminar 05# Seminar 05# - Blockchain, Web3 e Metaverso - YouTube
Seminar 06# Seminar 06# - Uma reflexĂŁo sobre a funcionalidade da arte - YouTube
Seminar 07# Seminar 07# - Moralidade e ficção literária - YouTube
Seminar 08# Seminar 08# - Redes sociais e o retorno Ă  caverna: uma analogia Ă  Alegoria da Caverna de PlatĂŁo - YouTube

[4 NFTs (videos + gifs from the talks)]

[4 NFTs (rendered gif from 3d books)]

[4 wearables for Voxels]

[4 arts to share the seminars]

Hiring the Community

The onboarded PhD professors were hired to give their talk. They were onboarded to the community. They have many students and a large impact in their work field.

PhD. Adriane Möbbs (UFPEL)
PhD. JĂ´nadas Techio (UFRGS)
PhD. Eduardo Vicentini (UFSM)
PhD. Std. Nykolas Motta (UFRGS)

Others onboarded members in June.

Nara Figueiredo (USP)
Camila Dalcin (UFBA)
Tiago AraĂşjo (UNIFAP)
Lexx Lucre
Rosi Morokawa
Jhosef Lucas Möbbs (UNOPAR)
Leonardo Martins (UCPEL)
Eder Möbbs (UCPEL)
Heitor Moreira (UCPEL)
Manu Souza (UCPEL)
Rafael Pitt (UFPEL)

Updated Project Timeline

We started by continuing the partnership with the Incubadora DAO, both in the creation of the TPD Seminars project and in the selection of topics of interest to both DAOs. Next, we started the project by selecting the proposals sent by the Professors. We are already articulating the combination of resources from the two DAOs to maintain the monthly discussion project on art, technology, culture and philosophy.

We then use the group on Telegram exclusively for members of both DAOs so that we could discuss and share information about the progress of the project.

Then, we boost the Telegram group for The Philosophers DAO Community (which now has 91 members - academics, masters and doctors). We had an increase of 284.38% compared to last month. In this group we sent tutorials so they would have more information about NEAR, NFTs, and our projects. Many of them are interested in creating their Near Wallets (our next step will be to make a Call to offer more information to increase the engagement of people in NEAR and in our community).


The seminars were a real success, we had more than 340 views with subscribers from Brazil and other countries. All videos are now available on our YouTube channel.

Furthermore, we onboarded fifteen new members on Near Wallet (between Professors and Students). We had an increase of 300% compared to last month. So,in June we had 4 talks, 13 NFTs on NEAR, 4 wearables on Voxels, 1 partnership with another DAO (Incubadora DAO), and we started our social networks.

The Philosophers DAO YouTube channel has now 759 subscribers (we had an increase of 3,69% compared to last month) and each of the seminars has so far the following views:

Seminar 05# - held on June 24, has so far had 125 views.

Seminar 06# - held on June 29, has so far had 54 views.

Seminar 07# - held on June 30, has so far had 42 views.

Seminar 08# - held on July 01, has so far had 54 views.


Resumes of PhD professors (onboarded):

PhD. Eduardo Vicentini de Medeiros - Federal University of Santa Maria (vicentini.near)

PhD. JĂ´nadas Techio - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (jonadas.near)

PhD. Adriane Möbbs - Catholic University of Pelotas (mobbs.near)

PhD. Std. Nykolas Motta - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (nikolas_friedrich.near)

PhD. Nara Figueiredo - University of SĂŁo Paulo (nara-fi.near)

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