[Approved] NEAR YouTube Social Media Promotion Budget Sookast APRIL

Hello, team! Glad to see you again!
My name is Kirill Sookast, I am the CEO and author of the Crypto Gamers community on YouTube.

Previous proposal: [Approved] NEAR YouTube Social Media Promotion Budget
[Approved] NEAR YouTube Social Media Promotion Budget Sookast

Previous proposal report: [REPORT] YouTube Social Media Promotion CRYPTO GAMERS by SOOKAST
[REPORT] YouTube Social Media Promotion CRYPTO GAMERS

YouTube (27,600 subscribers) Crypto Gamers - YouTube
Twitter (994 followers) https://twitter.com/Cryptogamers2
Telegram (Group\chat 7301 subscribers) Telegram: @cryptogamers2 \ @crypto_gamers_chat
Discord (2035 subscribers)

Financing scheme: monthly
Type of marketing: advertising, social networks, influencers
Goal: expand the NEAR ecosystem and make game projects on this blockchain the most popular

Before proposal:
In 2022, I released a large number of project videos on NEAR.
Total for all video views on NEAR projects on the channel - more than 61,000 unique views, 20 videos and 4 streams, more than 1500 comments and more than 2000 people who have taken and are now taking part in games on the NEAR blockchain.

The number of views and engagement is growing every day.
Examples of the best 5 works:
Exverse - Views 6061 Exverse | Лучшая ААА Игра 2023 на Блокчейне ? | NFT Игра Без Вложений | Заработок в Интернете - YouTube
Amber - Views 3798 Amber | NFT Шутер | Запуск Игры Через Steam | Free 2 Play | Заработок в Интернете - YouTube
Learn NEAR Club - Views 3951 Learn NEAR Club | Учись и Зарабатывай Вместе с NEAR | Как заработать NEAR | Розыгрыш NFT - YouTube
Beaverse - Views 4669 Bearverse | Free to Play | Многопользовательская Стратегия на Блокчейне в Сети Near - YouTube
ZomLand - Views 4791 ZomLand | NFT Карточная Игра | NEAR | Продажа Земель - YouTube

What we have achieved:
Excellent audience response to NEAR projects, many positive responses, audience getting used to the blockchain and increased interest in future projects.
Unlike previous months, when it was quite difficult to collect views on NEAR videos, now the audience reacts very loyally to titles with the NEAR blockchain and the number of views per day has almost doubled compared to the video six months ago.
The most obvious increase in engagement in Exverse videos - 6061 views - Exverse | Лучшая ААА Игра 2023 на Блокчейне ? | NFT Игра Без Вложений | Заработок в Интернете - YouTube
I see that there is more and more trust in the NEAR blockchain, if the audience is so actively in a hurry to watch new videos, this is definitely a good sign and a well-warmed up audience.
At the moment, the audience of YouTube and Telegram has been very successfully covered. I see further development in exactly the same format REVIEW + STREAMS, with the addition of сompetitions, whitelists and other bonuses for the audience.

What to expect in April?
Monthly video release + STREAMS (6 video reviews + 2 streams)
Monthly Competition (4 per month)
Joint collaborations with other bloggers to promote NEAR (1 NEAR collaboration per month)

Financing details for April:
YouTube video
Advertising, Guide > 6 video reviews for month - $250 for 1 video = $1500 for a month
Review of games and projects based on NEAR for the YouTube audience, user guide, attracting other bloggers for collaborations and increasing coverage. Duplicate content on social media networks (Telegram, Discord)
The minimum view forecast based on previous metrics is 2,000 per video.

Live streams
2 streams - $150 per one, $300 per month
A detailed analysis of game mechanics, competitive integration with subscribers, joining the NEAR blockchain using the example of personal involvement.
The minimum forecast for views based on previous metrics is 1,500 per video.

Giveaways and Contest
NFT, whitelists, NEAR tokens > $200
buying NFTs, whitelisting community giveaways, NEAR quiz contests, this results in high activity across all social media and outreach, as well as increased social media reach and promotion of content to similar audiences.

Total budget: $2000 per month

Wallet ID: sookast.near
Wallet owner name: Kirill Dorofeev

Thank for your attention, waiting for your comments!


Thanks for great videos. I am happy to support you.

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Thank you for your support, I’m glad to continue to cooperate and promote NEAR :rocket:

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Hi @SOOKAST thanks for the proposal and congrats on the growth. How do you choose the projects for your videos and livestreams? Is there a way for community members to reach out to you and submit their projects/games for review?


Good afternoon, thank you for the kind words, I’m glad! I follow the NEAR discord, twitter + communicate with the devs.
You can contact me on the forum in private messages, or in telegram @SOOKAST
Thanks for your comment and support


@SOOKAST also happy to support. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for your proposal and ongoing work.

I support this proposal. Notes:

  • Bear market engagement has been tough. I’ve seen that both on personal channels and across several projects we support and even other content creators from other ecosystems. Glad to see that consistency is starting to pay off.
  • Previous funding and reports are satisfactory.
  • NEAR has immense potential for gaming. This proposal tackles to big challenges: how to give more visibility to existing games and how to attract more ambitious builders to develop their game on NEAR

Moving this proposal to approved. You can now proceed with AstroDAO poll.

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Thanks for the trust and support!


My link on astrodao! Thank you for support, @Dacha @satojandro @cryptocredit @so608 !