Seminar 1 - Introduction to the Brazilian Activist Cinema

Incubadora intends to create a monthly educational program involving art, technology and their potentialities. Through seminars, workshops and talks we want to onboard artists and researchers to share knowledge with our community. The program will be open to everyone who wants to join, for free (with Airdrops to reward engagement).

Our first seminar will be held by Leonardo Gonçalves, a Brazilian filmmaker, researcher and PHD student.

Title: Introduction to the Brazilian Activist Cinema

Description: Activist cinema is considered to be a type of politically engaged art, whose audiovisual productions are linked to social struggles, recording them in a fictional or documental character. The objective of this seminar is to make an introductory presentation on the historical and aesthetic aspects of Brazilian militant cinema. In order to do so, we will start from the Cinema Novo movement in the 1960s until the productions of Videoactivism in the 1980s.

The workshop will happen in December 7th, online.
It will be held in Portuguese.

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