[Retrospective] A Look-back on October for the Marma J Guild

September’s Retro: [Retrospective] A Look-back on September

The “OPEN CALL” (to add minters to the marmaj mintbase store) is now CLOSED

October has been another busy and eventful month for the Marma J Guild.

There are a few other proposals that are pending currently that we expect to pass soon as well.

Each council member of the marmaj DAO (@chloe, @mecsbecs, & @bianca) is eligible to request 21.19 marmaj tokens from the DAO for their council member duties for the month of October.


So exciting to see the community grow and the number of dev and artistic projects continuing to develop!

Really looking forward to the dashboard as well :exclamation:


Personal report for October:

  • voted on proposals made to the DAO
  • focus on NEARCON meant I was only able to make one community call
  • worked to highlight the NEAR creative community - including Marma J - throughout the month in the planning and execution of NEARCON
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Appreciate all of your support :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart: