[Retrospective] A Look-back on September

We will no longer be proposing “budgets”, but will instead be writing up “Retros”

To keep up with past proposals and bounties, here is the budget for August:

September has been a busy month for the Marma J DAO.

And now for September’s Council Bounties

Current Council: @mecsbecs / @bianca / @chloe

To keep things as simple as possible, each council member is [APPROVED] to submit a payout proposal for 21.19 $marmaj for the month of September. This amount is simply for being on the council and looking through proposals.

Any additional work done by a council member should have its own topic on the forums outlining additional completed tasks and the associated budget.


As a council member for September, I:

  • participated in half of the month’s weekly office hour calls
  • voted on proposals to the DAO
  • participated in the selection of the new minter added to the Marma J Mintbase store - support the artist by buying the NFT here