[REPORT] February 2022 Monthly Report - Incubadora DAO

February Monthly Report - Incubadora DAO

Project Name: Incubadora DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project Accounting: current account balance 1.257,32 USD*

incubadora.sputnik-dao.near/ jmm.near

  • Some marketing payouts pending like 400 USD related to social media management

Updated Project Timeline:

  • This report is related to the February 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for Incubadora DAO and reflects the achievements and learnings observed in the last 30 days
  • The marketing fundings only reached our account by the end of the month. Because of it, we had to adapt our actions and manage the impacts. Part of the funding related to Instagram promotions are going to be used in March ( 3 of 5 promotions with a cost of 59 USD)


  • Our Afrofuturism seminar was a major success, being very important to promote the visibility of our networks and NEAR ecosystem: the seminar had more than 80 subscriptions and more than 30 attendees. It reflects our coordinated communication actions in our different channels and the increasing refinement of our promotional targeting

Introduction to Afrofuturism: a temporal short-circuit with Dr. Kênia Freitas

  • Instagram’s promotional tool was very efficient in boosting the number of people interacting with our social media channels. We developed 2 promotions to boost the visibility of our initiatives: 1 to promote our Afrofuturism February seminar, generating 95 clicks on our webpage; and 1 to promote the awarded artists of the 3rd edition of our Artist Stipend Program, generating 594 visits in our IG profile

  • Since we started to publicize our monthly seminar until Its date, we were able to gain more than 150 new followers on IG and the seminars page on our website was the most viewed in February besides the homepage, with 266 access by 196 users

  • Our website already features a section dedicated to texts produced by researchers and published in order to bring more audiences to the web3 environment. “Introdução ao cinema militante brasileiro” from Leonardo Gonçalves already had 55 views and a texts by Dr. Kênia Freitas on Afrofuturism was recently added

New researcher texts featured on our website

  • The video tutorials made in partnership with CUDO and featured both on our YouTube and website pages have, once again, proven to be crucial in supporting our activities and promoting engagement with enthusiasts who are not familiar with the NEAR ecosystem. Our “How to make a NEAR Wallet” is the most-watched video on our channel, with 165 views in total

  • Witnessing the NEAR community supporting and interacting with our initiatives is really grateful. On the day of our February Seminar, we were able to onboard new people to the NEAR environment, creating at least five new NEAR wallets and spreading airdrops across the participants. We also launched an engagement bounty to promote engagement in our channels and around 50 community members were rewarded. The impact on our social media channels was instantaneous


  • Goal: two to three posts per week on Instagram + several stories, going from 914 to 1100 followers and growing around 20%. This goal was totally achieved and Incubaddora’s IG is the first channel to achieve more than 1k followers. In the last 30 days, we reached 1314 followers, growing around 37%. Here are some more details:

Instagram Insights Detail

  • Goal: two to three posts per week on Facebook + several stories, going from 86 to 150 followers and growing around 60%. We were really close to achieving this. Even though we made the number of posts intended, we achieved 119 likes and 129 people following our content, around 40% of growth. Here are some more details:

Facebook Insights Detail

  • Goal: two to five tweets per week on Twitter + 1 retweet per day, going from 630 to 690 followers and growing around 10%. This goal was totally achieved and we now have 723 followers, a growth of 15%. The impacts of our engagement bounty were incredibly positive. Here are more details:

Twitter Insights Detail

  • Goal: grow the number of members on our Telegram Group Chat, going from 95 to 110 members and growing around 15%. This goal was totally achieved and now we have 110 members in our group. This channel was crucial to support the participants in our seminar and stipend artists

  • Goal: Feed Youtube channel with three or more videos per month, reaching 25 subscribers + 350 views in our content. This goal was partially achieved. We were able to double the number of followers intended by reaching 50 subscribers, but our content had 160 views. As our monthly seminar was at the end of the month, for example, the video was released a few days ago and its impact could not be seen in a 30 days length yet, which we believe will certainly change in march

  • Goal: build up the daily traffic of our website, going from 445 to 500 visitors per month. This goal was fully achieved. We reached 717 visits by 510 users. For the first time, a Portuguese speaking country from Africa is listed among the top 5 access

Website detail 1

Website detail 2


  • Facebook is one of the most challenging networks in terms of engagement. Next time, it makes more sense to balance promotional posts between Facebook and Instagram instead of concentrating them on IG

  • Engagement bounties are the best at promoting the number of subscriptions on YouTube so far, but It doesn’t really work on increasing the content viewing. Next time, It makes sense to boost some of the videos in our channel with promotions as well

  • In a month where we do not have applications for stipends, It’s harder to promote engagement even with promotions going on. Based on that, the metrics established each month must take this into consideration

  • During this month we became more familiar with the new Community Payouts System and we are still learning how to deal with all the processes. Unfortunately, the funds requested for February only reached our account by the end of the month and it also impacted some of our results

  • The Marketing DAO support is more and more important for Incubadora to achieve Its goals. The greater the reach of networks, the greater the adhesion of our activities and the greater the impact we make. Our growing visibility in social media made us have the most crowded seminar so far. We just can’t wait for what is to come in March with new projects and activities

Next Steps:

  • Organizing and communicating the next round of our Artist Stipend Program and monthly seminar in order to increase the interactions with the NEAR ecosystem

  • Preparing new projects and creating more educational video content to feature our channels and make Incubadora’s initiatives more attractive to people outside the web 3.0 environment

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.

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