[REPORT] YouTube Social Media Promotion CRYPTO GAMERS by SOOKAST

Hello, team!

I am pleased to announce that a month of our fairly close cooperation has passed. This time was enough to involve a huge part of its audience in NEAR projects and influence the promotion of many projects. I will talk about everything in more detail in the paragraphs below.

Tasks: NEAR - YouTube Social Media Promotion
Monthly and Yearly Report: August-September 2022
Previous Offer: [Approved] NEAR YouTube Social Media Promotion Budget

Links to social networks:
YouTube (27,000 subscribers) https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptoGamers2
Twitter (964 followers) https://twitter.com/Cryptogamers2
Telegram (Group\chat 7301 subscribers) @cryptogamers2 \ @crypto_gamers_chat
Discord (2035 subscribers)

Before proposal:
In 2022, I released a large number of videos on projects on NEAR, here are some of them:
ZomLand - ZomLand | NFT Карточная Игра | NEAR | Продажа Земель - YouTube
Multiverse Fighters - Multiverse Fighters | Обзор | Пошаговая MMORPG На Блокчейне NEAR - YouTube
BATTLEMON - BATTLEMON | Шутер на Блокчейне в Сети Near | Антирадарный Гем - YouTube
Exverse - Exverse | Убийца Fortnite | Королевкая Битва на Блокчейне в Сети Near - YouTube
Bearverse - Bearverse | Free to Play | Многопользовательская Стратегия на Блокчейне в Сети Near - YouTube
Crystals of Naramunz - Crystals of Naramunz | Free to Play RPG на Блокчейне Near - YouTube
World of the Abyss - World of the Abyss | Хардкорная MMORPG в Сети Near | Розыгрыш 50 Near \ Dark Prince NFT Chest - YouTube
ZomLand - ZomLand | Крупное Обновление | Кланы\Вещи\Модификаторы | Иксы Рядом?! - YouTube

In total, during the reporting period August-September, the following videos and streams were filmed:

review Near Space - Near Space | Космическая MMORPG на Блокчейне NEAR | Розыгрыш NFT - YouTube
review Learn NEAR Club - Learn NEAR Club | Учись и Зарабатывай Вместе с NEAR | Как заработать NEAR | Розыгрыш NFT - YouTube (amazing audience interest!)
review Hash Rush - Hash Rush | Стратегия на Блокчейне NEAR | Закрытая Бета | - YouTube
review Gamespack - Gamespack | Лаунчер GameFi на NEAR Protocol | Мобильные NFT Игры - YouTube
review Metamon - Metamon | Королевская Битва с Покемонами на Блокчейне NEAR | Розыгрыш - YouTube
stream Multiverse Fighters\ZomLand - Изучаем Игры на NEAR | Обновление в Multiverse Fighters | Крафт Зомби в ZomLand | Стрим | Розыгрыш - YouTube
stream World of the Abyss - World of the Abyss | Стрим | Розыгрыш NFT и Токенов NEAR - YouTube
stream NearEco | Near\Aurora - Запуск Серверов NearEco | Near\Aurora | Стрим | Зарабатывай токены NEAR - YouTube

Competition(total amount of winnings):
ZomLand - Medium Land - 5 Near
Near Space - 3 Unrevealed Ship + 15 Near

Publications in other social networks:
Dubbed with the release of reviews and streams - two times a week.

Other activities:
Regular communication with developers and communities on the subject of the NEAR community and projects, assistance in development, participation in the life of the community.

Results in figures August-September: (please note that videos are gaining views every day, these are not final numbers, current figures can be viewed under the video in the links above!)

REVIEW YouTube reached over 11,504 individual views in total.
COMMENTS and activity on YouTube - more than 374 comments.
Regular community communication in the Telegram chat.
Results for all video views on NEAR projects on the channel - 39,342 views
(15 videos and 3 NEAR streams)

NEAR wallet: sookast.near
Total funds requested Aug-Sep: $2,250

My assessment of the work done and the result of cooperation:
I evaluate the work done as successful. Initial expectations were less than the final results! Excellent audience response to NEAR projects, many positive responses, audience getting used to the blockchain and increased interest in future projects, a significant increase in audience loyalty and trust in the NEAR blockchain.

My vision for the future of our partnership and improving the quality of interaction with the audience:
At the moment, the audience of YouTube and Telegram is very successfully covered. I see further development in exactly the same format REVIEW + STREAMS, with the addition of competitions, whitelists and other bonuses for viewers.

Yes, now the video on NEAR projects is gaining much less views than other videos, but there is a clear positive trend and involvement. Also, my personal work on the blog and collaborations with bloggers attract new faces and people to NEAR projects, both developers, viewers, investors, and other bloggers and authors.

!! I see great prospects in working with the audience on Twitter. More hours are needed to work on this platform, hold lotteries and contests, actively promote projects and collaborations.

What to expect in October-December?

  • Monthly video release + STREAMS
  • Monthly competitions
  • Joint collaborations with other bloggers to promote NEAR
  • Active development of the NEAR community in the Twitter social network. We will focus on gathering a new audience and involvement in projects, NEAR blockchain social networks and projects.
  • Big New Year’s NEAR OnlineEvent

I want to thank you all again for your trust and support!
Glad to be part of the NEAR community and work with you.
I will be glad to your comments and messages to improve interaction.

Thank you!


Hi socast, thank you very much from the Near Space team, very good video and also a lot of people came after your video.
I also think the live stream you made for NearEco is a new project that attracts new people to Near via Minecraft. This allowed active ecosystem users to see the Near meta universe in Minecraft. Also I think we’ll need more videos and I hope for your support :heart:.
Overall good job √.