[APPROVED] Rental of the Bobby's Palace parcel in CV for cultural streams

Hey there MarmaJ family!

mutiDAO has been renting your parcel in the month of September and we really appreciate this opportunity!

Here is a report of what has happend until now and what we are planning for the next weeks:

We have changed the visuals of the space a little, adjusted the colours to the ones from muti and added several videos and NFTs from muti related artists in there with links to the Mintbase store.

Our first muti.on event (Waking Ellis) was streamed in there on the 14th of September via Twitch, the video is now also available on youtube and is displayed in the parcel for everyone to watch.

We will have another stream this weekend, on the 18th of September, in collaboration with the @gardencollective, as they are organising an artist residency in Lisbon with funding support from muti DAO and they will be streaming out into the world. Their artists have already created NFTs which we have added to the parcel for the virtual gallery to give more exposure.

Once the full video of the Cabeça na lua event from the 18th of September is edited and ready, we would love to stream it in your cv parcel as well. (Currently being edited, teaser will be posted next week)

The second edition of the muti.on project is currently being worked on and will combine a DJ set with generative art. We hope it will be ready within the next days to be streamed as well.

Renting your parcel gave us the chance to work with several other DAOs & partners( VR, CUDO, Creatives, NxM, Eyesome, Garden Collective), give visibility and to blend the digital with the physical, which is exactly what we aim for.

We hope that we can keep up with this work and create more and more content to not only showcase our artists but also the MarmaJ Foundation and its values. We hope Bobby enjoyed it too!

Therefore we would love to use the parcel for the upcoming month of October again and request 20 MarmaJ, (10 for the rental itself and 10 for the setting up & development of the space).

wallet: muticollective.near


Looks great @tabear, we will look over this proposal at the next marmaj DAO meeting on Sunday and there should be more info available as to the outcome at that time. Love what Muti has done with the space so far!


Thank you! We’ll be looking forward to your decision then :slight_smile:


Definitely willing to continue this great partnership in this way! This Marma J council member says “yes”.


[APPROVED] Please feel free to submit a payout proposal for 20 marmaj to the marmaj DAO

And on the 1st of October, please transfer the rental fee to the DAO as well and link the explorer transaction here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks a lot! We are looking forward to another colourful month!

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