[Budget] Marma J Guild - August 2021

Marma J Guild Budget - August 2021

Total Planned Budget: 500 NEAR (~125 marmaj)

Council Member Payouts 150 N (~37.5 marmaj)

  • 100 N for bianca.near (~25 marmaj)
  • 50 N for rebecca.near (12.5 marmaj)

Content Creation Bounties 200N (~50 marmaj)

  • 50 N each x 4 blogs a month = 200 N

Tip Bot Budget 150N (onboarding in Telegram: Contact @marmajdao)

  • 50 N each for chloe.near, bianca.near, and rebecca.near to tip/onboard the Marma J community
  • Many Marma J community members are interacting with NEAR/crypto for the first time within our telegram chat group and having the tip bot be their first Dapp interaction has proven to be a smooth onboarding process.

August Council Member Report:

Did not tip regularly during the month of August in the Marma J Telegram so will not be claiming the Tip Bot budget.

Requested 12.5 marmaj payout from the DAO.